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  1. What all did they cut in series 1 and 2 for the American series? I'm only interested in the Mycroft scenes, where any of his cut?
  2. I bet I know how mummy found out about it, too. In the script for Reichenbach, Mycroft tells John at the Diogenes this: MYCROFT (Suddenly cold) Nine years-old. Family tree house. Playing soldiers with the Nanny. He persuaded me to tie her up and interrogate her. JOHN I’ve heard the story before. Only Sherlock swears that you were the one who thought of it. 3 guesses as to who the nanny was..more than likely the one having the affair with Dad Holmes. Sure would have been interesting to keep all those tasty tidbits in there. Note also, until the affair, things were pretty normal (for them, anyway). Euros hadn't began manifesting her psychosis yet, tho I bet this event was what kicked it off. She definitely would have known, and when the SHTF, things went to pot for everyone. Would have made an interesting backstory, not just Euros being jealous of Sherlock's friend. Adds more context. Haha I can see Mycroft doing the interrogation, practicing his skills for later, when he becomes the British government; bet she was terrified, even when he was at that age; Couldn't have been more than 14.
  3. Regarding what you said about Gatiss speculating on an affair. What did he say? An affair between which people? In the script for the Great Game, Mycroft describes their dads affair with the au Pair to John, how that ended their happy home life; all this was cut from the final, of course. It's the only affair that I can think of that upset mummy; what did Mycroft have to do with it? Unless it had to do with Mycroft and Sherlock tying the nanny up and interrogating her (I'm assuming it's the same woman, the au Pair). Probably asked her about the affair with their dad. This was in a different script, I don't remember which. Mycroft told John about the treehouse interrogation at the Diogenes; the same episode where Mycroft was feeding the info to Moriarty). Anyway, if you have a link to the Gatiss quote regarding him speculating about an affair, I'd much love to read that! Thanks
  4. Does anyone know why Sherlockology is down? Been so for some time, sure miss it! Had lots of good stuff on it.
  5. Ah, thanks for the warning! Guess I don't like to see Mycroft with her, just jealous I guess, even of a fictitious character, but they are portrayed so well! Silly, I know Also, I caught this tasty tidbit in The Great Game regarding Dad Holmes: MYCROFT Good! That’s good, isn’t it? He’s a real live wire, is Sherlock. When we were children, he worked out from the angle of the car seats and a smear of lipstick in the back of the Audi that Dad was having it off with the au pair. I’m afraid Mum wasn’t too pleased and that was that. Bang went our happy home. He gazes levelly at Sherlock. MYCROFT (CONT’D) Such a clever boy, but he really should have got his priorities right. Like now. So, he had an affair! This kind of history makes me wonder also if Mummy may not be Mycroft's mother. What if Dad Holmes had an affair even earlier in their marriage? Consider the siblings, all brunets, but Mycroft is ginger (when he's not coloring his hair). Why do I think this? The dialogue in His Last Vow: SHERLOCK’S MOTHER You, stop it! Sherlock’s been shot. Somebody put a bullet in my boy. And if I ever find out who, I shall turn absolutely monstrous. Two things immediately stand out. 1. The script refers to her as SHERLOCKS mother, not THEIR mother, or Mummy Holmes, or anything else. 2. Mummy refers to Sherlock as 'my boy', as though Mycroft isn't hers as well. Or at the very least, a showing of favoritism as she does in TFP, referring to Sherlock as being the adult, and in general being horrible to Mycroft, calling him idiot boy, very limited, Mikey, which she knows he hates, ect. Red headed step child, indeed! Again, I'm probably reading too much into it. But that's my theory. Of course, Mycroft tells mummy in the kitchen scene that Mummy had named him; what if, the woman Dad was having an affair with, got pregnant, but Dad, taking responsibility, took the baby in, and Mummy named him? Mycroft would have no idea about any of this, of course. Yet this would explain her total disdain for him.
  6. YES exactly, in fact, I read an interview of Mark Gatiss saying that it was explicit that if he was to play that character, Mycroft must be modeled off of the British politician Peter Mandelson (who is also gay). Perhaps she was just being friendly; but even though he took the card, in the very next episode, there he is alone in his private theater at home, watching a film. As for the age thing, I think it doesn't go that way because most women don't age as well as men (look at Sean Connery!); and the fact LS looks so dang OLD, like she could be his grandmother.. No idea why, but men just age better, less wrinkles when compared to a woman of the same age, it's strange!
  7. Ok, got a question: After reading the bits of script between Mycroft and Lady Smallwood, I've got to ask, is this one sided on LS's part or is Mycroft attracted to her, as well? From The Lying Detective: LADY SMALLWOOD I don’t know. Maybe you’d like a drink some time. MYCROFT ... of what? LADY SMALLWOOD Up to you. Call me, if you want - * soon as you’ve stopped shaking. Mycroft shaking?! What would make him do that? Considering that she told Mycroft earlier that he never made it up to her, his reply of 'How am I supposed to do that?", and the subsequent voice over of Faith as she says 'Sex' as it cuts to another scene. 'Mycroft and Lady Smallwood have clearly just finished a meeting together, both preparing to leave.', makes me wonder just what they were doing in that 'meeting'. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but this is Sherlock, and one must follow the clues, both stated and implied. Too bad that didn't make the final cut. What is everyone's thoughts on this? She IS 16 years his senior (going by the actors' birthdates, anyway).
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