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  1. I dont know why life keeps messing with all of us
  2. I'm sorry about yr bro and yr dog my grandpa's bro just died a year ago all alone in England no one even knew until a whole year later since he was kinda antisocial I kinda wish I'd met him at least once even
  3. I remember when I was in prep we dressed up as kangaroos and sang this song that went something like "jump, jump, jump like a. kangaroo, listen to the sound of the didgeridoo" my tail fell off in the middle of it and the teacher had to tape it back on to my *bottom* I haven't done anything like that since
  4. I have an oral presentation coming up. Does anyone know how to get out of it in a sophisticated, non-obvious way?
  5. I think yr right it probably was. Just wondering though whether it's okay to do that kinda thing on purpose; like I'm pretty short, so I look like a kid, and I never get any physical searches at airports even though I'm an adult because of that. And that's why I bring exotic fruit seeds from my home country into Australia...and I do know it's completely illegal but the fact that no one bothers and i CAN do it stops me from stopping it.
  6. Read something like that a while back Some big American business men were selling software or something to three Japanese guys. they were in a really swish place and the Americans were presenting on the benefits of their software. the japanese guys had to sit through 2 hrs of hi-def images, surround sound and passionate presentation before the lights came back on. When the americans asked the japanese men what they thought the first japanese guy stood up politely and said he didnt understand. the second specified that they hadnt got anything ever since the lights went off. and the third basically asked the Americans to go through the whole show all over again. of course they coudnt do it anything like the first time. the price totally flopped and the japanese walked away from that one happy. I guess maybe its bad taking advantage of stereotypes (asians arent as advanced as europeans) im not really sure 🙄
  7. my idea of breakfast is a whole block of Danish feta I'm a little obsessed with it
  8. I guess it's a lot tougher with you guys, over here in Australia we've had it pretty easy The libraries still haven't opened tho 😭
  9. Pretty sure it'd show up. Whenever I search for Sherlock fan art on Tumblr basically everything with Sherlock in the name comes up. Read on the web just now that apparently you can password-protect yr Tumblr blog, not sure if it works with just an image...
  10. "if you're happy and you know it and you really want to show it clap your hands" I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that one
  11. Do y think if we petition hard enough they'll make more Sherlock? 4 seasons just weren't enough for me and I've been hungry ever since
  12. I use zerochan.net personally. It is a little kinky but there's no moderation so uploads are pretty much instantaneous. Would have used wiki cos you can put up literally anything there but I have the amazing luck of possessing an IP address which matches a blocked user's so yeah that got messed up. I didn't use Tumblr or any of the more popular image hosting sites cos the art there is seriously high-end and my fanart is really just for fun soooo yeah I didn't want to embarrass myself ^_^
  13. ohh thanks so much everyone I went with the url and I can finally have a profile pic now
  14. they're in highschool that's why they look different
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