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  1. Personally my religion doesn't allow for gays either. But people have to stop acting lik3 a gay person is gay, full stop. Yes, to some people gays are discomfiting. It's a fact. But totally disregarding that a gay person is a kind, funny person who likes pretzels or maybe kebabs isn't fair. God created gay people too. I'm going to be honest, I do read a lot of gay-themed Japanese manga and I'm a girl who fell for another girl at school (it lasted a year). And even tho there are people out there who cannot support gays all the way, everyone has been given the opportunity to live their own lives. And if we can't conform to their ideas and they can't conform to ours then that's not just okay; it's the most basic, ordinary thing a person can do; it's okay to think someone else has the wrong idea, it's not okay to think they're wrong as human beings. Even to religious ppl God doesn't need religion; if he'd wanted to he could have made being gay part of it. We have to stop ppl hating on gays just because but we can't be sure they'll ever really "like" them. And maybe that's alright too. I hate the tight, fitted clothing that most other girls, including my friends, wear. But that defntly does not mean that I hate them as ppl. I guess ideas are like clothes. One size doesn't fit all. That's how we are. It's what makes us different. It's human. Idk I dont really kno3 how to explain it better 😔
  2. hey guys I hope it's okay to post something like this out of the blue but I'm feeling a little down since my Gramps died yesterday. Its not anything world-shaking, I only ever used to visit him once a month or so. But I remember when I used to go visiting I was always annoyed because it took up my time, and I wanted to finish reading my books instead of going over to his place and having to perch on a chair with papers and articles literally spilling off the shelves, and seeing him warm up the food my mom had brought in his totally burnt out saucepan. I just I don't know, I feel bad that I was always so uninterested in him. He used to ask me about my day and what book I was reading- I used to even take my books over because I was so bored- and I used to wish he'd just stop asking such dumb qs. I don't know, I guess I wouldn't mind it now. I just hate that he was dying all that time, he had cancer and some heart problems, but even when my dad went to visit him fr the last time, I mean I didn't know it obvs but I was just thinking then that "I hope I don't have to go, Im in the middle of my new book, I don't want to have to make small talk and all that, it's just that all I felt was that he was getting in my way. I just don't even know why Im like this
  3. I agree. I remember when I was a kid this new girl came to our class. She wasn't white. That was normal. About half of us weren't either. She Sri Lankan and Singaporean. Also normal; we had Albanians, Afghans, Egyptian-Malaysians, Greek-Somalis, Mauritians, Romanian-Palestinians, Irish-Bengalis, Arabians, Egyptians, Indonesians, Sudanese, Chinese-Indians, Pakistanis, Bosnians; the whole lot, it was like a mini-earth in that class. And she was chubby. That was not normal. All of us were skinny and despite our different backgrounds we'd always been taught that fat people were lazy, weak, rich show-offs. So yeah, despite the diversity we'd grown up around we were still unable to even be civil to anybody who was different from us. I guess the reason all of us were able to intefact with each other so easily was because we had the same value sets and worldviews. We did become friends with her after a while; she was really really good at being funny. Still I guess people always attack the new, they just need some time for the visceral shock to wear off, and then that "new" thing becomes ordinary and familiar. It's kind of sad tho that we need to "get used to" people, we can't just like them right off the bat for being good people who have another way of going about things.
  4. He prolly dropped it without even realizing. I guess we're not taking covid hygiene really seriously for some of us all covid means is that we get to skip a bunch of days off studying. But yeah, that teacher can be a little emotional. Honestly tho even if the guy heard her he most likely wouldn't care cos it'd be coming from her. To be fair tho she does have a couple of friends who've contracted the corona thing and she's even had to take tests herself sooo yeah. And apparently they stick this probe thingy up your nose, she said it felt like sorta squishy, like somebody was touching her brain.
  5. wow my family's idea of a "family reunion" is get together on religious holidays and then never even speak to each other the whole entire rest of the year
  6. a guy in my class just dropped a used mask on the floor and my eng teacher called him a "filthy slug" I was laughing so hard internally but I had to make a totally disgusted face on the outside. off topic but I found this meme: this is just how I've felt ever since the end of s4
  7. I dont know why life keeps messing with all of us
  8. I'm sorry about yr bro and yr dog my grandpa's bro just died a year ago all alone in England no one even knew until a whole year later since he was kinda antisocial I kinda wish I'd met him at least once even
  9. I remember when I was in prep we dressed up as kangaroos and sang this song that went something like "jump, jump, jump like a. kangaroo, listen to the sound of the didgeridoo" my tail fell off in the middle of it and the teacher had to tape it back on to my *bottom* I haven't done anything like that since
  10. I have an oral presentation coming up. Does anyone know how to get out of it in a sophisticated, non-obvious way?
  11. I think yr right it probably was. Just wondering though whether it's okay to do that kinda thing on purpose; like I'm pretty short, so I look like a kid, and I never get any physical searches at airports even though I'm an adult because of that. And that's why I bring exotic fruit seeds from my home country into Australia...and I do know it's completely illegal but the fact that no one bothers and i CAN do it stops me from stopping it.
  12. Read something like that a while back Some big American business men were selling software or something to three Japanese guys. they were in a really swish place and the Americans were presenting on the benefits of their software. the japanese guys had to sit through 2 hrs of hi-def images, surround sound and passionate presentation before the lights came back on. When the americans asked the japanese men what they thought the first japanese guy stood up politely and said he didnt understand. the second specified that they hadnt got anything ever since the lights went off. and the third basically asked the Americans to go through the whole show all over again. of course they coudnt do it anything like the first time. the price totally flopped and the japanese walked away from that one happy. I guess maybe its bad taking advantage of stereotypes (asians arent as advanced as europeans) im not really sure 🙄
  13. my idea of breakfast is a whole block of Danish feta I'm a little obsessed with it
  14. I guess it's a lot tougher with you guys, over here in Australia we've had it pretty easy The libraries still haven't opened tho 😭
  15. Pretty sure it'd show up. Whenever I search for Sherlock fan art on Tumblr basically everything with Sherlock in the name comes up. Read on the web just now that apparently you can password-protect yr Tumblr blog, not sure if it works with just an image...
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