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  1. Thanks besleybean. Can you kindly add a one line summary for each book? Also, is there one author who has written everything? Changing authors kinda disturbs the consistency
  2. There are around 96 cases alluded to by Watson in the Canon 56 Stories and 4 Novels, but they aren't penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. https://www.arthur-conan-doyle.com/index.php?title=Category:Untold_Stories Can anyone recommend third party authors who have written in a style that is similar to Sir ACD, all of his missing cases? Apart from that, which book/author is considered the best for the "Missing Years" of Holmes where he visited Lhassa, Persia, Mecca and South of France? I have read one "The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes" yet. Thanks, Abhay
  3. Yeah, Irene Adler, John Turner, Lucy Hebron and Henry Baker aren't villains, simply parts of story or antagonists. Little Lucy however, is neither but i can't find a villain for Yellow Face unfortunately
  4. Good point about Conan Doyle knowing more about England than any other place, (though he was fascinated by USA for some reason) However, making Holmes, Mycroft and Moriarty as the best men in Europe leaves a vast gaping hole in the minds of the readers. Its like saying Thanos was the greatest villain of all time, basically God or Devil, there is nothing beyond him. It kinda makes entire Europe look paltry and insignificant by comparison and makes Holmes Godlike cheat code Gamer.
  5. Thanks Guys for welcoming me! @Caya Holmes was tempted to devote his time to the problems furnished by nature, meaning he wanted to dabble into Chemistry or Botany most likely, if he was freed of and he freed society of Moriarty. I think suicidal tendencies are not very probable, as is the need and want of dragging a confrontation with Moriarty, because suspense/indefinite doubt (In Holmes language of Yellow Face) is worse than a short confrontation. @besleybean Yeah, but i feel that two Englishmen in touristy places in the Continent are much more conspicuous than in a place like Dartmoor or North of England. Their stealth would have been most effective. @Carol the Dabbler I am not sure that he was aware of the fact that Moriarty would successfully escape his and Scotland Yard's clutches. This is clear from the fact that in Europe, Holmes angrily throws down the wire or paper, saying "He escaped, along with his second hand men". If we consider the Holmes before Moriarty's confrontation or even after that (When he is assaulted by a rough or a has a brick thrown over him or that carriage that almost knocks him down), he was most concerned with escape or hiding. Also, when he hid at Pall Mall, no one molested him (Mycroft's lodgings) proving that Moriarty's gang wasn't infallible. They couldn't even trace him to Pall Mall, what to say of those grey hidden stone lodgings in (hound of the baskerville) for example. Secondly, i agree that your point is also a loophole. Although, if astute enough, Holmes could very well lose his pursuers in Persia or india and make his re-entry to England, most inconspicuous (which he was unable to do unfortunately).
  6. 1. Professor Moriarty 2. Irene Adler 3. John Clay 4. Dr Grimsey Roylott 5. Biddle, Hayward, and Moffat 6. Jonathan Small ; Tonga 7. Jefferson Hope James Windibank John Turner Hugh Boone ; Lascar James Calhoun James Ryder Lysander Stark Francis H Moulton Sir George Burnwell Jephro Rucastle John Straker Jim Browner Lucy Hebron Arthur Pinner Hudson, Jack Prendergast Brunton Alec Cunningham, Old Cunningham Henry Baker Harold Latimer, Old Associate Jospeh Harrison
  7. In the realm of Scientific Discoveries, Germany was far ahead of England in the late 1800s, France gave the world its most reputable writers, actors and high culture. USA gave Edgar allan poe, who arguably invented the entire detective genre with Holmes being a crisper and more personable profile of Dupin. Why then, did England have the honor of producing the greatest minds of the Europe? English strength was simply in its adminstrative capability and its wealth of cultural knowledge that it had incorporated by its colonies. In all other terms, Europe was mostly even, with at least Germany, France and USA being equals to England.
  8. Holmes's acting ability was a distinct skill of his, that the art of observation didn't pierce through, be it Mycroft or Moriarty. Why then he didn't deign to disguise himself as he had done innumerable times before done, and hide in a little hamlet in the vast English countryside fora few days, than run the risk of going to Watson and going out of the country. Plus, recognizing Moriarty as an astute Villain, he could have simply changed his lodgings, his movements far before than giving Moriarty a chance of confrontation. It all tells that either 1. The Final Problem was hastily written 2. Holmes' isn't a genius
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