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  1. I agree, I was sad for Sherlock...
  2. I watched this episode on sunday. I like it, I think it's the funniest episode I've seen so far. I'll take the time to write a detailed review for every episode, as soon as I can.
  3. 😅 This character scared me when I was a child, and this scene in particular 😱
  4. Thank you for the explanation, Artemis!! I'll try to remember that !! 😅
  5. I agree. Waste is a real problem, and excess packaging too. It's the same problem in my country. It's ridiculous, really.
  6. Forgive me , I don't understand. What's the difference between "chips" and "fries"?? These are linguistics subtleties I don't quite understand. I thought those two words meant the same thing in English 😅 ( I have so much still to learn...!!)
  7. That's a shame!!! 😱 This site is dishonest. I didnt know it, and that's good!!
  8. It's true!! That's so strange 😂
  9. Cats complicated their lives, really !!! 🤣
  10. You're right, VBS!!! It's very sad about your dog, Artemis!! 😥 How old is it??
  11. It seems so much like what I am!! Maybe I really am an introvert, unknowingly!! I'd say you're right. I don't want a child, I don't wish to marry or live as a couple. I don't like community life, I need to live freely. In everyday life, I don't have the same practises as other people. I don't understand what they call " family spirit". I sometimes feel like I don't understand what is expected of me... Sometimes, I don't feel the same emotions as other people. And it offends everyone. So, I feel different. Maybe I'm an introvert.
  12. I don't consider myself as an introvert. But I'm very different from other people, in many dimensions... For a many long time, I was asked to make an effort to be like everyone else. I'm think it's really stupid, but I suffer because I feel unloved. So I, believing that it would please the people I love, I tried to make an effort. Today, I criticized for making efforts!!! They've asked me to make efforts in order to be accepted, and I find it quite unfair that they have come here today to reproach me... I just feel so different from everyone else here 😫
  13. Hadn't heard this story before!! Interesting topic!
  14. It's a pleasant music for a ringtone! It's pretty cheerful.
  15. Sherlock is one of the few shows in which music is so important !! I don't have Sherlock's ringtone, but I think it's a good idea, I might do that!!
  16. Yes, it's from "Reichenbach", it's the end of the conversation between Sherlock and Moriarty, just before Moriarty dead, then the sad part of the music begins when Sherlock climbs to the edge of the roof and talks to John on the phone... I'm always very attentive to the music while I'm watching an episode, and the music of this show is perfect!!
  17. I really like the music of the show. I like " The woman", "Blood on the pavement", "Sherlocked"... But I think that my favorite one is : What a beautiful sound!! The beginning of the music is epic, and then it gets sad. This is beautiful!!! 💗
  18. Hi, Carol! I'm happy to be back ! 😃
  19. Sherlock, an example of toxic masculinity???? Really not!! Sherlock BBC is the 2nd best international show of the last decade??!! I totally agree with that!!! Hmmm... all right, actually, no!! Sherlock is THE best international show of the last decadeS!
  20. I'll think about new topics!! But there are already many thread that interest me!!
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