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  1. In Der Mann, Der Sherlock Holmes war, Sherlock isn’t a nazi. He still an english. But he is a teaf and an impostor. He represente the englishmen. I think it’s the same than the Titanic of Herbert Selpin. The story is centered of how Englishs (and Americans) has an immoral behaviour, when the Germans was blameless.
  2. Hmm… probably the one I seen recently is interesting Der Mann, Der Sherlock Holmes war from Karl Hart. It’s a nazi propaganda adaptation movie. I think the nazis want to ridiculize englishmen. I also hear french radiophonic cerations from “France Culture” radio channel who make interesting crossover between Sherlock Holmes and Moris Leblanc’s Arsen Lupin novels.
  3. By the way, I build the font, and it’s freely available on this page http://taniere.info/art/typo/dssc/ (in french but it doesn’t matter). If you see someting to improve feel free to contact me here :)
  4. Naturally, I will complete the void letters by arbitrary dancing mens, but I will mention it in the official webpage of the font. I will make a table and mark with different color the custom letters.
  5. Hello people o/ I discovered Sherlock Holmes when I was young. I read some books, but I re-descovered it in the cinema recently I want to come back to this world Greating.
  6. Hello people. I am new to this forum I make a font of the dancing men stick figures, thi ones: So, I am sure for the letters AEGHIMOPRST but I wonder if there is a full table of correspondences. I find in the web this one: And this other: But, 1) the letter C is different because in the first table only the left hands it up, when in the second table both of them are up. 2) The second table have more defined letters. I ask only of the letters defined in the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle work. If he let some letter blank, I need to know it. Thank you in anticipation :)
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