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  1. Hello ! Here is the frenchy member talking to you. Why don't we leave here our Skype ID, msn, twitter and FB accounts ? It could be nice to talk to each other apart from here and go further in our relationship ! Here are mine : Skype : Jeanne221b Msn : Stripey-jumpers221b@live.co.uk FB : https://www.facebook.com/jamy.jamy.9 Twitter : https://twitter.com/ConsultingJam Voilà Hope there isn't any other topics like that, I did my researches and I didn't find anything (maybe I'm a bad detective o-o) ! Bonne nuit !
  2. I don't know if it's the right place t post but why don't you open a chat box here ? it could be great ?
  3. Aaaaaw you're all so cute Undead Medic : Oh, you don't have to be jealous, I'm sure one day you'll meet him ! He wasn't really nice this day, as it was only promotion(don't know if we can say that, I mean he was there only to talk about Sherlock) and the journalists' questions were all boring... 'when season 3 will be shoot ?' and more... He was nice when it was our questions ! I even asked one ! I asked what Sherlock could have offered to John in the christmas scene...and he laughed Kathi : Aaaaw you are adorable :hug: !! We can still be friend, that's not forbidden <3 Sure you're pretty too !
  4. So this is me when I met Steven Moffat ! It was in Paris, last february ! I'm so so excited/happy on this picture, I always have it in my wallet In fact the french forum about sherlock in which I moderate is now official french forum of BBC Sherlock so the french channel who broadcasts the show invited us to the preview of Scandal In Belgravia in France. He was there with the lovely Sue. I was just behind him in the screen room (I even know his phone's password ahahahaha) After the episode we all went out the room to eat and he was there, next to me, takling while drinking a glass of red wine. I took my courage in my hands and asked shyly for a picture. He accepted and we took the picture together ! PS : You look so great together with Loo !! ;p
  5. Thanks for your messages ! In fact, I know a lot of Sherlock fan, ( http://www.bbcsherlockfrance.com/ if you want to Improve french ) french ones (yes, i forgot to tell I'm French, I live near Paris, in Normandy !) and as I love english I wanted to improve by talking with Sherlockians ! Better than read big and boring books, eeeeh .-. !! I would love to meet Martin Freeman. But really meet him, have a picture and a small talk with him.... I saw ben, loo, mark and even have a picture with steven but Martin... wow. It's a dream
  6. Hello there My name is Jeanne and I'm 19. (soon 20, yah !) I'm a big big big fan of Sherlock Holmes since I'm a little girl... So I was very happy to see that Moffat and Gatiss (two wonderful men I already adored) did such a beautiful adaptation of the books !! I follow this show since the very beginning, and I wanted to meet more fans, that's why I came here ! I think I have to say before everything : I'm highly in love with Martin Freeman. I love him as much as I hate Irene Adler (Lara is a great actress, though!) That's said I also love Doctor Who since a long time too and I'll soon start to watch the hour, that seems to be very very interresting. I write fanfictions, I love it. I also read a lot of them !! I am a huge lover of John/Sherlock and Mycroft/Lestrade. (but I hate other pairing that separate John and Sherlock !!!) I would love to talk via Skype with Sherlock fan, it could be very nice ! THis is my username : Jeanne221b and this is my twitter account : LadyBaggins @ConsultingJam ! Voilà ! I'm sure I'll have good time here ! Jamy This is me --->
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