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    Reading, writing Sherlock Holmes inspired short stories, comparative religious studies, acting, and sword fighting. I like nature walks, and connecting with like minded people who share my interests and passions.
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    A Study In Pink
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    The Hounds Of Baskerville
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    The Sign of Three

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  1. Happy belated, RuthyOne! Hope it was everything you could wish for.
  2. He had the field and was wide open, not sure why he took the horse so wide out into the course. But it's a good thing Illya didn't stumble badly and take a fall.
  3. I know and you are beyond generous. I was even going so far as to buy snowshoes just for the occasion. But, no....thank you. I am sure Mother Nature will catch us up, in her own sweet way and time.
  4. This is kind...or blatantly....Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  5. The storm hit further into Mass. then anyone thought or had predicted but Maine got nada.
  6. We got a lot of cloud cover and even some high winds and what looked like heavy snow bands out to seaward but not a flake nor flurry to be seen on shore. Nice and sunny here now.
  7. Greetings Alysanne! So glad you found the Forum. Don't worry about your English, as Undead said, it looks good and there are a lot of people here who's mother tongue is not English. You will do fine. You will also find a lot of cross over fandoms. Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. All kinds of madness. It's a lovable chaos.
  8. I like the snow and the new picture. We aren't getting much of any snow in coastal Maine so far. A dusting this morning after I got home from work, but it's all gone now.
  9. Welcome to the Forum, mickey. Sounds like you are going to fit right in. Be safe out there. A lot of would love to travel but hey. Being an armchair explorer has it's charm.
  10. A lot of our Pirate gigs are in the hotter months of Summer. We are told to drink a lot of water and use sun block. I usually buy it, throw it in the back of the car and forget it. But we are usually so covered in layers and long sleeves only our faces are exposed and we are wearing wigs, and or hats so it's not to much of a problem but shade and water is always a welcome plus along with cool breezes. Not much of a follower. I attend an Episcopalian Church, but I also read the scriptures of the Qu'ran and the Sikhs. I also find a wealth of knowledge and spiritual wisdom in the native tribes of the Earth and the Celts so yeah, I believe in a Higher Spirit then mankind. But a Universal power not owned or regulated by one religion, doctrine, dogma or theology.
  11. I know I'm not. At least on an intellectual level. But sometimes i just wish that I wasn't quite so rural and isolated. But being part of an acting company has helped a lot as has being active on the internet and this Forum especially has been a real blessing.
  12. For me, it's being treated as the idiot of the family even though I have been tested to have a very high IQ. I have friends but sometimes I find it difficult to feel a deep connection but I have built walls and as much as I would like to undo some of that I find it hurts less if I leave it in place. I am a people watcher, I like to analyze situations though I have been told that I am very empathetic, I find it difficult to act on it.
  13. Rewatching Sherlock episodes so that I can pick out the correct dollhouse miniatures to recreate the modern 221b.
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