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  1. Did you Americans have that scene cut? Before Eurus shoots John, she tells him her name and that she is the Holmes sister.
  2. Because they knew by then that John's psychiatrist was Eurus.
  3. No, Sherlock tells John about the story Mycroft used to tell him about an East Wind coming and wiping away everything sinful...usually him. John repeats it back to Mycroft, afterwards. I think Sherlock says it twice...he defo mentions it on the runway, anyway.
  4. It was because of the early show mention of the coming East wind...that is Eurus. Oh and I knew about the canonical spelling, I was trying to be nice!
  5. That's possibly a whole over story that we won't get now. Incidentally, I think we tend to go with Eurus...to stop it sounding like the currency!
  6. Yes, it was on the DVD commentary and Mark was warning Benedict not to give too much away... But I'm not even sure if Mark and & Steve actually knew how things were going to pan out at that stage...
  7. I think some of the quotes lost significance over time, because they basically changed their original plans...
  8. Thanks for posting this but er.... this happened a while ago! I have been enjoying the NTLive performances on Youtube for the last 6 weeks! Oh sorry I switched straight off after 'Streetcar named desire' last night and hadn't seen an announcement before... So I am not sure if you mean something different is happening?!
  9. As some of you may know, I am an English woman living in Scotland. Now I vary: sometimes I think the English say things better and sometimes the Scots. For example, I think Scots are quite right to say : eye-ron, for the metal 'iron'. In English we do tend just to pronounce it the same as 'ion'. However, for the man's name Carl/Karl, however you wish to spell it... to me, Scots pronounce it 'Carol/Karol...which drives me nuts!
  10. Yes on BBC Sherlock it is Less Strard. But annoyingly on the audio Radio stories, Benedict pronounces it Less strayed.
  11. I'd forgotten about this project, or missed it! But it sounds great, so I do look forward to it.
  12. Sorry if I'm repeating myself, can't remember if I have previously shared this on here or my other forum. To try and keep it brief: years ago, when I was young...my then best friend really upset me. I confided in Mum and she gave me this advice: do you want to keep this person in your life? In my case, yes I did... We lost touch for years...but a few years ago we got back together and have never looked back since.
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