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  1. I am always put off by potential spoilers. They don't bother me, but I know some are neurotic about them. But here goes... The opening episode shows parallel stories, on opposites sides of the Atlantic...and a key, link character- an investigative journalist. DT plays a vicar and his story centres around his son's maths tutor and no, they are not having an affair! Anyhow, the woman finds herself in a tricky situation and reaches out to the journalist... who she had encountered on a train. The journalist in turn reaches out to the lead character in The States, as he is s top criminologist- largely dealing with 'puzzles'.
  2. Any Brits watching this new Moffat/Vertue/McGuigan production? It stars David Tennant and an excellent supporting cast. I really only watched it for the dedication to Beryl at the end. But as it transpires, it is a punchy, well written and directed series...of course.
  3. Same in my life, I have to say... When I had covid at Easter, I remarked that it wasn't even the most ill I'd been that year- never mind in life! Ha. Yeah, life 's a bit of a...you know what, at the moment. xx
  4. Yes I do object to The House of Lords, too. They are also unelected.
  5. It's not comparabe at all. That s my whole point. You get to vote, we don't. Republic now.
  6. My whole issue is that there is no discussion. We might as well live in Russia!
  7. Holy moly... well if we can manage without a monarch for a year... frankly it shows we don't actually need one.
  8. I am republican and frankly furious at the immedate installation of a king.
  9. This just reminds me of The Engineer's Thumb!
  10. How many of you are aware of this classic? I have literally just heard of it... and it looks absolutely amazing. .
  11. It's my son who lives in Italy. My daughter is now back home with me, having just finshed her degreee course- down the road in Dundee. Yes and it's that time of year, again... I am hoping to acquire a new work's diary soon. Wonder what colour I will get this time?!
  12. I know I've done one of these before but... my daughter ordered the dog a new coat. We opted for rose red colour. It has just arrived . Daughter opened the package and out fell a dog coat of... a frankly alarming shade of pink!
  13. I think vaccination has to be a personal choice. Some of those labelled 'anti vaxxers' that I know, have had plenty of other vaccines... they just don't want this one. I couldn't care less!
  14. I agree with all of the above but... would love to be related to Sherlock Holmes- just saying!
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