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  1. Yep, it would have been interesting to have known how her story panned out...
  2. Yes, Benedict is famously vegan... I suppose if people adopt a healthy lifestyle, it possibly doesn't matter why.
  3. Your English is perfect! I understand exactly what you mean. I think Sherlock could make Molly happy, but he simply chooses not to!
  4. I know it's silly to love somebody who doesn't love you in return. But Sherlock is different to other people, so I don't count Molly's devotion as obsession.
  5. No I don't think she will get on with her life in the sense of moving on from Sherlock, because she will always love him. But she knows he will never marry her or even seek a relationship with her.
  6. I think she has long accepted this...
  7. I pondered this on my other forum, so thought I would bring it here, too. I guess it kind of comes under the heading The Celebrity Effect. Do you think many Cumber fans will have turned Vegan, mainly because of him?!
  8. She's still in love with him, though.
  9. Had the chance to learn it at school and didn't take it...have always regretted that decision. Did a bit of Greek at college, but still always wanted to do Latin. My old college friend was learning along with her son and sent me the books they used... I was then ploughing through 'Latin for idiots'... but my daughter put me onto DuoLingo(she's doing German) and I love it!
  10. I have been teaching myself Latin, for nearly two years now.
  11. As my daughter's birthday is 29 Feb...I love them!
  12. To the U.S: Please do the right thing. Love from: The Rest of The World.
  13. I despair in humanity and refuse to dumb down!
  14. But we should always aim to be the best we can be... despite what others do or say.
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