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  1. Excuse me? I think you might mean BALONEY and pony. Bologna just about rhymes with Bognor! 🤣
  2. A bit like the Marvel franchise then... or more pertinently: can't remember if I told you all this- I used to chat with a sweet girl on Twitter. She missed the fact that Sherlock was still alive, cos she had to run to the loo before the end of TRF!
  3. Not as pretty as the British native reds! 😋
  4. Well as the title character is also somewhat disabled, well at least challenged...Tom was brilliant. Native English speaker here, fluent in most accents and dialects!
  5. Well if an actor is playing a real person, I would hope the script is wriiten in the correct accent/dialect for that person. Even an original character should sound true to what he is supposed to be.
  6. Well it's technically never actually been ruled out... Just everyone is far too busy doing other stuff.
  7. Reamins my fave TV show ever. S4 was my favourite series. The Final Problem my fave episode... I just want more, but accept I probably won't get it.
  8. I like to think of it as independent souls!
  9. Oh believe me, I will give myself an ulcer! I only have 30 mins, too. I have to drive to work each day, so I can bomb back around the corner(only 5 mins by car)each lunchtime. Belle has to be walked, for her to go to the loo. She is mosy dischuffed when I turn back after about 5 mins and it's a push to try and get her to a have a wee in that walk time! I then stand in my kitchen, with my coat on, shoving as many grapes(or blueberries etc) into my mouth and swigging out of a carton milk...in the remaining minutes I have!
  10. Yeah I go home every lunchtime for doggo, don't like here being left. She's actually pretty god...really into cardboard and paper!
  11. Ha. Yeah, I don't actually have any cameras in the house... To begin with I kept coming home and finding the hat on the floor, at the oopposite end of the settee, where I normally perch it. It doesn't appear chewed or anything... I guess she's maybe just playing with it, out of idle curiosity or something...
  12. Only just thought to say... had a laugh with my daughter: every time I come back home, having left the dog alone...my deerstalker has moved! My daughter thinks the dog is secretly cosplaying Sherlock Holmes, everytime she is alone! Presumably as in 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'. Ha!
  13. I suppose fair enough. Altho the shortest day is 21 Dec, you don't relly notice the increasing light until January...
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