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  1. Typical from a duck! Maybe I will ask Chris Packham or Richard Dawkins, but I think you are wrong. Turtles and tortoises are distinct animals.
  2. I can accept the latter. A tortoise has feet with claws and is largely land based. A turtle has flippers and is largely aquatic. Biological facts!
  3. Except when you get things wrong! Like not knowing the difference between a tortoise and a turtle. Then again, Scots don't know the difference between a swede and a turnip!
  4. I always try to be nice to those who are not native English speakers...and I actually prefer American spellings and even some of the vocab!
  5. I am currently cross with two of my colleagues who are teachers... just read their facebook comments and apparently neither of them can use a capital letter!
  6. Face? Ha. Big boobs, good floaters and yes I had assumed it was a jokey puzzlement!
  7. I have been known to obsess over actors. But I knew from the very start that Sophie was the one and always accepted her. She seems lovely and they are clearly besotted. I would never have stood a chance!
  8. I can't even... in one of my Cumberfan groups, there were loads of pictures from Benedict at the Venice film festival, but none of Sophie. The pics of Benedict and Sophie are fab, so I asked why they hadn't been included. The reponse is that the admin never posts pics of Sophie, only Benedict and his work... she wants to avoid argument. I honestly give up..
  9. https://metro.co.uk/2021/08/14/una-stubbs-death-martin-freeman-pays-tribute-to-sherlock-co-star-15091567/
  10. He did comment on Una...maybe if you Google it? Not on Afghanistan, I mean, why would he?
  11. I had one today, not politically correct, I'm afraid. There is a Mum that drops off her kid at school each day. She is smallish, but has an enormous cleavage! She walked by me and the Janitor one day and I whispered to him: sheesh, she wouldn't drown. He laughed and confessed he'd had a similar thought. I spotted her today and said to the Janitor: there's your pal. He replied: Which pal? To which I responded: the Woman. Which Woman? (I just couldn't help myself): The Woman woman!
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