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  1. besleybean

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    You mean alcohol? I am tee total.
  2. Well I lost my husband last year, had a second cousin die way too young...other than that, I guess I've been reasonably fortunate.
  3. besleybean

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Never a problem for me, I always get up so early. I really don't get people who don't do breakfast.
  4. I think total oblivion is the most appealing outcome for me.
  5. besleybean

    Recently watched movies

    Certainly makes me want to see it even more!
  6. The only way I can relate to this is that when I was a Christian, I always hoped I would see my dead cat in Heaven. Now I still appreciate the time I had with her. But I am not greedy for more.
  7. besleybean

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I cannot imagine ever not wanting to eat... Hell if I could, I would eat in my sleep! Having said that, I am almost permanently on a diet. Yet I would still always eat something: 3 healthy meals a day. That for me may just consist of: fresh fruit and natural yoghurt, toasted wholemeal pitta breads and shredded wheat...but I would at least eat something along those lines.
  8. besleybean

    Recently watched movies

    Since when has 'sassy gay furry' been a bad thing?
  9. I shouldn't second guess... But I assume a feeling of seeing/hearing a loved one, post their death.
  10. besleybean

    Recently watched movies

    Yeah, it's stil TBD I believe.
  11. besleybean

    Recently watched movies

    I have pre-ordered The Grinch DVD.
  12. Only one thing worse than idiot pastors behaving like demi gods... and that's vulnerable people actually listening to the rubbish spouted.
  13. besleybean

    Recently watched movies

    Doesn't anybody pay attention?! Ha. Yes, Benedict had read Sherlock Holmes before he took the part. Martin only read them once he had the part.
  14. That appears a rather bold claim to make, any evidence to back that up? Plus, any instances why this particulatly matters? I mean have you heard of a resercher producing evidence, that you have reason to believe may be utrue?

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