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  1. I have completed my Lockdown Re-watch... won't give them another ago til 2022.
  2. Thank God for Arwel... And I say that as an atheist!
  3. Actually trying to post on topic for once... I have just acquired my new school diary and it is a frankly alarming shade of pink.
  4. Well I just gave you two books by the same author! No, I cannot really give you summaries: they are both written as Sherlock Holmes mysteries, I cannot give too much away on the first and the latter obviously concerns Moriarty!
  5. Strongly recommend Anthony Horowitz's two Sherlockian novels: The House of Silk is excellent and Moriarty is ok.
  6. The problem with abbreviations! I went away shaking my head, trying to work it out and wishing my daughter was here, as she is the ultimate SW buff!
  7. I think this is a cue for my swan story and I apologise in advance if I have already told it on here. My parents live in Scarborough, which is quite a famous English sea side town. In Scarborough there is a well known park, it has walks over bridges set around an ornamental lake. We were visiting there with some of Brian's friends from Manchester. All of a sudden the friend's wife pointed to a sign on the bridge which said: swans must not pass beyond this point. She looked very puzzled and said to me: but how do the swans know? At which point I fell apart laughing: the sign was referring to the swan BOATS, not the real swans that were swimming along with them! My pal was most amused that Yorkshire swans were so clever, they could actually read!
  8. Mark described him as fun to have around and Benedict as cool and groovy!
  9. Don't think we'll ever see them together, either.
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