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  1. Get out of here! Seriously though, always Benedict for me.
  2. besleybean


    Hi David. I'm 57 and watched the films on the TV!
  3. besleybean

    Favourite "Sherlock" Pictures, etc.

    Ah, of course! 🤪
  4. besleybean

    Favourite "Sherlock" Pictures, etc.

    (Chortle) Jack Warner, now for the Brits...wasn't he Dixon of Dock Green?!
  5. besleybean

    Favourite "Sherlock" Pictures, etc.

    Having Bogart as your agent would be pretty impressive!
  6. besleybean

    Favourite "Sherlock" Pictures, etc.

    Yes I heard it was a new agent who convinced him to use Cumberbatch.
  7. besleybean

    Favourite "Sherlock" Pictures, etc.

    Personally I find the whole making fun of the name thing a bit infantile... though Benedict's colleagues and friends certainly do it. Martin used to call him The Cumberlord and Simon Pegg called him Cumberbum or something, can't remember what it was!
  8. besleybean

    Favourite "Sherlock" Pictures, etc.

    Well not that close...but nowhere in Scotland's central belt is that far from anywhere!
  9. besleybean

    The Political Thread

    Yep, our useless government.
  10. besleybean

    The Dress (color perception)

    Surely colours are just names people give to things...I mean red doesn't know it's red!
  11. besleybean

    The Political Thread

    I could largely agree. But let's be clear: this is Remainers and chiefly Tories...not ALL UK politicians. Here in Scotland, our votes don't count!
  12. besleybean

    The Political Thread

    Well they have tried and failed for three years...
  13. besleybean

    The Political Thread

    'Relieved' isn't the right word for me... I go more with " it is what it is." Oh Tom has been over there for years now and it never got any easier for me. In fact it's even harder since the birth of my grandson. Losing my husband didn't help either, of course... But anyway, the family are very happy over there and so I am pleased for them.
  14. besleybean

    The Political Thread

    Just about sums it up. Personally I would prefer to remian in the EU... But I see little chance of it. My son lives and works in Italy(married to an Italian national and father to an Italian child)and is concerned. His citizenship won't be through for nearly a year. He takes a group of school kids to Austria in April. He's worried that either the Austrians won't let him in or the Italians won't let him back in! So he's applied for the Italian version of a Green card.
  15. besleybean

    The Political Thread

    Oh I am sure we could rectify that situation! 😈

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