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  1. I confess I neither take any notice of ratings or give any feedback... I need to start one day.
  2. Not that I am aware of. I was wondering even if new buyers were found, would they get to keep the memorabilia? Or will the original owners take it, I mean it does really belong to them...
  3. Sadly, Speedy's is no more... at least it was put up for sale. Whenever I can return to London, I shall investigate what happened. I too stood and watched the filming there. Everybody very well behaved and everybody very happy.
  4. I may be able to phone and request one, I don't know... but I am 60 next year, so I hope I would be offered!
  5. My Covid nurse, as in the guy who vaccinated me... anyway, he was surprised I hadn't had the flu' jab. Well I've never been offered it- maybe next year.
  6. Speaking as an Englander who settled in Scotland... I don't generally find the accents too difficult. Occasionally have to focus very hard! Some Northern Ireland accents, on the other hand...
  7. I think Laurence's music career has partly suffered for the same reason as his acting career... he is seen as toxic. Forced into politics, as the work has dried up elsewhere... yet his knockers don't want him to succeed there either.
  8. Ah, I missed that bit! I was thinking, "oh, is there a Stranger Things book?!" Well I know there is a strange/Norrell book, which I haven't read. But the TV series was excellent.
  9. I only ever watched the first episode which I enjoyed, but have never got around to watching anymore...
  10. "Queen and country, how quaint."
  11. Hope people don't think I'm obsessive, but if we can at least get names right: Sadiq Khan.
  12. The last mayor of London is now PM...but that's just coincidence. I have lost track of this discussion a bit. But as I understand it, the city mayor is chosen from councillors. But the other mayor can be anybody, e.g Laurence was an actor!
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