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  1. Like me. A million great DVDs I never watch!
  2. Yeah, we are thinking it is looking like neuralgia... hopefully she will get both an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment this week.
  3. I was always ill in school holidays and even now as an adult, I seem to follow the pattern of many of those who work in school- always ill during holidays. I was only glad I got my Italian holiday feeling well this year, for a change. Unfortunately, my poor daughter-in-law is really unwell.
  4. I was thinking fireworks should only be acceptable for New Year... but of course that was very much a UK perspective. I completely forgot about your 4th July...damn colonials. Ha! Seriously, does any great celebration HAVE to involve firworks? Athough I realise historically, gun powder may very much have been a part of the actual events now commemorated.
  5. And that is why we survive and grow massive brains!
  6. If only I had snoozed ...Italian fireworks and a 3 year old grandson!
  7. I just thought it was a missed opportunity, after we lost Una... I mean they still could- but they are just all far too busy.
  8. I know I always sound like a broken record... but I really don't think it will happen.
  9. My sister loves them. I haven't read any and really don't know if I fancy them.
  10. Doesn't bother me if people are not vaccinated... but what is is with men that only ever think anybody wants to sleep with them?
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