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  1. That latter part I have never understood... give me a guy with floppy hair and an English public school accent. I know it's terrible, hey, we all have our pervs!
  2. He's dishy, but quite divisive.
  3. I had a weird one last night. For those who don't know, actor Laurence Fox is a candidate for London mayor. He is not going to win, but anyway... My dream was centred on Laurence sitting on a bench, doing a piece to camera, or giving an interview, not sure which... towards the end, Benedict comes and sits by him on the bench and they chat away. Right at the conclusion, Benedict dramatically leans in, embraces Laurence and gives him a big kiss.
  4. I'm only glad your response gave me the excuse to go back over my posts and correct all of the typos. I do apologise folks and you are all very polite for not highlighting my multiple errors! Jeezo...wish I notice others spell differently to me!
  5. Sorry, I was referring to the Seb incident! On the Anderson-Sally thing... Did Sally upgrade her affections?! Did she fancy Greg later on, do we think?
  6. I think Ms Donovan has to take responsibility for her own actions. Calling anybody a freak is unacceptable.
  7. OMG... Isn't life strange? I absolutely adore House of Silk and you guys are the first I have met who don't love it. I thought his Moriarty was ok, but House of Silk is excellent- very ACD, I thought.
  8. I think they just saw it as a logical outcome, to a rather special family. Anyhow, it was very hopeful and positive at the end.
  9. Yes I don't think there is any real antipathy form anyone in any quarter... they are all just too busy. For them to be tempted to do more, it would have to be an exceptional script... which of course would require Mark and Steven to write it!
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