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  1. Age has never been a problem... except for maybe the oldies like Tim, Wanda and Una... I just think it's too many other exciting projects for everyone- which is a good thing.
  2. I kind of agree...I just want them to say so!
  3. As professional actors, both Benedict and Martin will consider any decent script... that's if Mark and Steven want and are able to provide...
  4. I was always perfectly happy with the show Mark and Steven gave us... this after all was what I wanted to see, not some screening of a fan fiction! Yes, I too was continually p-d off by some fan attitudes. I think Mark and Steven were a bit hurt ,too... But I just wish they'd prepared us for the end, it did rather feel like a bereavement!
  5. I don't know what Mark and Steven have got coming up on the work front. But I am fairy certain both Benedict and Martin will remain busy. It would have been nice to have had some kind of announcement around the 10 years anniversary...but of course Dracula took over and I understand that. I would love some kind of announcement, to be honest, even to say 'definitely no more'- because it would kind of be nice to know...after all, they never did really tell us they were stopping! But in reality, I suspect the situation remains the same. Certainly in public nobody is(daring!) to say: Sherlock is done. But I just can't see them ever getting everybody together again. The grasping at straws part of me, would even have taken a Dracula and(Victorian) Sherlock crossover... I would certainly be happy with the odd special. Ultimately I don't know if we'll ever see any new BBC Sherlock and I have not yet found anything to replace that addiction!
  6. Indeed it was, but the Sherlock Holmes connection made me feel all warm and fuzzy!
  7. This really doesn't matter...in the grand scale of things. But a story from my Google alerts is irking me. Oh and (SPOILER ALERT for Dracula, if you haven't yet seen it but are going to.) I was thrilled by Dracula's line: "I have a detective friend in London."...knowing it was Mark/Steven's little nod to Sherlock. But now it's being claimed that yes it is Sherlock Holmes...but not Benedict. Well why not, The Abominal Bride is the right period.
  8. Thankfully have at last been able to pre-order the dvd!
  9. I once had a bit of an incident with one of my dearest old friends... Mum gave me a bit of good advice: is the friendship worth saving? Could you live without this person in your life? I decided it was and no I couldn't... We lost touch for a while, but she became very good friends with my sis. About 2 and half years ago, we all met up again... We meet up every year, now. So glad we are still pals. I mean I see my sister more often, but we three friends(plus a fourth) all meet up once a year.
  10. Yes I thought I should maybe have employed an emoticon...in my unfortunate exchange with the facebook friend. Anyhow, our mutual friend got back to me... She says she unfriended that particular individual ages ago: yes, knowledgable nurse, but thinks she's an expert in everything and absolutely no sense of humour...
  11. Oh yeah I've kind of experienced that in real life too, though it all sort of came good in the end. Well after the death of my husband, all his pals have gathered around and supported me...
  12. Sorry to reply to my own post... Just to say that I have messaged a mutual Facebook friend of ours, one who I occasionally chat to... to see if she has anything to offer.
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