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  1. But that was the whole issue in this case. The team made a point of not just sticking 30 mins on. The whole episode was re-shot and done better. They used the extra time wisely: introducing Mycroft etc.
  2. The roof scene is fab... the difference with the aired version is Paul McGuigan and I prefer it...oh and Mycroft, of course.
  3. My pal's corgi looks exactly like my old border collie, but with its legs chopped off!
  4. An aside to this: the very noted Sophie hater on Twitter, was denying the event ever happened, because of course she knew HER Benedict's every movement. I put her right...
  5. As Mark would say: and all of the men,too!
  6. Sorry, he just often seems to play a vicar.
  7. Be still my beating heart... Benedict and Bobby Dylan. As my daughter said: two of my fandoms collide.
  8. He is a vicar...again! From 2004, Murder at The Vicarage- everybody is in it!
  9. Oh yes, a dead spit. He more recently plays Larry Grayson in Nolly, but I have only seen the trailers.
  10. Oh, yes. Starter for 10 is great, even for the soundtrack!
  11. Just watching this episode from 2010... it aired 6 months before Sherlock. he plays a gay, whisky priest- great role and it's a good one! Oh, it's called The Sword of Guillame.
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