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  1. Well, far be it from me to be controversial...ha. But in my humble experience: all the rabid Johnlockers buggered off, when they found other places to peddle their fan art/fic and vids. Chortle.
  2. Just the usual self appointed experts, thinking they could write better... what do they think fan fiction is for?!
  3. That is a tad irksome. But worse still is the persistence of crazy fans... only yesterday, I stumbled upon some Whovian nuts... slagging Chris Chibnall.
  4. This appears to be one of only two survivors.
  5. On Star Trek: I must admit that I like all of its varieties!
  6. I meant ever Elementary, which I like... but always seems more CSI to me!
  7. Never sure how I feel about about any of these Sherlock babies...
  8. Think i mentioned this elsewhere, but I will put my fairly spoiler free review here. I saw All of us Strangers, last night. The expected Andrew Scott masterclass. But all of the performances were excellent and the casting made sense to the story. Beautifully written, shot and edited. The clever use of genre, allowed some objectivity. It will trigger some, but provide lovely memories for others. Desperately sad.
  9. Bathroom was my next consideration,for both boiler and white goods!
  10. These days possibly back boiler behind a fire...or a wall boiler somewhere...can't remember seeing one, anywhere.
  11. I didn’t think there was anything behind C and I really can't see Sherlock doing his laundry.
  12. Yeah, I certainly didn't remember seeing one in the boys' kitchen... but we only really get a very clear view of cooker. fridge and microwave. I suppose with Mrs H, we only really get clear views of the sink, table and window. EDIT: ooh, thanks for the 3D view... annoying that they wouldn't let us see through to the bathroom, bedroom and back hallway.
  13. I don't really do fan fic... but I do carry a set of characters around in my head. Does anybody know if there is a washer/dryer in the boys' flat? I am assuming Mrs H does their laundry. But does she do it in her flat?
  14. Yeah, watched it at my son's. But last I checked, we were still able to use his Netflix.
  15. Eventually got to watch Benedict in Henry Sugar. Excellent.
  16. It isn't just in TV. Over here, government departments outsource, well I suppose I should be more accurately saying re-locate for both sectors: to save money and stop everything being London centric.
  17. Yes, there used to be many regional TV centres...more recently, even the London output has been sourced out. Well, for the BBC at least. Channel 4 now own the famous, old Broadcasting House in Shepherd's Bush I believe.
  18. Both the BBC and then ITV networks always had regional variations in their broadcasts. Then we got 'national' channels, as In Scottish and Welsh versions. The more recent Channel 4, followed this pattern by also providing and exclusively Welsh version. I take your point on the channel/ station thing. I guess it has only become an issue in more recent times, with the wide availbality of wall to wall media. I am old enough to recall our owning one black and white TV, which only had two channels/stations.
  19. No, I really am as clear as mud aren't I?! Apparently there were a number of writers around writing 'not real' Sherlock Holmes stories, in ACD's day. Lucy said the stories reminded her of Who fan fic.... so it sounds like she is totally uaware of Sherlock fan fic.
  20. Post Reichenbach, pre the Empty House. Titbits publishers off London's Strand, started accepting non Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories....mainly inventing a love life, quelle surprise. Yes, the show aired on BBC 2.
  21. BBC show, yeah not sure if it will appear on TV. I do like her as a historian and she is a Sherlock fan. So it seemed bizarre that when she was talking about the fake Holmes stories, during the Hiatus... she said it made her think of Whovians and their fan fiction.
  22. Didn't know where to stick this! Currently watching the third episode.... work nights I have to go to bed early, so I have the first two taped. It follows Conan Doyle and his most famous character.
  23. Mark is receiving an award, for his outsatnding contribution to theatre. I post this here, because Andrew Scott paid tribute to him and had me sobbing... I feel exactly the same way about darling Mark. Trying to post a link and hoping you can see it...
  24. Yeah, tend to be used by older people here...but they are brilliant, for all kinds of storage, too!
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