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  1. It does of course depend on the politician! But I feel at least some of them do enter the profession for the right reasons and actually work very hard.
  2. This is not going to be a popular opinion! I actually get a tad frustrated at people constantly giving politicians such a hard time. It seems to me that other groups get let off far too easily.
  3. May Day is our official 'Labour Day' here... so it's more about that than virgins dancing around a May Pole, but you know...each to their own. Ha!
  4. Well I like New Year...though I would prefer it to be linked to the Spring Equinox. I like May Day. That's about it, I think!
  5. We have already had New Year(Hogmanay)parties cancelled. As yet there has been no official announcement banning 'first footing' and I don't expect there will be. I maintain that over here, what they may do is ban households mixing... but nobody is going to(for example) ban Christmas! Cromwell tried it and I for one wish he had succeeded!
  6. I didn't really think it was something that The Powers That Be could officially cancel! I mean the most they could do was put out a ban on visiting other households. We have some local lockdown here, at the minute... Mainly in England I should add. here is Scotland we stick to the rules! Plus we don't have that many large, dense cities.
  7. A sad reflection of modern times... God forbid anybody should attempt a balanced, nuanced personal view! You just immediately get labelled and are therefore open to public ridicule. So the moderates keep quiet.
  8. The school kids are already grieving the loss of Hallowe'en this year... I have pointed out to them that it will still happen, whether or not they get to trick or treat is another matter. Another festival I dislike. I am such a misery!
  9. Yes I am really not keen on individuals being held up as public whipping boys... I often feel people are quite selective in their critiques.
  10. I tend to judge people by their actions. Not many people are total saints, but neither are they total devils. So criticise and praise where appropriate. On balance and obviously IMHO, Trump is the worse the US has had so far. But then I don't live there and am not American, so possibly my views count for little. The UK PM isn't much better.
  11. Not that I'm aware of... I took from what Loo said that she appreciated Steven explaining his reasoning to her... but she still disagreed with him!
  12. Loo(Molly) famously had words with Steven... she didn't agree with the way he wrote the character. But she loves him really and says they have agreed to disagree!
  13. I'm sure it could... but Sherlock doesn't really do relationships.
  14. Yes, Steven made that abundantly clear and so we have to go with that.
  15. It's from The Dying Detective and Sherlock means cos of his Asperger's, he's not considered 'normal'.
  16. Well actually they are black backed gulls, black headed gulls, common gulls, herring gulls etc...
  17. I have completed my Lockdown Re-watch... won't give them another ago til 2022.
  18. Thank God for Arwel... And I say that as an atheist!
  19. Actually trying to post on topic for once... I have just acquired my new school diary and it is a frankly alarming shade of pink.
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