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  1. Actually those first two I saw virtually, too.
  2. I've had the pleasure of seeing him a few times. Love him!
  3. It is so clever what they do, how they link it to Holmes and Watson and remind us how important that first story is.
  4. I just never like to give spoilers ! Yeah my pal wasn't over fussed on The Guardian review, but I thought it was OK. I presume you got that it was a production of A Study in Scarlet, being put on in a bleak, future Earth...by two survivors. One is an actor, the other a doctor. They use storytelling to cope. They have a wonderful analysis of the Scarlet back story... and of course you are getting their own story at the same time.
  5. My pal and I went to see this today. It was performed at the beautiful Pitlochry open air ampitheatre. Both actors carried the show really well. It was a very physical piece. It was a play within a play, with an original theme. It was clever, funny and very moving. Any Sherlockian would love it.
  6. It was a joke on old Twitter. Mark and Tom were in Corolanius together. A fan girl asked if they came out after the show. Mark replied: I am already out and Tom isn't gay.
  7. Sexuality is very fluid, but often seems different to the desire to nest! Neither Ben nor Tom are homophobes and both support gay rights. Two of Benedict's best friends are gay. But he is clearly besotted with his wife and they have three sons. Mark Gatiss previously stated that Hiddles was not gay.
  8. Well he's been pushing it out in the pram.
  9. Yeah and I think his sister is 15. Both good looking kids.... Ooh, found the above lines here, did I not post? Anyway, yes it was The Guardian I tried first.
  10. No sorry this, is an actual thing. I just apologise, I really find it difficult to copy/paste things on here! Managed fine on my other forum. Is your Google not bringing stuff up for you? Cos it did for me... I simply googled Joe Freeman, or something and it came up...
  11. I wasn't sure if it was an upcoming role... One where several kids take turns.
  12. https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/martin-freeman-makes-rare-appearance-183229970.html
  13. There were recent pics of them... I will see if I can find them.
  14. Yeah and I think his sister is 15. Both good looking kids.
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11764157/Martin-Freemans-son-Joe-launch-acting-career-appears-musical.html
  16. Martin's son... and I am assuming he is is using this name! Were fans aware that he is starting his own acting career?
  17. Have I warned people on here about Amazing Grace? Think that's the right Benedict movie. Awful scene of animal cruelty, quite near the beginning of it. Good film, though.
  18. It has been announced that Amanda will appear in the Strictly TV dance show. I only usually watch for someone I like. Last it was for Rob Rinder.
  19. I saw Tom and Zawe on the London stage together, for Betrayal. The chemistry between them was quite apparent. Oh and you did know that Tom wasn't gay, becaue Mark Gatiss had already said so!
  20. That's what made it click with me... only knowing that it was a different actress.
  21. I have only just discovered that Hiddle's fiancee plays Donovan, in this episode.
  22. I have always had trouble sleeping, since I was a kid. I follow all of the advice of having no electronic equipment in my bedroom... I don't even read before bed. I try to convince my body that the bedroom is for one thing alone: sleep... but it raely listens!
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