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  1. Yeah, we have robins all the year round here. I know they are not nice to each other.... but they seem very human friendly and I love them.
  2. I'm possibly just impatient... Winter seems to be lasting forever, here! Well my snowdrops are well and truly up and about and I can see my crocus shoots...
  3. Yep, his fave tennis player.
  4. I talk to myself all of the time... only person I get any sense from!
  5. I'm sorry you are going through this and it's absolutely alright to come here and sound off, that's exactly what this place is for... But if you post, you have to accept people may reply and say things you don't want to hear!
  6. An excellent episode and for me it just got better thereafter.
  7. Me, too. In other news: one of my pro-Brexit pals has just made a snipey post on Facebook, which I assume is directed at me. Oh well...
  8. But I think the UK may suffer the most...
  9. Both Sherlock and John have many issues to work through, their grief not being the least of them. It initially destroys their relationship, but ultimately strengthens it.
  10. Think John's just calling Sherlock, cold, calculating, insensitive and not fully human.
  11. I never understood the antagonism to her in the first place...
  12. Yeah I don't do ships... of what has been mentioned so far: no doubt Molly loves Sherlock, but she accepts he is not interested in her. His only fling was with Irene. Likewise, I definitely think Greg has the hots for Molly and I would like to see them together.
  13. But we've known about this project, right? I keep trying to pre-order a DVD for it!
  14. I still feel everybody keeps getting tempted by other projects...which is fair enough.
  15. Well some of the fandom haven't helped in the last part... Basically, unless one hears/reads/watches an interview with either Mark or Steven...ignore ALL stories about any more possible Sherlock. Still don't know their schedules, but I know Benedict and Martin will be full to bursting for a long time to come.
  16. Basically it is total rubbish. And believe me, that's the polite version... I know our gentle duck friend doesn't like my profanity!
  17. Love this film, the soundtrack is fab.
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