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  1. In the UK at the moment, we have both Muslims and Jews complaining of increased hatred against them. That might need a bit of unpacking. But I obviously hope there isn't an increase in violence against any group.
  2. Yeah, there is the view that extreme Left and Right Wings bend so far around...that they eventually meet. I don't think they necessarily are distinct camps anymore...and people can hold complex views. Plus surely, it depends ON the sitting government, in any one nation. The UK has quite a right wing government and most(but not all) of the oppostion to it, I would say is Left wing. Scotland, where I am, is a more Left wing government, but most of the opposition is again generally from the Left. Possibly more so, with boundary changes.
  3. Animals in general are good at telling the time but yes, cats are one of the best.
  4. I apologise in advance, if I sound crass. But is the point being missed? Are we not talking about the same thing, from different angles? The battle for the President of the U.S., should not just between two elderly white men...there does appear to some issue with candidature here. But this side of The Pond, it should not be a matter of the best of the royals. The whole concept of inherited monarchy is vile and smacks of God's chosen. Those who feel they have something to offer, should be able to stand for election. Dictatorships are inherently stable! But yes, who can blame any decent person from wanting to stay out of it? The 24/7 gossip drama mass media, is awful.
  5. I know... speaking as a Brit anti-monarchist!- I do like the U.S system. I think the limit to 2 terms is silly and yes I know why they have it. I think having to be born in the country is also silly. But really, why at the moment is it just between two white old men(and I am assuming both Christian)? Not saying that there is anything wrong with old white men, you understand... Here in Scotland, our parliament system is better than the UK one but at least even they have had female PMs. I mean we have had many queens, but you know- they don't count! Must be nice to get a vote on your head of state...
  6. Yeah, the new series recently started. I had vaguely seen something about 'watch out, here comes Moffat.' Of course he famously stepped back from the lead Whovian producer/writer role, a few years ago. He both wrote and joint produced last night's offering. It was hallmark Moffat. I shall try and find the title and come back and edit. Boom.
  7. Just enjoyed watching Steven's Dr Who episode, tonight. Great to see him back in the saddle.
  8. I saw it live and loved it...but still prefer the Andrew Scott version.
  9. I have just pre-ordered the DVD, woohoo!
  10. I share my son's Netflix, but rarely use it. So every now and then I check in, to see if they have caught up with me and renmoved me! Popped in today, to be greeted by Andrew all over the shop...nice.
  11. Was this from last year? I did refer to something then... But my pal did just say about him having received some award.
  12. Personally, can't wait to see it!
  13. Sitting in the Sherlock Holmes pub, just dawned on me, that I could bring you upto date, on the Speedy's situation. I lunched there, earlier. All of the same(very pleasant) staff. I sat right next to the Una photos, which was a little bit sad. Chris, the owner, still behind the counter. Seemed to be counting money... the other guy took over the paying of my bill.
  14. Andrew has just become the fitst to win both film and theatre critics awards, in the same year, I am absolutely thrilled for him. It is so well deserved. But I bet he cried... his Mum would have loved to have seen this. x
  15. I see poor Andrew just lost his Mum, what a shame. x
  16. Well, far be it from me to be controversial...ha. But in my humble experience: all the rabid Johnlockers buggered off, when they found other places to peddle their fan art/fic and vids. Chortle.
  17. Just the usual self appointed experts, thinking they could write better... what do they think fan fiction is for?!
  18. That is a tad irksome. But worse still is the persistence of crazy fans... only yesterday, I stumbled upon some Whovian nuts... slagging Chris Chibnall.
  19. This appears to be one of only two survivors.
  20. On Star Trek: I must admit that I like all of its varieties!
  21. I meant ever Elementary, which I like... but always seems more CSI to me!
  22. Never sure how I feel about about any of these Sherlock babies...
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