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  1. This just reminds me of The Engineer's Thumb!
  2. How many of you are aware of this classic? I have literally just heard of it... and it looks absolutely amazing. .
  3. It's my son who lives in Italy. My daughter is now back home with me, having just finshed her degreee course- down the road in Dundee. Yes and it's that time of year, again... I am hoping to acquire a new work's diary soon. Wonder what colour I will get this time?!
  4. I know I've done one of these before but... my daughter ordered the dog a new coat. We opted for rose red colour. It has just arrived . Daughter opened the package and out fell a dog coat of... a frankly alarming shade of pink!
  5. I think vaccination has to be a personal choice. Some of those labelled 'anti vaxxers' that I know, have had plenty of other vaccines... they just don't want this one. I couldn't care less!
  6. I agree with all of the above but... would love to be related to Sherlock Holmes- just saying!
  7. You know, I have only just discovered that Steven was awarded an OBE! Not that it really matters to me, as I don't really do awards...
  8. Hey, I live in Scotland rememeber. Ha. Mind you, many in England cannot speak the language correctly!
  9. I expect correct grammar and spelling in all forms of commuincation! #grammarpolice
  10. Ah but cats are gods, they can do as they please!
  11. Everything about Jim is better and Mark would be the first to agree!
  12. My latest(in a long line of laundry diasters)... washed my 60th birthday dress yesterday and I think the lace maye have shrunk!
  13. I know, that expression always bugs me and I have to google, to see when historically it actually was!
  14. Yes and if they are genuinely cut offs, that is fine... I would only buy new packs of cloths for anything, myself... but that's just me and while I'm still in paid work!
  15. I was going to say, but didn't, but seeing as you have mentioned it- I will! The word I absolutely hate is 'rag'. To me it is only acceptable if it is indeed a tatty old or ripped off bit of cloth... possibly for use in cleaning a dirty engine in a garage, you know, like an oil rag. But please do not use it with reference to anything domestic, inisde, to do with hygiene and cleaning...it just sounds vile and soiled!
  16. Isn't it because they were originally made of flannel? Anyway, it gives rise to the expression: talking a load of flannel'! Many Brits jut call them face cloths.
  17. You know when you wander in on a conversation, well, that... but no pants Sherlock at least makes more sense than that bloody stupid red pants Johnlock thing that used to do the rounds...
  18. I will love the English language to my last breath... but I do prefer American spellings.
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