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  1. Sorry guys, I am way over my follow limit. But I am on there under my full, real name: Beverley Jean Smith(as I also am on Facebook)@Besleybean.
  2. I both click on suggested interests and search for people directly. You also get suggestions of who to follow.
  3. Yeah I think many of us say BC and that is fine... I think back to the Mark/Steven thing, it was the conflating two people that I didn't really like... for me a silly thing that somebody invented and others fell into using.
  4. I can kind of get what you mean. To their face, I would obvioulsy use 'Mr Moffatt' or 'Mr Gatiss'. I have a real issue even with people saying Ben, or(worse) Benny... as I point out to them, the actor's name is Benedict Cumberbatch and as they are not family or a close friend- that is what they should call him!
  5. I guess we all suffer the latter occasionally, but I loathe the Mofftiss thing. Yes I remember hearing that about Loo but, she scolds him more in HLV! She made a lovely tribute to Una.
  6. I think Molly is pretty strong and we can't really blame her for being in love with Sherlock! Incidentally, one of my pet hates: Mark and Steven are two separate individuals and deserve credit as such.
  7. Excuse you, Mary worked for our government! Ha. Surely BBC Sherlock is truer than Elementary in many regards!
  8. I'm not mad on Irene being presented as she was, but not sure how else they could have done it... They did take liberties with Mary, but they were trying to push stronger female characters. My family are all mad on Elementary. I find BBC Sherlock much more faithful. I like Elementary, but to me it is CSI, whereas Sherlock is more like real Sherlock Holmes.
  9. Do you mean major plot features, some of the daft asides or what?
  10. Yes, but I thnk they were glad as it gave them more scope. Each episode is like a little movie. I personally have never watched any of the episodes and thought " well it was ok, but could have done with being half an hour shorter." But possibly I am in the minority on that.
  11. See, I'm with Steven on the moon scene...I love it. He said that nobody else did. I love how BBC Sherlock panned out, no complaints from me. I believe in complete artistic freedom.
  12. I love the pilot and certainly think every true fan should watch it! I did understand the team's reasons for re-shooting. 1. Paul McGuigan, who for me, does everything better. 2. It would have been tacky just to stick on an extra 30 mins, plus I do like the 90 minute mini-series format. It does give so much more scope. 3. Personally for me the colours were a bit brash in the original and I also didn't like the Cabbie attempting to 'see off' Sherlock there.. 4. On a practical level, every member of the cast or crew fell down the step in the original flat! I am a massive fan of Mary, so no complaints from me, over the team's decisions regarding her. Their show,their choices.We've fan art/fic/vids for people to make their own choices,to reflect head canon.
  13. Can't wait to see them both... dunno even know how to get to see them, at the mo.
  14. Go us! Oh I was going to add, on another quiz show this evening... A contestant correctly chose Conan Doyle in answer to: which writer was also a qualified doctor? But he chose that answer, "because of Dr Johnson in the stories"... and nobody corrected him!
  15. I can't even remember if I posted here at the time... But years back now, Amanda won the Brit TV Quiz show 'Richard Osman's House of Games'. Now Yasmine Akram(Janine) is appearing this week. Don't know if she will join Amanda as a champion. But she has at least won the first show so far.
  16. I wouldn't ever use Firefox. Chrome is far superior.
  17. Oh I know, I realise....I just- well haven't done, anything actually. Does that make me a bad person?
  18. Moral dilemma... well not really, but just thought I would chuck it in here, in case anybody is interested. If any mods think it's too divisive, please feel to delete. On booting up my Twitter this morning, I was greeted with a tweet from a Sherlock account I follow. The owner had screen shot from another account, which is apparently run by a Sophie hater.(I assume this forum is familiar with those saddos) Anyhow the girl was announcing that if any of us followd this account, she would block us as well as said hater. So I asume she will block me, as I have'nt unfollowed or blocked the other account...though she does seem pretty vile about Sophie. I just don't block people.
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