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  1. I wouldn't touch root beer for soo long after this show stopped airing in the UK. Wish they'd release it on dvd, but all i've ever found is books
  2. This is a generic question because I need to ask and i'm posting this on all the fandom boards I'm on even if i get killed or kicked off. Seems theres a plan for a reunion at a US con but i've heard they've said the rest of the world ain't interested enough anymore, So i'm asking who used to/ still does watch Babylon 5. so i can in the faces of the haters
  3. 10th kingdom 10th kingdom or Gilmore Girls
  4. oh you had to leave this one to me, and i can't use Japanese Yaoi (boy/boy manga)
  5. ok, In England, putting shoes on the table is a portent of Death, or at least bad luck as it has echos of the days when people were hanged for the smallest crimes, i'm not sure why but new shoes seem to get a worse reaction, if i remember this right my gran said once that putting shoes on the table is a sign that bad luck is gonna befal the people who sit down to eat there (the family who live there, from back when familys sat down together regularly)
  6. since I have to BBT but i don't like either BBT or Beauty and the Beast (the new one)
  7. a friend of mine and I once made a pact that when we reach the age where we remind people of our grand parents, he's going to challange me to a dual on the shores of Loch Sheil and neither of us are gonna win, he was gonna have the sword of a Roman centurion and i was gonna use the sword of a Celtic warrioress. but that was years ago and we never wrote it down or signed anything so I dunno
  8. what about the BAU team?? Rizzoli and Isles?... ok tech it'd just be Jane Rizzoli cos shes the detective in the duo, but still?
  9. their proffesionally made, the SOPHIE bands and the I Believe in Sherlock both, I didn't do it but i was thinking about trying to get some printed for a fandom a while back (but i could never get enough interest) and the girl who does the Sherlock ones gets em made special
  10. exactly, Delenn always went on about candles going out too quickly in Babylon 5 and it made me not want to stand there and take it
  11. i hate the idea of dying in my sleep, its too easy, after all the fight to survive this s*** I want something Honorable yes, but quiet, no way
  12. love the snow. I'm not one for christmas, bit too fluffy, bright and commercial for me, but not-christmas weekend at Aelys rocked, I'd ask for Egg Nog, but my throats fragged
  13. I just take the 3 thing as a given, even before I picked up the Wiccan/Pagan broom as it were, my symbol has always been the Triskele, my fave tribe girls always seemed to have 3 tribal markings, ect. Superstitions... not sure i've got any that i practise, but i'll admit i like winding my mother and her cousins up with the shoes on the table one when i get the chance, my god my village is still in the dark ages good luck charms: this ones easy, my good luck charm for gigs is my Bullet For my Valentine necklace, wore it to every gig i can recall, and for conventions its either my Myfanwy Necklace (given to me by Aely) or my Retcon to F*** T-shirt which I printed based on a dare by Gareth David-Lloyd at my first convention. speaking of Superstitions i'm beggining to think this was just something he said to scare me, and if its not i'm not sure if it still holds but when I first picked up a Sherlock novel my grandad told me that among Sherlockians you never said "her" name, it was like bad luck or the mothers-die curse, I didn't know wtf he was on about till we met her, i was like 5/6 at the time and he'd been telling me Sherlock based stories for years, so I knew her shape, even now I don't like referring to her by name, so like Sherlock I just say the Woman, i've got better, i'll call her Adler every now and then
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