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  1. Thank you for the good wishes, guys and yes, I do have wonderful support from my husband who is going to do his best to "fill the gap" left by my friend. I know he'll try his hardest. I have support, and so much outpouring of love and support for us, I am quite touched by it all.
  2. I had bad news about a very dear friend last week. She has died from pulmonary embolism brought on by deep vein thrombosis, which simply means a clot on her lung restricted oxygen to her brain bringing on a heart attack (I think). Thing is, although she wasn't a member on here she was an avid Sherlockian and Holmesian, a role player, LARPer and my soulmate of 35 years. I miss her like I've lost a piece of me and I know my Hiatus will not come to an end. I simply wanted to acknowledge that someone who loved Sherlock and adored Moriarty, shipped Johnlock and Mystrade and all the rest with a passion, has herself left this universe. I have two appropriate quotes, apart from the inevitable "All lives end, all hearts are broken...". Sorry, Mycroft but I do care, a great deal, although I will acknowledge that, while it may not be an advantage, love is a bloody necessity for sanity. "You... you told me once that you weren't a hero. Umm, there were times I didn't even think you were human. But let me tell you this, you were the best (wo)man, the most human... human being that I've ever known, and no-one will ever convince me that you told me a lie, so there. I was so alone, and I owe you so much." I was alone when I went to university and I left it with a friend I kept for life. And finally... "I never expected to be anybody’s best friend. And certainly not the best friend of the bravest, and kindest and the wisest human being I have ever had the good fortune of knowing." She may not have been an angel but she was on their side. She was a fanfiction writer (Krekta on AO3) and all round great mate. In case anybody feels like giving to a fellow Sherlockian's good cause, and I can appreciate it if not because you did not know her here, I'll just leave this here. I set up a JustGiving site in her name, for the LGBT Foundation, Combat Stress (in her father's honour and John's too, of course), and of course Diabetes UK. https://www.justgiving.com/account/teams/TeamAwesomeH Many thanks Fiona
  3. I may have missed something here (and I've not been on in a long while) but I think people forget that when they read the original Sherlock Holmes they're reading Victorian fiction. People wrote very differently in those days and it appears tedious at times but that is the style of writing prevalent at the time and ACD would have had to write the way his readership expected to read. The result is more a comment on the styles of the times than anything I guess.
  4. For every Sherlolly fan out there......
  5. I was being nice. It was a joke. I was being jokey and friendly and... (sighs) Alright, I'm sorry if I caused you offense, Molly, but... Hang on...Don't try to teach me how to be nice, Sherlock, you don't exactly treat the woman right, yourself.
  6. Well, unless you want us to... (grins). Sorry, you're very welcome, luv. They're really nice on here. Ask and ye shall receive...cannot guarantee the veracity of the answers though...
  7. Napoleon (there you go, canon reference too)
  8. You have it right, Jane. Mycroft is an old softy at heart (just don't tell him I told you) and his care of his brother, if a little intrusive, shows how much he feels that he just doesn't let anybody see. He likes the power his 'minor' position gives him, but it is one hell of a responsibility considering who he rubs shoulders with. Bloody Royalty, for goodness' sake. So, I applaud your choice and think it's justly deserved (and if he's listening, he can take me to dinner anytime...).
  9. Looks like a tribute to the dressing gown in the original illustrations, with the flat lapels. http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Sherlock_Holmes_-_The_Man_with_the_Twisted_Lip.jpg Which I believe they did also with Brett's Holmes. http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/27800000/Sherlock-Holmes-jeremy-brett-27868143-720-540.png Although the lighting makes it hard to see, there's enough visible to make an educated guess.
  10. Oo, that is a lovely instrument. I wonder whether they'll have Bond violinist Eos Chater back to school Ben again. Her blog is lovely. If you haven't read this, then I highly recommend her post following her work on Sherlock with Ben during the Reichenbach filming. He is a talented man, the speed with which he picked up her lessons. http://earthobservingsystem.tumblr.com/post/15188532235/sherlock-on-the-fiddle There cannot be many women who can say they've tutored a man in the finer points of playing a violin while he was wearing only a bedsheet! Lucky girl... Her comment is priceless. I love Ben even more after reading this blog post. Ben really can play the damn violin after very few lessons. He is a perfectionist, and in her words "a lovely human being". Aww. Go read, you won't be disappointed.
  11. In reality (and also in one of the rpgs I'm involved in) I think Mycroft would have sorted the paperwork for Sherlock to be a consulting expert for the Police. The police do not use amateurs but they do use professionals and I find it odd that Mycroft, with all his influence and power, wouldn't be able to make it so Sherlock appeared on paper as a professional consultant. I know Mofftiss haven't done this, because the original wasn't a pro, and it does make for better tensions and a more interesting dynamic between Sherlock and the Met. Also the conflict that comes up when he is disgraced is more dramatic as a result. If he was a pro consultant, he would simply not be used any more, rather than cause such a rukus. Written novels follow certain rules and construction plans which you can see coming out in the series. There has to be conflict of some kind to create drama, challenges and obstacles that the main characters have to overcome. There are certain ways of producing the highs and lows that capture and keep an audience and stop the thing from becoming boring. Clifff hangers, reveals, triumphs, sudden plot twists, all add up to the drama of the whole. Timing is essential too. It cannot be too slow or it becomes a chore to watch, too fast and you cannot follow the action. So tv reality is not real life. Just wouldn't work. Why do real life? People can watch a documentary instead. Bringing a drama to tv and making it work is an art. It isn't enough that you have to present your characters and their environment to an audience, they have to get up to stuff that wouldn't happen in reality, stuff you can experience through them, stuff that is more exciting, escapist and just plain fun. Real life is boring, drama is the opposite. There has to be reality but this is not necessarily related to real events/processes/people/things. Okay, so you and I wouldn't go haring off through the back alleys of London after a taxi with a potential serial killer driving it, would we? Well, I wouldn't anyway. Just for a moment, look at reality. I live a (relatively) safe life, I have two kids who need their mum, who need me to go to work so I can pay the mortgage, bring in food and make sure we're warm enough in winter. I do not want to risk my life in any way. I do not want to risk my job in any way. I want to be able to pay the bills, earn a living, have friends, play games, meet great people like everyone here on the internet...You get the picture. Inwardly I would love to go running off with Sherlock, a gun in my hand which I knew how to fire, adrenilin pumping, risking my safety. I know the only way I can do that is in my imagination, watching tv. So reality is not tv. If I want to watch real people interacting with each other, I watch Big Brother (which I don't btw, because I find it BORING!). Take the CPR routine. Our patient's heart has stopped and he's not breathing. Oh my God, he's going to die... Bring out the paddles, CLEAR! and our patient jerks on the table and begins to breath again (or not as the case may be). This is dramatic, tense and exciting. Also totally false, just ask any paramedic. If you want more details I will be happy to share them with you, having researched it recently for a story I'm writing. keeping it simple, shocking the heart is done while in VF or ventricular Fibrillation, where the heart trembles instead of beating, or VT or ventricular Tachycardia, where the heart has too fast a rhythm. You can shock the heart back to it's normal rhythm. Once the heart has stopped, the paddles do not work. This is a simplification but essentially the tv people get it wrong, but my point here is that they get it wrong deliberately. It's dramatic. That's why. Artistic license. The writers are weaving a tale here, creating and building characters and watching them grow, throwing a spanner in the works and watching them overcome the difficulties. I love being a writer for that reason. Often characters will tell you what they want to do. Yes, they do have legs. My characters get up and do stuff and I have to write it. If that happens I know the story and the characters are working. When I write I can escape safely into another world, while I remain safe at home. So tv reality really doesn't work. But it's okay that way. Thankfully, Greg IS in series 3 and in the first two episodes at least. Apparently there is now some speculation about his relationship with Molly but it remains to be seen if tv reality will reflect real life speculation.
  12. Cardiff is doubling for London and I am chuffed to see that Rupert is back. http://www.flickr.co...157633119739122 This guy has some seriously good photos.
  13. I think things are being kept deadly silent with regard to who is in it and what is going on. If it wasn't for his tweeting, we wouldn't have known about Tomi May after all. That tweet was removed, obviously cos he wasn't supposed to say anything. Rupert is filming White Queen at present, a ten week drama from the BBC set during the Wars of the Roses, but not sure when the airing date is or if he's still filming. Might be he's not in the first episode, but might join later. Here's hoping.
  14. Has anyone heard if Rupert will be in this series at all? There is nothing on his website and nobody seems to have said anything. I can see a lot of disappointed fans if he doesn't make an appearance (yes, including me!).
  15. I do wonder if they've withheld the scripts so the reaction to what they've written is genuine on the actor's part, although how they would get around it without read-throughs I have no idea. However, ours not to reason why, we just wait for the finished product. Meanwhile Arwel Wyn Jones is a great source of tweets. 221B lives again. Is everyone aware that Mark Gatiss has penned the docu-drama about Dr Who's 50 years btw? He's put up a couple of tweets about it.
  16. I agree there are plenty of opportunities for Sherlock to send various people messages and set stuff up. I thought it was a bus below Barts though, not a truck, or rather it is when Sherlock looks down. Does he step off the side of the roof he initially looks down on? Looks like they might be filming the big reveal though, considering the production designer has tweeted pics from Barts roof, taken recently.
  17. Rewatched Reichenbach this weekend and haven't seen it since it aired. Not sure about the laser pointer thing. I never noticed it in the roof scene. Shall have to watch yet again (what a chore...) However, I really wouldn't put it past Sherlock to have worked out the height of the roof, the wind speed, the drag his coat would cause and various other factors and worked out the survivability of a fall. The news report on his suicide on John's Blog had a single line about unusually high winds experienced in Scotland. You can see it on the Blog. It's a throw away but the things in this series are not usually meaningless. There is quite a lot of imagery and themes which are recurrent. Now, my speculations may have been made before but please indulge me. I really haven't read many speculations on what happened so I might sound like I'm a bit slow here. Watching Reichenbach again, did Sherlock work out if a fall was survivable? If you attend to someone who has died, you usually cover the body. Hells bells, they've been free enough with shock blankets that there would be one available here to cover the body but they didn't. Which implies he's alive. John just thinks he couldn't feel a pulse, but he was concussed enough not to be coherent. Besides the pulse from the wrist is the first to fade after a trauma as blood is drawn within to keep the major organs going, which is why when you administer first aid to someone who is unresponsive you feel for a pulse at the throat, not the wrist. Jim Moriarty said he was bored, he'd solved the final problem, he'd managed to take Sherlock out of the picture but in so doing he would have to go back to dealing with boring people. "Stayin alive, its so boring isn't it, its just staying... All my life I've been searching for distractions...and now I've beaten you." Its all a fairy tale, illusion, not real. All it takes is willing participants. Sherlock said it himself. Hide a lie in the truth and it becomes much more convincing. Illusion and mirrors figure highly in all of this. Assuming Mycroft is in on it, he could easily find a private hospital for Sherlock to recuperate in and I figure that is what has taken the time for him to return, not finding Moriarty's web. I don't think there is a web at all. In each case, all it takes is simply two people, possibly three. Bear with me and I shall list... Study in Pink: Moriarty's name is seeded. Nothing more. His reputation begins to build. Moriarty uses other people. Blind Banker: Shan refers to M, and is killed by a sniper. The circus aludes to illusion and misdirection. Still only two people required and Moriarty is still using other people. The Great Game: With regard to Carl Powers peer group at school, there is mention made of all the living contemporaries checking out. Nobody mentioned those who were 'dead' did they? The old lady describes a soft voice and the other abducted lady says she was snatched by two men. So far, only two people have been needed to effect any of this. One might be military, sniper and explosives expert? When we meet Jim from IT, that is most likey true. At the pool, there were multiple red dots. You could do this with mirrors and one person. Moriarty doesn't need to have been speaking to anyone, let alone anyone significant. The fact that Irene was shown with her phone, that doesn't mean it was her. The implication was there but all along we've had allusions to smoke and mirrors, illusions and lies. Scandal: Was it Sherlock who was the target here? What if all along it was Mycroft? He is powerful, close to the throne, with resourses we can guess at. For his brother to be discredited, what would the fall-out do to Mycroft's position? Baskerville: Again the hound was not real, we have another illusion. Smoke and mirrors again. Mycroft has Priority Ultra clearance for this stuff. He is both high up and powerful to have such high access. Is Mycroft the real target or a happy coincidence? Reichenbach: The Fall. Moriarty manipulated the witnesses, or so we are lead to believe. Sherlock is taken apart using his weaknesses against himself. Sherlock is the one to name his friends, and assume that they have killers trained on them. Moriarty implied it and Sherlock believed. Mycroft admits he hauled Moriarty in for questioning but Jim did not divulge anything. How could he, there was probably nothing to divulge. So, no more than a few people, illusion and perhaps one trained sniper/explosives expert in the group. No vast web, nothing beyond people wanting to believe a manipulative man with the same problems as Sherlock. They are mirror images of each other. That's obviously what Moriarty meant when he says "You're me" on the roof. Moriarty is possibly what Sherlock would have become without John? What Donovan expected him to become. When Sherlock says "I created Moriarty" is he alluding to the fact that he created what he wanted to believe? Doubtless, none of us are right. I adore the way Mark Gatiss thinks and writes and I cannot wait for Series Three.
  18. Well, there are these too. http://believeinsherlockproject.tumblr.com/post/17700564775/if-i-get-at-least-100-notes-before-monday-i-will http://webelieveinsherlockholmes.tumblr.com/ Have fun.
  19. Well done to Undead Medic and bisscuitbear, you're both right.
  20. You're not right for the second one, you'll kick yourself when you find out. Well done for the first one. Took me a while.
  21. Here's another one http://londonist.com/2012/11/a-phone-box-shrine-to-sherlock-at-st-barts.php
  22. I think this is it. http://221tardisimpalaexpress.tumblr.com/post/41786014879
  23. I can tell you, you will know this one.
  24. Got two new ones if anyone is still interested. 1. What object has keys that open no locks, space but no room and you can enter but not go in? 2. A poor man sees a rich man in a shop paying for everything with £50 notes. The poor man says to the rich man "I know all the songs known to man." The rich man says "Is that so? Well, I bet you all the money in my pocket that you can't sing a song with my daughter's name in it. Her name is Sara Lee Grayson." The poor man went home rich and the rich man went home poor, so what song did the poor man sing to win the bet? Good luck...
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