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  1. Caya

    What's your age?

    Congratulations! And not on this board, you're not.
  2. Caya

    Recently watched movies

    I've read somewhere that it's an IP thing, mostly. Disney's rights on the older Renaissance movies are about to run out apparently, meaning that anyone could then produce a cheap knock-off under the same name. So now they're doing those live-action remakes, and could then claim that their rights on those are infringed on, not the (usually much more beloved) originals. Of course, if they make a buck along the way, Disney sure won't mind.
  3. Kids no older than 2 don't pay *anything* at Disney, as a rule - neither food, nor tickets, nor lodging, assuming the family's staying at a Disney hotel. Also, there's this thing called Baby Swap (bit long to explain but basically, saves on queueing time). So those parents probably enjoy Disney just fine (not that there's anything wrong by having fun at WDW as an adult ), with no extra cost for the little one, and the kid's just their excuse for going because they don't want to admit that the trip is really for them.
  4. Caya

    Game of Thrones

    Season 6-ish ... it's a bit hard to tell from what I gathered from Wikipedia (I stopped watching in S2, but I read all the books, though it's been a while), but there seem to be bits and pieces of stuff happening in the books showing up all over S6 parallel to new plot. Besides, there were differences in plot between series and books before; then again, some stuff that shows up later they got from GRRM and it's probably going to be the same in the books (like Jon's parentage, which was foreshadowed as far back as book 1). So S6 is mixed and from S7 it's mostly new, definitely not in print yet (or, let's be realistic, ever *sigh*).
  5. Caya

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    Unfortunately, no, that's not how Moftiss did it, though they came closer in the first series. Admittedly, though, it's easier with Good Omens because the two guys in question aren't even guys, strictly speaking, and therefore the question of whether they even have any sexuality as commonly understood is open to interpretation. But that's exactly the point, that "open to interpretation" bit. Nobody in Good Omens, say, ever indignantly states that they're not gay, or gay for that matter. They are clearly shown to care a lot for each other, and just what that means is left for the viewer to decide.
  6. Caya

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    Husband and I finally got around to watching Good Omens on Amazon Prime. What a delightful little series! Moftiss, take note (and given that Mark Gatiss had a tiny role in one episode, he at least should) - *that* is how you treat two guys who are the most important person in each other's lives. Just show their devotion (and the actors did a marvellous job of it) and let the viewer sort it out on their own. Also, best soundtrack ever.
  7. It was founded almost 900 years ago, but rebuilt in the 18th century: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Saint-Bartholomews-Hospital .
  8. Why assume the cat stole the sausage, anyway? One look from those big pleading eyes was probably all it took.
  9. That's St. Stephen's, and it's one of our biggest tourist attractions (still a surprisingly nice and quiet spot in the hustle and bustle of the inner city, though).
  10. The big white buildings are a hospital. The red roofs are just red ceramic roof tiles, they're still widely in use here (and in much of Europe, afaik). Here's a pic of our city centre: Obligatory "still on topic" pic:

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