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  1. Caya

    1,500 posts and a promotion!

    At this point the proper term just might be denial. But then again, I still check the Westeros boards every year or so if the new Game of Thrones book is finally underway, so I'm sitting in the most fragile of glass houses anyway.
  2. I know a couple people who'd trust anybody *but* their sibling(s). Can't much attest to the matter either way since I'm an only child.
  3. Caya

    Technophobe needs help.

    Well for starters, are you attempting to do this from a PC/Laptop or a phone (and if so, an IPhone or an Android)?
  4. Caya

    1,500 posts and a promotion!

    Those dots should be above your screenshot, to the right of where it says www.sherlock-and-so-on.
  5. Caya

    1,500 posts and a promotion!

    You can, if you prefer, get a phone to show the desktop version btw. Click on the three dots at the top right, scroll down a bit, set the checkmark. Of course this makes things very small probably, but there's always a price.
  6. Caya

    Game of Thrones

    Nah, he's the only mortal who ever became immortal - sorta the reverse of Luthien, who was immortal and then moved Beyond with Beren (told you Elrond's family got a lot of interesting folks - those two are great-grandparents on the maternal side).
  7. Caya

    Game of Thrones

    Elrond's grandpa from his father's side, who was human but married to an Elf, Idril, and who was accepted into the West together with her iirc. Bound to be one of the major characters in any Silmarillion screen adaption, like all of Elrond's family really.
  8. Caya

    Favorite movies / favourite films

    Just *one* list? Nah, that'd have to be several. Just off the top of my head: Serious, or movies that punch you, in a good way: Cry Freedom Schindler's List Shawshank Redemption Funny/Campy, or movies so good that you don't care how bad they are: Rocky Horror Picture Show Princess Bride A Fish Called Wanda Nostalgic, or movies that are woven into the tapestry of your youth: Labyrinth (the Bowie one) Return of the Jedi Xanadu Epic/Other, or movies that you simply liked a lot: Fellowship of the Ring Deadpool Lilo & Stitch (yep, the Disney one) Think I'll go re-watch one or two now. eta: came back to add the first Shrek to the list (also, Pirates of the Carribean - no, there is only one ). What can I say, I'm a woman of simple tastes Also, the original Ghostbusters probably belongs on my Nostalgic list, along with Indiana Jones (I am very much an 80s teen).
  9. Caya

    Game of Thrones

    Hoibbits are descendants of humans, iirc, so yeah makes sense that they Go Beyond too. No idea about dwarves, since they weren't Planned, and while we're at it no idea about Ents, orcs, trolls either (orcs especially are an interesting case since they were made from elves iirc). But since there is so much talk about how Elves Are Different in that they are Bound to Fate and whatnot, my guess would be that they alone go West when they die and everyone else leaves Arda and Goes Beyond. Well, except for Tuor.
  10. Er, VBS is right, the Targaryens both went there first and more openly (it was rare for them not to marry brother to sister, allegedly to preserve that dragon blood of theirs). Also, did I miss something and we're now a Game of Thrones forum?
  11. Caya

    Game of Thrones

    Dragon biology is weird in Game of Thrones. Just for starters, they're genderfluid (in the sense of that they can be male or female at different times). The ruling families of the now-lost kingdom pf Valyria (by a catastrophe only hinted at as the Doom, I think there was a volcano involved somewhere) had dragon blood in their genetic makeup (Dany and her kin are the last of those, as far as anyone knows, that's how that whole dragon riding works for them), and it's never been specified just how exactly that happened ... and no, if dragons can shapeshift into human form there has been no hint of it so far. Oh, and their eggs can lay dormant for who knows how many years/centuries and still hatch afterwards. And they're somehow connected to the planet's Mana level - as in, many dragons, much magic around, no dragons, almost no magic. Really, suckling (from a woman with dragon blood in her veins no less, see above) is only barely in the top ten of weird dragon facts in that setting.
  12. Caya

    Game of Thrones

    Oooooh yes, he did. If you're interested in the show version (which is pretty faithful to the book there) it's all over YouTube. My husband watched the show, and one of the highlights of occasionally glancing over his shoulder when he did was seeing Joffrey and some of the other [censored] doing their [censored] stuff and thinking, oooooh, I know what's coming your way, dearie.
  13. Caya

    Game of Thrones

    Officially - not sure, mayyybe next year (mind you, that is the second-to-last book that we're talking about here, not even the final one, which is set to come out ... no idea, probably when Great Cthulhu rises from his slumber). If you ask me - never. GRRM clearly wasn't much into writing any more of ASoIaF even before the show came out, and now that it's overtaken the books and spoilered a couple of much beloved plot twists of his (Jon Snow's parentage comes to mind) he's probably even less motivated. I'll take whatever closure reading the spoilers from the TV shows (I don't watch it, far too gory for me) can bring me, because I've sadly given up on the books by now. To make this less of a downer post, here's a YouTube compilation of people reacting to the big twist in the first series of the show (same as in the first book) spoilers, obviously. This is why people still put up with GRRM's lack of any kind of schedule. The Big One happens about two minutes in:
  14. Caya

    Game of Thrones

    Well GRRM certainly has a knack with surprising you with when and how someone dies, I'd say. Spoiler tags just in case - yes, I know the first book came out in 1996, I read it back then (pity me) but still: Amused sidenote: These two scenes, as well as a certain duel, hit the show-watchers-only just as much by surprise for the most part too. In this age of internet spoilers, I've never seen a fan group stay mum about anything so gleefully. As for Gandalf, I think I read that interview once, and he said that he thought that Gandalf should have stayed dead, so no, no coming back from the dead (well, some did actually, but again, that only makes it harder to predict anything).

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