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  1. I jury-rigged your spoiler boxes (by changing the letter colour). Can't do more, alas, but Tim will.
  2. It is, isn't it - who knew Jon Cryer could sing? Not me, anyway, at least not before stumbling over that version of Company a couple years ago. I have it on DVD and I'm quite fond of it - there may be more artful performances out there, but Neil Patrick Harris puts not only skill but also so much raw emotion into Being Alive that it's easily my favourite.
  3. Forgive me if I answer this with Sondheim first (the song in question starts around 4:40 if I goofed that link up): I can't think of any major decision in my life that I haven't second-guessed at some point. Hardest, imo, was coming to the conclusion and accepting that I'd probably do most things the same, even knowing how some turned out. But I don't fret about any of them - there's just one life, and we do the best we can. There may be Martinas in parallel universes who took different decisions and now live lives radically different from mine, but I'm okay with my place in this one.
  4. At a guess, I'd say a bit of both. No conspicuous signs of photoshopping (to me, anyway, though things look probably different to Arcadia ) but that heart does look awfully symmetrical for this to be coincidence.
  5. Objection: I've watched neither, and I admit I haven't seen this particular Dracula yet (even in a still) so I honestly can't tell, but from what pics I've seen floating around, imo Cavill does look pretty damn hot in that white wig. And why shouldn't he? Would there be more of a story if they cast an uglier actor? eta: Realized that there'll be more reading this who haven't seen either, so I grabbed random pics from Imgur for show&tell. At least I *hope* that's the correct Dracula, please tell me if that's not the case. As you can imagine, "Dracula" brings a lot of hits. eeta: The forum hates either me, Geralt or Dracula. Hang on please. Only got the small ones to work, sorry! Still not sure what's up. I blame werewolves.
  6. Not gonna watch it anyway (fool me once and all that), but I still can't help but wonder: okay, so you want to have [redacted for spoilers] and [likewise] do it - sure, let them have a go at it. Why on earth, in two-thousand-f***ing-twenty, does anyone feel the need to genderswap one of them to female first? Hello and welcome to the 21st century, men can marry if you haven't heard, you are allowed to show them as a couple on screen, really, that's perfectly okay.
  7. Now y'all made me curious about what Plaidder (bet you saw that coming ) thinks about Dracula, and while she, like me, decided to sit that one out, I found this here in one of the reblogs (spoilering, just in case, link logically leads to a spoiler as well):
  8. That was the plan (mine, at least). Not going to watch that (and we do have Netflix) because I'm still grumpy about S3 of Sherlock. Shutting up about it (well, not now ) and hoping that y'all have fun with it, but myself, nah, once bitten twice shy.
  9. Looking good. Not seeing much of the promised beach but the sunset is beautiful.
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