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  1. Husband and I watch The Boys. It's certainly ... different. Could do without the level of gore but it definitely keeps surprising me, which I love in any kind of story, so I keep watching.
  2. Welcome to the forum, Tiger! And no, of course you're not too late, au contraire, we're happy that you jumped right in. Back on topic, yeah, highly emotionally charged, that relationship - but I think pride is also an important part of that mix. For both, actually.
  3. That's a hunting dog, and going by those I knew, if an idea takes root in their single-minded brains, there's no stopping them. Saw one squeeze himself into a wicker basket belonging to (and sized for) a cat once just to spite said cat, so yes, I think the pooch above reached his position himself, with determination and patience (and possibly via the countertop to the right).
  4. Vienna's tap water comes from a protected mountain spring area that has been municipal property since imperial times. More info here, please ignore the tourist-y spin: https://www.wien.info/en/sightseeing/green-vienna/viennese-water-364316. And yes, it's protected by the city constitution - we're fiercely proud of our water and when a politician made noises about privatization, it didn't go across too well to put it mildly, and that provision was the result.
  5. Our local tea equivalent would be a Jause, but in Vienna that generally involves cake or pastries (Guglhupf is one popular choice). Sandwiches are more of a late morning / cold or on-the-move lunch item.
  6. Never heard of a cucumber sandwich round here (then again, I was baffled by the fact that apparently there are bitter cucumbers so what do I know) though they are used as vegetable garnishing in other sandwiches (like, ham with radishes and cucumber). Similar with watercress, though I've also seen that one as the main sandwich ingredient, served with a bit of cream cheese.
  7. Are you getting a refund, at least? If they claim something like "it's preferred handling but not guaranteed to be delivered in that time frame" that would be adding insult to injury, imo.
  8. Already? Oh dear, poor you. We got a surprisingly nice balmy autumn round here so far.
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