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  1. Caya

    GIF Your Mood

    Afaik (I don't watch the show) they dragged Viserion's corpse up from the lake with giant chains, prompting fan questions as to why what amounts to a band of reavers were dragging such around and how they got them in the first place. Current mood (Saturday):
  2. I kinda like the Rainbow Bridge concept. All I know is that, if there is in fact an afterlife (I'm pretty agnostic on this), I want to end up where dogs go. They can call it whatever they want.
  3. Caya

    GIF Your Mood

    Challenge accepted.
  4. Caya

    GIF Your Mood

    And there's my vocabulary lesson of the day. What happened, and how about this one? (for frumious, I mean) My own mood's more like or maybe
  5. Different angle and spaced further apart, looks like that to me at least.
  6. Doesn't look like the same dog to me, same breed yes, but the eyes are different.
  7. Sometimes it's colour-related, too. My ex had a really fluffy, grey Maine Coon and I never had any trouble with his fur (and it was absolutely everywhere), but some, not all, red cats (and a handful of brown ones I've met) make me react quite strongly. And no, it's not just a placebo effect, as I originally assumed myself - I once had an involuntary blind test, when a friend of ours stopped by and just threw his jacket on the couch because he was in a hurry, and a couple minutes later I started sneezing and my eyes were swelling shut. Turns out, he'd been at his parents before for another quick stop and, when he left, had to chase their red tom off the jacket. Those few hairs was all it took, and yet the cat living in the flat didn't bother my allergy at all.
  8. Caya

    The Hobbit (the Jackson films)

    Yep, that was before S3 let alone 4 ... but given Harriet Watson, it wasn't that hard a stretch. Zelda is probably busy finding a cure for Alzheimer's or decoding alien signals or something like that by now.
  9. Your sis-in-law might've been confused by the fact that a female cat generally screams and hits the tom after the act, but that's not because she wasn't a willing participant but because of certain ... anatomical peculiarities of the male cat (not gonna spell it out here, but it hurts).
  10. Caya

    1,500 posts and a promotion!

    At this point the proper term just might be denial. But then again, I still check the Westeros boards every year or so if the new Game of Thrones book is finally underway, so I'm sitting in the most fragile of glass houses anyway.
  11. I know a couple people who'd trust anybody *but* their sibling(s). Can't much attest to the matter either way since I'm an only child.
  12. Caya

    Technophobe needs help.

    Well for starters, are you attempting to do this from a PC/Laptop or a phone (and if so, an IPhone or an Android)?
  13. Caya

    1,500 posts and a promotion!

    Those dots should be above your screenshot, to the right of where it says www.sherlock-and-so-on.
  14. Caya

    1,500 posts and a promotion!

    You can, if you prefer, get a phone to show the desktop version btw. Click on the three dots at the top right, scroll down a bit, set the checkmark. Of course this makes things very small probably, but there's always a price.

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