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  1. Caya

    Sherlock Holmes Chess Pieces

    Hi Laura, I edited your email address in again, but as you can see I modified it a bit so you don't get spammed to high heaven. There are spiders crawling the web looking for the @ to harvest addresses, so you generally shouldn't post your email on openly accessible pages. Best of luck with your sale, the set looks gorgeous!
  2. Caya

    Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    Press "Quote" under the post in question, that'll cause the quote to appear in the window below. Then click on the window and press CTRL + A , then CTRL + C (or mark all, then right-click and choose copy). Go to the thread you want to post the quote in, click the posting box, then press CTRL + V (or right-click and choose paste). Voila!
  3. Caya

    Adding pics in posts.

    Nope, but we're still on it. Sorry for the delay.
  4. (please click for read-able size)
  5. Caya

    Adding pics in posts.

    Weird. Let me try: Yeah, that one's shrunk too. I'll let Tim know, thanks for pointing it out!
  6. I am happy to say that your mind is perfectly fine, Hikari. Carol kindly volunteered to split the thread into a discussion thread and a picture thread, since in its current form it was becoming rather unwieldy.
  7. This speaks to me (although in our household, there'd be more dog hair on the couch).
  8. Caya

    The Political Thread

    I honestly didn't know whether to pick "haha" or "sad" as the reaction gif. We need something like this, maybe, for the political thread?
  9. Caya

    GIF Your Mood

    Well then, cat party is a go! Happy birthday!
  10. Caya

    Doyle canon/pastiche film collection

    Hi GodNort, I may be slow today but assist with what? I'll be happy to help.
  11. Caya

    Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    Can't say about the umbrella, but the 84 years are in reference to that Titanic meme.
  12. Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you had a great time.
  13. Caya

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Oh damn, poor you and poor doggo. Keeping fingers crossed that all turns out well and he just sprained something, poor boy.

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