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  1. What did you do to that poor man, Dabbler?
  2. Caya

    Star Trek Beyond ... and beyond

    Sometimes remakes work in their own way, though. The Addams Family movies, for instance.
  3. Sorry, I've edited my post. Sometimes I'm lazy and hotlink (to sites that allow such, like imgur) and the picture gets taken down later. Have some bonus cats in boxes:
  4. Yeah, I think I once read that they do it because of heat retention. Apparently it's a pretty universal cat trait, too:
  5. Caya

    What song is stuck in your head?

    As you wish ... Admittedly, now *this* is in your head, but the other song's gone, at least.
  6. Some people only feel better about their insignificant and boring lives if they can denigrate someone else's. I don't have kids, but being overweight means that I get plenty of choice comments about that instead. My go-to response by now is something along the lines of, "Okay, but I can lose weight and what are you going to do about your personality?" I've long since given up trying to play nice with someone who goes out of their way to be rude for no reason.
  7. Caya

    The "Hijacked Thread" Thread

    Since the Political Thread is currently busy discussing Martin Freeman's haircut (and far be it from me to interfere with that ) I'm hijacking this thread. Considering all that's going on right now, he might have a point there.
  8. Caya

    Quirky and Funny Videos

    Contact juggling is awesome (yes, I saw Labyrinth as a teen, why? ).
  9. My husband and I moved in together and soon married, while having met each other physically only twice (long distance relationship over the early internet) and, well, twenty years later we're still there.
  10. This just might be my new favourite crossover.
  11. Got the same experience with teens in tutoring. Just be honest with them, drop that adult claptrap about "the golden years of childhood" (were those people even teenagers once or are their memories that bad?) and the questions start coming.

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