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  1. Can't speak for the others, obviously, but I got knee problems once from a computer chair that was too high for me (and couldn't be set any lower). It's a bit hard to describe, but my legs wouldn't reach down fully (soles on the floor and such), it was a bit like sitting on a bar stool. And when I leaned forward to look at something more closely, I would therefore put weight and strain on my legs, which made my knees ache after a while. Now I have a low one where I can crouch like a toad and it's a lot more comfy.
  2. Poor guy was a real trooper to keep playing Lennier.
  3. The dog on the sign isn't ours, we got this from amazon so I don't know the handsome Rottie boy in question, unfortunately. You can come over and cuddle with our dog anytime, of course, I'd just advise against leaving her in the vicinity of any kind of cake. Lilly is an expert at making puppy dog eyes:
  4. Friends of ours have a sign stating, "Beware of Dog - you know, forget about the dog, beware of the kids". It's quite accurate. We put this sign up, which also fits our household quite well: Title says "Welcome to my home", then it's "If you're nice to me, then I'm nice to you", "Sniffing is mandatory", "If you don't want dog hair on your clothes, then don't sit anywhere" and "Fact is, my humans like me more than they like you"; below the pic it states "I live here. You don't". Bit exaggerated, but it works for us overall (doesn't mean we don't do our best to accomodate people with allergies or dog phobia and so on, though).
  5. My husband watches Altered Carbon (there's been a new season apparently) so I caught a bit of it and, well, I've asked him if he could finish watching it while I was away from the TV, and I very rarely do that (I may or may not snark about his beloved Monstrous-Animal-Of-Some-Kind-Eats-Everybody movies, however ). Kinda liked Poe, though.
  6. https://ew.com/tv/star-trek-picard-episodes-free-online/ Well, more or less free - from what I've understood, the coupon code "GIFT" gives you a free month of CBS All-Access. Might be a good time for that, though. While we're at Star Trek news, Captain Pike's getting his own show: https://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/ent/star-trek-pike.html . Very much looking forward to this.
  7. Funnily enough, it refers to yet another plant here, though it does in fact mean Fat Hen - there are a couple of pics here: https://www.gartendialog.de/fetthenne-pflege/ .
  8. Carlos could be pretty determined when it came to plants, too *sigh* - a friend gave me a gorgeous "Fette Henne" (didn't find an English name for that, it's a kind of stonecrops) for my 20th birthday and Carlos circled that plant like a shark all day. Put it away in a cupboard I thought he could neither reach nor open for the night, only to wake up and find that all that was left of it were the stringy stalks - that cat had of course found access to it and cleared off all the tender flowers and juicy leaves overnight. And no, that cat above isn't him - his human and I were together in pre-internet/pre-digicam times, so I'd have to dig up and scan an old photo. Googled Maine Coon and this guy, Finn, looks remarkably like him, though, only Carlos had amber eyes.
  9. Fun thing is, my husband and I have our wedding anniversary today (21st) and we had no idea that we exchanged rings on the day that a different one was destroyed.
  10. @Carol the Dabbler : His human tried every trick in the book, but Carlos was picky enough that he'd only eat the crunchies off the wet food. If we mixed them under, he'd stand next to the bowl and complain loudly. And yes, he also refused to touch human food - it was fun to give him a little piece of raw meat or fish; he'd toy around with it for a while, clearly torn between instincts that told him that this was good food and his finicky appetite. In the end, he always left it lying, then (stop me if you heard that one) complained loudly. Oh, one exception to the "just his crunchy dry cat food" rule - he'd eat houseplants (well, just the juicy tips but that killed them all the same). And yes, he had cat grass at his disposal, but for once he liked a little variety. Cacti were about the only plants he left in peace.
  11. I had a boyfriend in my early 20s whose cat was raised on wet food exclusively, until the day I brought home a dry food sample I'd got at the supermarket. From this day on, he flat-out refused to touch anything else ... and it's not like we didn't try, because his human (owner seems wrong in the context of cats ) was worried about him developing kidney problems. But he loved his crunchy dry food and never ate anything else again for the rest of his days. So, yeah, happens. No cat pics on hand right now, please enjoy a baby squirrel instead.
  12. eta: just in case, that's photoshopped.
  13. More of Ginny's story: https://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2014/01/shelter-dog-saves-nearly-1000-homeless-cats/
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