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  1. ORF (local equivalent to the BBC), which is involved in that production.
  2. Husband and I watched the first episode of Vienna Blood yesterday - I was skeptical at first, but it soon won me over and I ended up really liking it. Disclaimer, though, I'm not sure if it offers quite the same enjoyment for someone not from Vienna, because it's done with a lot of love and respect as well as a critical eye for the city, and there are many little details that show this but can be easily missed if you're not familiar with the place. Like, when some chars talk about the mayor off-handedly and I was, 1906, that must have been - oh dear, Lueger (an infamous anti-semite; the "Sherlock" in this, Max, is Jewish and the series deals with the rising level of antipathy he has to face quite well, imo). Anyway, it was an enjoyable episode overall and reminded me of what I loved of early-series Sherlock. Looking forward to watching the next two (there's just three episodes in this as well, though they're currently doing a second series afaik), will let you know how they compare to the pilot.
  3. If either of you wants/needs a hand, let me know. There's not much demand so I'm a bit rusty, but I tutor Latin for local kids who want or have to take it at school or college.
  4. Poor woman, Yuko Takeuchi was only 40 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-54314962
  5. Caya


    For me, it's pushing myself off the ground, I then enter "flight mode", and I can spread my arms and soar. Once I touch the ground again, it's a bit like a magnet, gravity reasserts itself and I'm back to "normal mode". But this way of dream-flying is very likely influenced by computer games , because that's the way it worked in an MMO I used to play. I remember that, in my flying dreams as a teen (when 3D computer games were little more than a dream as well), my mode of starting was much more strenuous, I'd have to jump down from some high spot, face first and arms spread wide, and shortly before I faceplanted, the wind would catch me and I'd start flying. Flying itself was pretty much the same, though, soaring with arms spread, no flapping required.
  6. Oh dear. If it helps a little, that fur is pretty sure to be faux - That Person sounds much too cheap to spring for the real deal. Maybe have someone "accidently" barf on it and claim that the dry cleaner ruined it when attempting to get that out.
  7. Feel free to scream at me as well, I've seen it too. Though I feel more like groaning, about [redacted for spoilers but really, you know who I mean]'s tendency to join forces with every villain who just happens to pass by.
  8. London city centre? More than anyone of us is ever likely to see in our lifetime.
  9. Caya


    Would be cool, huh? I read a trick in an article about lucid dreaming that I've found rather nice, namely, whenever dreaming comes up (in talk, thinking about it or, like, when reading this right now), look at your hand and count your fingers. If there are five of them (insert indivitual applicable number here) then no, you're probably not dreaming right now. If, however, you have trouble counting them or there is suddenly a different number (since you are, well, sleeping when you dream, brains apparently have trouble counting correctly then), then yes, you're dreaming. The point here is to make your brain connect the thinking-about-dreams part with the counting-fingers part, so that you do that automatically when dreaming, too, and thus might be able to realize that you're in a dream right now and enjoy a lucid dream for a little while. I've done this for a couple months now and, while it took a while to work, I've managed to make myself aware that I'm dreaming three times so far (once I had four fingers like a comic figure, once four and a half with half of the pinky missing, and once curiously enough six). Since I haven't head flying dreams for decades but used to enjoy them greatly, I cherish the chance to have those again, if only briefly.
  10. Felt kinda blue this morning and needed some cheering up. Went searching and found this, hope it brings you a little cheer too. Btw, that was his last donation because Australia prohibits them past a certain age, he's fine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Harrison_(blood_donor)
  11. @Artemis : thank you for your answer. So I keep hearing, and I am aware that "a pox on both your houses" seems to be an ingrained American trait, but your two main parties sure don't look the same from here. Yes, I know, supposed liberal media bias; so let's for now ignore the existence of Fox News and friends and have some numbers instead, though I'm open to (and happy about) any suggestion for reasonably objective (which, in itself, is open to debate, I am aware of that) comparison. Sorry in advance for the huge-ass picture, too (I left it in small display so it doesn't completely clutter this thread - you gotta click on it three times and then it becomes readable).
  12. Della the cat with her patchwork family of biological and adopted children:
  13. Trump is a classical example of Schödinger's Douchebag (link, but careful as this leads to Urban Dictionary: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Schrödinger's Douchebag ), a guy who throws out controversial statements and then claims he was only joking if they get a negative reaction. Any comments as to his handling of Covid-19 and/or the Republicans' turnaround on the death of a Supreme Court Justice in an election year, btw?
  14. Or, he might just be an awful president. Unless, for instance, you consider Forbes to be left-wing ( https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/09/20/trump-threatens-to-issue-executive-order-preventing-biden-from-being-elected-president/ ), or the Coronavirus to have a liberal bias ( https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/situation-reports/20200914-weekly-epi-update-5.pdf?sfvrsn=cf929d04_2, US numbers on page 13, Europe on 16ff ).
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