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  1. Well discounting online self-reporting polls and the like (which are, predictably, none too keen on him), a quick googling found two reasonably reliable statistics (within the parameters or reliability for statistics in general, agreed): First, there's a multi-nation survey by the German Bertelsman Stiftung, looks solid enough in method but is unfortunately from 2017. tl;dr: Poland loves him for some reason, everybody else not so much; and while the overall trend is going down, the British thought a bit less of him than the EU average and have remained more or less constant about this (approval rating in the lower 20s). Link here: https://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/fileadmin/files/BSt/Publikationen/GrauePublikationen/EZ_eupinions_Brief_Trump_englisch.pdf Second, a 2018 statistic about British perceptions on Donald Trump. Here, too, he seems to find approval with about 20% of those polled, so whatever the Brits think of him, they seem pretty set in their opinions. And if I were Teresa May, the fact that only 45% think that she's a better leader would give me pause. Link: https://www.statista.com/statistics/879835/british-perceptions-on-donald-trump/ So, no, not all British loathe Donald Trump, just 80 per cent of them, according to statistics. Still sounds like a solid majority opinion to me. Amused sidenote: those low-20s poll numbers bring to mind the old Crazification Factor theory - they put it at 27%, which is pretty close.
  2. John Cleese sums it up well, I think:
  3. Caya

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    Here in Austria, there's a certain pride involved in dialect matters (mostly because we're envious of trying to set ourselves apart from the Big Neighbour, Germany) and there are efforts to conserve local variants (the big equalizer, German TV channels and movies, have brought a marked reduction thereof over the decades, here as in Switzerland, and in Germany's Bavaria too for that matter I'd guess). Nevertheless, it's understood that German lessons are held in *standard* German, the so-called Hochsprache ("high language"), unless there's a text being discussed that's written in dialect form or something. If a student uses a non-standard expression in a test, it's usually not marked (or counted) wrong, but underlined and denoted as "dialect". So, no, it's not considered wrong per se, just for that situation (like, dunno, using the familiar mode of speech when addressing a stranger).
  4. Caya

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Yep, it means just that - in Austria, there is a rather fine-tunable system for legal guardianship, but since my aunt by that time was 89, frail and already deep enough in the throes of Alzheimer that she didn't remember her own age, let alone stuff like what meds she had been prescribed, I was appointed as her guardian in all affairs, including medical. And no, that's not a desirable position to be in - but the alternatives were worse (she could no longer care for her own affairs, there was literally no one else, and a state-appointed guardian would most likely have sent her to a nursing home instead of bothering to organize in-home care). And yes, there were ugly decisions involved - like when she was diagnosed with "most likely lung cancer, but the therapy would only kill her faster, so it's up to you whether we scare her with invasive diagnostics". That's not a sentence you like to hear, and not a decision you like to make, believe me. But I loved my aunt, and so I grit my teeth and went through the options with the docs and only cried when coming back home. She cared for me as a kid, caring for her in her old age was the least I could do.
  5. Caya

    Recently watched movies

    Why not? I for one am always happy for a chance to talk about games (preferably without the usual suspects ruining the mood, and they won't get a chance here *lovingly caresses modstick*). And we might get others interested - games are so much more these days than just shooters and free-to-play cashgrabs, but those get all the press usually.
  6. source (and taking place at): https://221b-investigates.tumblr.com/post/175481476937/tumblr-sherlocks-very-own-mark-gatiss-and-steven
  7. Caya

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Chiming in to second that - but maybe you don't need an attorney (and their billing hours). I became legal guardian for my aunt (on account of her Alzheimer's) a couple years ago, and here in Austria, there is a registered association that helps private persons with that. You can go there and ask questions, or attend a training that schools you how to handle the legal side of things (you have to submit a yearly report to the county court, for starters). Training cost 18€ cover charge, coming in to ask questions was free. Maybe there's a similar institution in the UK? From my personal experience, I'd take the step sooner if I were in the same situation again (I hesitated for months both because I'm not that good at legalese and also because it felt so, well, wrong, a reversal). But I can tell you that dealing with doctors/clerks/etc. as "I'm here for [my aunt], I'm her legal guardian" is a lot less hassle than "she's my aunt, well, actually, godmother, er ..." (we were not related by blood, not that either of us cared, and she had no kids or close relatives). It might be less problematic when you're trying to speak for your parents, but in my experience having some legal form of authority puts bureaucrats at ease - now they have a framework they're familiar with, which makes their job easier, so they make things easier for you in return.
  8. Caya

    Recently watched movies

    Modern console games can be amazing visually, yep - a friend and I started playing Detroit: Become Human last week and it's absolutely jaw-dropping aesthetically, and packs a wallop emotionally. I'm usually more of a PC gamer, but the consoles sure are gaining. eta: Trailer:
  9. Caya

    Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    If it helps, sometimes after you type them out you have to hit space *twice* or they won't snap into emoji-mode.
  10. Caya

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Dunno, are Japanese touchy about their flag? (I know a grand total of one, and since she lives in Ireland now, I can't ask her unfortunately) I don't think any Austrian would mind having our flag used in such a phrase (we don't really give a [censored] either way, generally), but as it's a horizontal red-white-red one that would require some seriously weird sleeping habits.
  11. Caya

    Introverts, how is your day?

    I kinda like the term Shark Week. Also describes aptly what it feels like. I've also heard used (for an unexpected arrival) "waking up on the Japanese flag".
  12. Hereabouts nuts in the context of ice cream usually means hazelnuts, and this is the first time I've heard of mixing peanuts with ice cream. Almonds and walnuts are occasionally offered, though. Cornettos (as in the Cornetto Trilogy) are made with hazelnuts, too.
  13. Tomatoes bind excess salt fairly well, in my experience. Not standard in butter chicken, I know, but maybe you can make it work?
  14. Still having trouble with the videos, Carol?
  15. Your wish is my command.
  16. Wouldn't you know it, I still had one of these things in the mailbox trashcan. I did a screengrab (bear in mind that this is from amazon.de and consequently German) of the mail, below the green line is the page it takes you to when you click the link (both are snipped for both size and not-wanting-my-email-spammed-to-oblivion-when-a-bot-finds-it reasons): eta: Some translations might help, I just realized. Like I said, the email's headline is, do you know the answer to the following question about [paranoia usb stick I once bought for my husband]? and in the body it asks you whether you could help this customer, laura m. (she of the questionable spelling). On the page after the link, the question is repeated, and the grey text in the "write here" box says that your answers help others know more about this product. There is, in fact, a link below the box (the blue text) that shows you all existing answers to that question, but it sure isn't prominent.
  17. (source, with short video of the transaction)
  18. Maybe they simply didn't understand that what they type would show up? Amazon's "question" format is a bit weird, you get a mail if someone posts a question to something you bought, titled, "[Username], can you answer the following question?" followed by the question and a link. Clicking the link takes you to a seperate page where you can type in the answer, as opposed to the product page itself (and while I'm griping, that prevents you from seeing whether someone has given an answer already anyway, too). So I can sorta see how people would mistake that format for a PM or similar.
  19. Caya

    Benedict Cumberbatch News

    'I had to': Actor Benedict Cumberbatch rescues cyclist from muggers
  20. Caya


    Hello Sarios and welcome to the forum! You'll feel right at home here then, find a topic you're interested in and join the fray, or just start your own.
  21. Caya

    Introverts, how is your day?

    How about a little LED light you could change the colour of? So you could match your current mood. Back to your problem, exaggerate? Like, you can't go somewhere indoors because they don't have the right airfilters and/or their doors open/close too often so waaay too much pollen-laden air gets in for your sensitive constitution, and next week is outta the question, it'll be June at least till that crazy plant stops messing with you, or something to that effect.
  22. Caya

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Dunno, is there something in bloom already round your parts that you could conceivably be allergic to? You could claim that you were up to your eyeballs in antihistamines and that's why you were so muted that evening, and that for sake of your health, you'd rather not go outside for a while unless strictly necessary, to avoid those nasty pollen. With any luck, by the time that whatever you chose stops blooming he'll have forgotten.
  23. Caya

    Technophobe needs help.

    Well there is, in Word at least: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/change-the-capitalization-or-case-of-text-1d86cf80-fbef-4380-8d6f-59a6b77db749

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