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  1. I'd kinda love, though, if everyone was searching for the Big Bad Mephisto behind Agatha and then it'd turn out, no, there's nothing there, she was the one pulling the strings all along. But I admit I have a fondness for female villains.
  2. Welp, close enough. In other WandaVision news,
  3. I don't know about the US market, but there's a German site called werstreamt.es (meaning whostreams.it) and I don't doubt there are others too, which lists movies, series etc. and tells you where to get them (streaming service and/or DVD). I find that one a lot more helpful than Prime in particular (which I practically never use to be honest, we mostly got that one for the free shipping and, oh yeah they offer some movies too I guess). Hopefully there's a similar site for your area too.
  4. Exactly - it's more like a fat stack of virtual DVDs, sorted by categories. Same's true, btw, for Netflix and Amazon Prime, only in those cases it's less neatly organized.
  5. Dunno, I signed up for Disney+ on a lark last year when it was just 50 bucks/year (shortly before Corona hit, no doubt they came to regret giving it away so cheap) and I feel like we easily had our money's worth from it. It's more than just one channel, btw, Carol - husband watches Marvel (and I occasionally join him there, like with WandaVision) and Star Wars, I love National Geographic so much, and every now and then we even watch Disney/Pixar (Soul, btw, was great). Back to WandaVision, still no Ralph in sight - you might be onto something, Artemis.
  6. Hi Kathleen and welcome to the forum! Is this in the books as well? I know that Sherlock Sherlock says it in S2E1, during the final confrontation with Irene Adler. Maybe it's in the original Scandal in Bohemia, too?
  7. Good point! And she did say to Vision that whoever knocked wasn't her doing, and I think that was a honest statement.
  8. Yeah, definitely didn't see that coming, though it makes sense in hindsight. I mean, while she's at creating her suburban fantasy, might as well go all the way.
  9. Er, aren't those ffp2/3 masks (though I think they're called N95 in the US) supposed to filter dust particles?
  10. Husband and I sure do. Had a bit of a "wtf?" reaction to the first few episodes, but it's shaping up nicely imo. And the actors are doing an amazing job.
  11. Just in case you didn't know, there are sites like https://reviewmeta.com/ that filter out spammers, review bombers and the like. I've found that site quite helpful.
  12. Me too - they're such a cute, fluffy symbol of everything hopefully getting better again now. Doesn't have to be Trump specifically, he's just the first that comes to mind right now when I think of a walking disaster. But take someone else, sure - how about Ted Cruz, or Josh Hawley maybe, who seems like a waste of perfectly fine oxygen too. Though yeah, it should be a Republican, otherwise it's too easy. Say, whoever you pick runs against an incumbent Biden in 2024. What, if anything, would it take for you to declare, screw it, I cannot support something like *that*, I'm voting against him/her even though it means voting for a (horribile dictu) Democrat?
  13. There's a whole bunch of those, plus behind the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/c/OwlKitty/videos .
  14. Carol, may I ask you a question, and I promise I'm asking this out of honest curiosity? (you're of course free to ignore me if it comes across wrong, which I'm trying my hardest not to, but politics is a dicey topic - in fact, I'd rather you ignore this than become offended ) Would there be any scenario, any at all, where you could possibly imagine yourself thinking, "Okay, that's it - this was unquestionably worse than anything any other politician in the US has ever done" ? Like, say, Trump calls in on Fox News, then proceeds to kill some small, defenseless animal on live camera in a fit of rage (yes, I know I'm reaching here, but please bear with me). Would that make you reconsider? Or would your first instinct be to tell us how sad it is that so very few politicians of all stripes put any emphasis on animal welfare? On a happier political/animal note, the White House has dogs in residence again: Major is the first ever former shelter dog to move into the place. And don't worry, in the spirit of unity, a cat will soon follow.
  15. I'm so sorry to hear that, Artemis. That decision is the worst any pet owner has to face, and it's heartbreaking. Give Cooper a hug from me, and have one yourself. And sorry for not speaking up earlier, but my parents' gentle old dog Ika is going through a bad phase too atm, so it took me a couple days (it's a bit of a raw topic right now). Why must dogs' lives be so short? It's just not fair.
  16. Some of them are quite well done, imo: And he's a good sport about it too, his store already has a "Chairman Sanders" sweater, with all proceeds going to Meels on Wheels Vermont. Honorable mention:
  17. Quite the other way round. So far, there's been zero evidence of Antifa involvement (while plenty of MAGAs have been identified, most after kindly incriminating themselves, like that shaman). Forgive me for asking for more evidence than "but they might have been there".
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