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  1. Sorry you had such a bad experience. And good on you for being an out-and-proud bisexual. As to the question above, I'm a female gamer so, yeah, that's another surefire method to meet idiots online. And just for the record, I don't think anything like this is likely to happen here (we're small, quiet and friendly, fortunately) but I do have a banstick and neither me nor any other mod is going to hesitate should anyone have the bright idea to pull a stunt like that. Everyone should feel safe and welcome on this forum.
  2. Yup, and btw they've already confirmed that there'll be a Season 6, but that will be the last one. Trailer for 5:
  3. In my opinion, she is - Sherlock flatlined. Since I don't want to lead this to threadjacking, I'll leave it at that, here at least. But please do make your own statement about her guilt or lack thereof in the correct thread, @SherLOCKED123, and I'll be happy to dive in again (as will @Carol the Dabbler, I bet ). Once more unto the breach!
  4. Hello Mrs Hudson and welcome to the forum! Trust me, we will be happy to discuss Sherlock with you. For example, Carol and I almost re-hashed the good ole' Is Mary A Murderer controversy the other day, so don't I really don't think everything is said and done here. Dive right in and we'll be happy to follow you wherever you may go.
  5. Yeah, but I feel pretty confident you do not express your feelings like this: Folks like her were what I meant by never been taught manners.
  6. Yeah, but all that grousing about "I can't get oxygen behind this mask" and whatnot ... I mean, surgeons wear those for hours at a time and have done for ages, and I agree they can be difficult to deal with, but I still rather doubt that they're all zombies because they've suffocated at some point. Worst that can happen with a mask is that you look slightly goofy and feel slightly uncomfortable. I'd take that over possibly infecting someone unwittingly any day, but apparently some people were never taught manners.
  7. Actually, about his decision to forgive his lying wife that little misstep when she killed his best friend - could've happened to anyone, really.
  8. A minister, a priest, and a rabbit walk in to donate blood. The rabbit says, "I think I might be a type-O."
  9. You weren't here yet when S3 first aired. I had some choice things to say about John then.
  10. Just stumbled over this delightful little webcomic: Ensign Sue Must Die! The whole thing can be found here: http://www.claremoseley.com/ensign-sue-must-die/ensign-sue-must-die-01/ .
  11. I may be stating the obvious, but Nicholas Meyer's books are excellent imo; for the missing years you'll want his The Canary Trainer.
  12. Like, seriously? Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to invalidate your opinion or anything like that, I'm just astonished how differently two people can experience the same thing. Because VIII, to me, was so awful that I decided I was done with Star Wars.
  13. Might be hard, considering the lack of new episodes in the foreseeable future (or ever). Also, I recognize I may be in the minority here, but I kinda like it small and cozy.
  14. TIL that there was an original Holmes villain named Moffat. https://buckythehydraslayer.tumblr.com/post/21402716577/thesoulgiver-their-names-are-biddle-hayward/amp
  15. Hello and welcome to the forum! How about 3. Holmes was suicidal anyway ? Didn't he talk, in the Final Problem, about how taking Moriarty down would be worth his life or something? (I have to admit it's been a while since I read it)
  16. Few things make me smile in politics these days, but this one got a chuckle out of me: Our German forum members can probably explain it better, but what she's holding here is a Maß, holding a liter (a bit more than two pints), which is the traditional way to drink beer, especially in Bavaria and/or at the Oktoberfest.
  17. Ooooooh, now I'm curious. Lucille is not that much better, imo, while we're at it. I mean, so the singer meets a woman who's deeply disappointed with her life (she says stuff like she quit living on dreams and she's hungry for laughter), then her husband turns up. So what does he say to her? a] "I know we've had a rough time lately, darling, but I love you and I'll promise I'll try to be a better husband - won't we give things another try, together?" b] "Our relationship may be past saving, Lucille, but please, before you leave, think of our children - they need their mother!" c] "How dare you leave when there's so much work waiting, bitch?" He of course picks c] and then continues after this promising lead-in with complaining about how much *he* is hurt by all this. I mean, I don't condone leaving four little (one presumes) children, don't get me wrong, but I sure can understand why she felt she needed to run from this gem of a man.
  18. I feel called out. However, I can't stand the allure of ranting about music, because I caught a snippet of Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town the other day, and may Kenny Rogers rest in peace but that song drives me up the [censored] wall. So the singer is a paralyzed war veteran and his wife leaves him alone in the evening (regularly, one assumes since he states he's heard the door slam a hundred times before) and, after having gussied up, goes to town (in more than one sense, he implies). He states he'd kill her for that if he could. Did it ever occur to that curmudgeonly [censored] that she's not living it up but picking up the extra the only way she can, because he's disabled and she has to care for him the rest of the day? Does he think money for food, rent and medical care grows on trees or something? What a wonderful way to show her his gratitude for all her hard work in caring for him *and* keeping the household running, by fantasizing about shooting her. tl;dr: I hate that bloody song.
  19. Okay, so there are several methods to do this, but all of them involve that you a] have the picture present on the internet somewhere else (the process is called hotlinking) and b] know its exact address. For a], that doesn't mean that *you* needed to have uploaded that pic in the first place, but it does mean that it has to be on a site that is okay with hotlinking (also, if it's not yours, check if it's under creative commons or otherwise free to use). That is generally the case with dedicated hosting platforms like imgur, and works for pictures on tumblr as well. Anywhere else, check first, or when in doubt upload a duplicate on an image hosting site yourself. For b], hosting sites sometimes provide that address of their own volition, see the following example: What you'd want here is either Direct Link or BBCode (more on that later). Generally, you get the address by right-clicking on the picture in question, then choosing (depending on browser used) something that states "copy graphics address" or similar (sorry, German browser here, I can only guess how exactly yours calls it). If you don't find something like that, choose something that sounds like "show picture" or such, then copy the address from the browser (it should now show up where you usually type in a website's address). When you have some string copied that ends in a graphics format (like .jpg or .gif), you know you've done it right. So, onward to c], actually making the thing show up here. The easiest way is just to copy the address from above into the text window here, the forum is intelligent enough to understand what you want from it. However, that'll show a shrunk version of the picture, and only clicking on it will show the full size. Depending on the pic, that might not be ideal. If you want it to be displayed full-sized, you need to use BBCode (promised that'd come up again, didn't I). Look at that pic above again and notice how there's a so-called tag in front of the address, the stuff with the brackets around it. This is forumspeak for "picture to follow", and doing the same, only with a / before the img, says "picture stops here". But again, just copying in the address works perfectly fine, so don't bother with BBCode if you don't feel like it. eta: forgot that the "Insert other media", then "Insert image from URL" route works as well. In that case, though, it's just pasting the address there instead of here.
  20. What has poor Molly ever done to you to wish Sherlock as a partner on her? (also, Team Molstrade, where are you? )
  21. Caya


    Did you try the "existing attachment" or the "from url" option? I guess it was the former, you'd have to upload something to the site first for it to show up there.
  22. I can't speak for all of us, of course, but personally, one of the reasons I keep coming back to this forum (despite having a rather mixed opinion on Sherlock post-S2) is the warm, welcoming and mature community that has sprung up here. Like you said, that's not exactly common on the internet. So this seems like a very appropriate thread to me, because sometimes you just have to pour out your heart somewhere; and with loss, your friends and family are often hit just as hard, so kind strangers over the internet can be a big help, imo. As for time healing all wounds, it sure does leave nasty scars in my experience. But the pain dulls over time, or did for me at least. Time goes on, the sun rises and sets no matter what, which is both the greatest relief and greatest cruelty of life. Anyway, have an internet hug - I still find myself thinking of you and your wife and Sasha and how you're coping with his loss, and I'm sorry to hear about Michael.
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