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  1. Since Carol said I was free to make one, here goes . So here's that cute Puppy Love Superbowl commercial again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQB7QRyF4p4 Feel free to fill this thread with all kinds of animal adorableness - your own pets are, of course, the most adorable of them all .
  2. Caya

    Rate your email service

    Gmail's spam filter was a bit overzealous to my emails at first. It never let a single genuine spam mail through, but there were a couple of legitimate business mails it falsely flagged as spam. However, it learned fast, and telling it a couple times that no, that's not spam, did the trick. As for the client, I hardly ever use the web version. I use an email client called The Bat! and I love it. Very smartly programmed, and it puts a little bat icon in the tray bar at the bottom right and whenever a mail comes in, the bat starts flapping its wings till I check. Word of warning, though, it's not free.
  3. MMA, animal edition:
  4. Caya

    Rate your email service

    Afaik, they want that cellphone number for that two-factor authentification only. As in, when you log onto your Google/Gmail-account from a new PC, they send you an SMS with a number which you then have to enter (on a modern smartphone, there's an easier version of this as well, but the old one still works afaik). The point being that no hacker can take control of your account because they'd need that code as well, even if they had your password. I cannot remember ever having received a single spam SMS, from Google or otherwise.
  5. Caya

    Rate your email service

    Same here. Yeah, I get uncomfortable when I think of how much data Google has about me, but then again the email probably didn't make much of a difference anymore at the point I signed up. And with Google you at least get, like Artemis said, an excellent free service out of it. Fast, reliable, and can take reasonably large attachments.
  6. Caya

    Where is everybody from?

    I recently saw a Tweet that I think summed it up quite well:
  7. Caya

    Hello Everybody And Welcome!

    Hello Galgatean and welcome to the forum!
  8. Well there's Crunchy Frog chocolate then. eta: Trigger warning, there's a barfing scene in there, so don't watch it if you get a queasy stomach watching something like that! (pardon the French subtitles, but this was the best version I could find at the moment)
  9. Caya

    Loss of a Beloved Pet

    Having a backyard cemetery helps at times, though - I recently found one of Basic's favourite sticks (our cellar just might be slightly untidy ) which she must have hidden when my parent's dog was visiting and then forgotten, and I put it on the place where we buried her (where she loved to lie when she was still alive). Now when I pass it I see the stick and smile, seeing her lie there in my memory. I promise, the time will come for you as well, when the smile is stronger than the pain when you think of Sasha.
  10. Caya

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    I've heard that killer whales have regional dialects, but pigeons? Fascinating!
  11. Caya

    Loss of a Beloved Pet

    Thank you for sharing your and Sasha's story with us, Douglas. I know talking about it isn't easy - it's not for me, and it's been years, how much worse must it be after a couple months. I understand that you need time to grieve till you can even think of getting another dog. You'll know when you're ready, I promise. The moment will come when there's another dog who you come across (even if it's just a picture) and they won't let go of your hearts and minds till you bring them home with you, like we did with our former Turkish street dog hellion, Lilly, who has since kept us busy. And I understand what you mean about signs. I am quite happily agnostic, but I choose to believe in the Rainbow Bridge because damn life would be way too depressing otherwise.
  12. Caya

    Loss of a Beloved Pet

    Oh dear, poor you. 15 years is impressive and I'm sure you and he had lots of love to share in all that time, but still, it is never enough, I know. Do you have pics to share or does it hurt too much yet? To answer your question, I'm sitting here typing this with tears in my eyes, and Diva passed in 2008 and Basic in 2014 so no, it never goes away completely, or at least it didn't for me. But with time, I managed to smile more as I remembered the many happy moments and the pain faded to just a dull ache. My heart goes out to you, the first few months, when you still listen automatically when you come home and wonder at first why there is no sound of paws rapidly approaching, are the worst.
  13. Looks like Tim and Banshee were indeed successful in their quest for some emergency bandwidth allocation, hooray!
  14. Caya

    Adding pics in posts.

    Quick update (sort of), Tim is aware of the problem, still trying to resolve it.
  15. Caya

    Sherlock Holmes Chess Pieces

    Hi Laura, I edited your email address in again, but as you can see I modified it a bit so you don't get spammed to high heaven. There are spiders crawling the web looking for the @ to harvest addresses, so you generally shouldn't post your email on openly accessible pages. Best of luck with your sale, the set looks gorgeous!
  16. Caya

    Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    Press "Quote" under the post in question, that'll cause the quote to appear in the window below. Then click on the window and press CTRL + A , then CTRL + C (or mark all, then right-click and choose copy). Go to the thread you want to post the quote in, click the posting box, then press CTRL + V (or right-click and choose paste). Voila!
  17. Caya

    Adding pics in posts.

    Nope, but we're still on it. Sorry for the delay.
  18. (please click for read-able size)
  19. Caya

    Adding pics in posts.

    Weird. Let me try: Yeah, that one's shrunk too. I'll let Tim know, thanks for pointing it out!
  20. I am happy to say that your mind is perfectly fine, Hikari. Carol kindly volunteered to split the thread into a discussion thread and a picture thread, since in its current form it was becoming rather unwieldy.
  21. This speaks to me (although in our household, there'd be more dog hair on the couch).
  22. Caya

    The Political Thread

    I honestly didn't know whether to pick "haha" or "sad" as the reaction gif. We need something like this, maybe, for the political thread?

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