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  1. I'm no expert, but I think that is a Purrmaid.
  2. Good comedy punches up, not down. Playfully making fun of themselves and their creation - okay, go for it. Mocking their fans and their dedication - a bit not good.
  3. Oh dear, with the new Lucifer episodes being released on May 28, I'll barely have finished those when Loki drops. Ah well, there are certainly worse problems to have.
  4. Hi Anna and welcome to the forum! I can't recall a book, just a monography on the types of tobacco ash. Quotes from both the original and the series in this handy tumblr post: https://thenorwoodbuilder.tumblr.com/post/23562703744/the-monograph-upon-243-types-of-tobacco-ash-how . I'm sure, however, that one of our more knowledgeable forum members will be along shortly and help.
  5. It's a joke, a photoshopped one. Jeff Wysaski is the guy behind "obvious plant".
  6. That pic is gorgeous. As for the deeper meaning in artistic works, though, we'll have to agree to disagree (once more ). To say that an artist always is fully aware of anything and everything they put into their work would be attributing a bit too much to their self-awareness, imo. I can't offer such a beautiful example as yours, and I never published much of anything let alone had it reviewed, but I remember one evening at the community college's writing class I took. We had been given the task of writing about an everyday object, and to use second person for the piece (our teacher always had such little challenges). I wrote something (paraphrasing, it's been like 30 years) about blue jeans and how much I loved them, how getting to wear those instead of the skirts of my little-girl time was such a game changer, how much I could do in them now, climbing, riding, sitting without crossing my legs demurely, list goes on, in the style of "when you wore them, you felt that the world was your oyster". When time was up, we read our pieces out loud, and when it was my turn, several of my fellow students stated how this was, behind all that praising blue jeans, a piece about individual freedom and self-expression. I of course protested and told them, no, I really just wanted to say how much I loved blue jeans (I still do, in fact). But on the way home it occurred to me that actually, they had sorta been right about it. When you're in the flow of creativity, you sometimes end up saying more about yourself than you ever intended or even are aware. To come back on topic, my favourite example when it comes to Moftiss is still this: These are all female chars of Mr. Moffat's creation, and mind you I found that little collection even *before* Mary Morstan, who in canon is rather unlike her Sherlock incarnation, was turned into yet another black clad femme fatale. Now it's of course perfectly possible that Mr. Moffat is of the honest opinion that it was intricate to the plot that all these roles are of this archetype, and that any potential penchant of his has nothing at all to do with that artistic decision. It just doesn't seem all that objectively likely to me.
  7. The book came first, @Carol the Dabbler ... can't say about the series (it's on my to-watch list, though) but I loved the book, too. Quite unique imo.
  8. I find it kinda curious that to some, there's just one, definite interpretation of any given work of art. Admittedly, I'm an IT gal myself, but from my time at uni I got the distinct impression that there are whole faculties devoted to literary interpretation. If only someone had told them that it's all in vain.
  9. My heart goes out to you and your pupper, Artemis. I'm so sorry for your loss. If it helps, in my experience dogs seem to understand that someone (human or dog) is not coming back once the smell fades. So I'd leave Cooper's things for now, to get that message across to Kippy. Otherwise, give him lots of love for both your sakes. Hugs from across the internet.
  10. Honestly, nope. S3 (Vow in particular) almost managed to make me forget what I loved about the show in the first place, and I've been trying my hardest to delete that season from my mind so I can enjoy S1 and S2 again. I have no reason to believe that it'd be anything but worse with S4, so really, I'm better off without having subjected myself to that imo.
  11. Personally, I watched S1 and S2 a couple times while trying to forget that anything ever came afterward (only watched S3 and Bride once, never could find the stomach for S4; Plaidder's Empty Houses is canon, as far as I'm concerned ). But I'm wishing you the best of luck for many happy rewatchings.
  12. The one you can see is a Twitter embed, the others are Imgur. That's odd - can you see anything at Imgur directly, or is the page blocked for you?
  13. I was led to believe that there is no such thing as a cat-proof barrier, given a reasonably determined cat, or is there?
  14. Is there a female equivalent to Brothers From A Different Mother? Because we're that, Artemis.
  15. Another vote for Firefly/Serenity. It's gonna rip out your heart and stomp on it, but still worth it. Same goes for Dr. Horrible, really. Plus it has catchy tunes. And Neil Patrick Harris is brilliant in this.
  16. Well they clearly needed a Brother Barktholomew of their own then.
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