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  1. There are plugins who automatically turn down all advertising cookies and such for you, though; besides, in the new Firefox, you don't even need those anymore, select two checkmarks in the preferences' Privacy tab and those popups shouldn't appear anymore. Worked for me, I wasn't even sure at first what you meant with "join" because that never showed up when I tried that site.

  2. On 2/13/2021 at 8:53 PM, Caya said:

    I don't know about the US market, but there's a German site called werstreamt.es (meaning whostreams.it) and I don't doubt there are others too, which lists movies, series etc. and tells you where to get them (streaming service and/or DVD). I find that one a lot more helpful than Prime in particular (which I practically never use to be honest, we mostly got that one for the free shipping and, oh yeah they offer some movies too I guess). Hopefully there's a similar site for your area too.

    Just stumbled over a site named https://www.justwatch.com/ that seems to offer a similar service, only internationally (iirc you were looking for something like it back then). Does this one work for you?

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  3. Funny, the German term Weißware (which means white goods) is for all household items using electricity that are "work" items, like washer, dryer, fridge, microwave, you name it. Whereas Braunware (brown goods) means electric household items that are "fun" items, like the TV, radio, consoles or whatever. Both are a bit dated though and not much in use anymore.

  4. One of those white spots is right on the couch, next to Han's elbow, which would be a rather unusual placement and also doesn't lighten up his jacket. On which there are several as well, most noticeably above the left-side pocket. Or it's washed out there, which admittedly is a realistic possibility with Han. :smile:

  5. As someone who lost her beloved dog to cancer only this March, that comparison is in very bad taste. 

    You‘re free to move on if you see no more value here. But do leave us who still do to our little corner of the web, would you? And if you stay I’d be grateful if you stopped mocking others‘ painful experiences.

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