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  1. Thank you for sharing your and Sasha's story with us, Douglas. I know talking about it isn't easy - it's not for me, and it's been years, how much worse must it be after a couple months. I understand that you need time to grieve till you can even think of getting another dog. You'll know when you're ready, I promise. The moment will come when there's another dog who you come across (even if it's just a picture) and they won't let go of your hearts and minds till you bring them home with you, like we did with our former Turkish street dog hellion, Lilly, who has since kept us busy. And I understand what you mean about signs. I am quite happily agnostic, but I choose to believe in the Rainbow Bridge because damn life would be way too depressing otherwise.
  2. Oh dear, poor you. 15 years is impressive and I'm sure you and he had lots of love to share in all that time, but still, it is never enough, I know. Do you have pics to share or does it hurt too much yet? To answer your question, I'm sitting here typing this with tears in my eyes, and Diva passed in 2008 and Basic in 2014 so no, it never goes away completely, or at least it didn't for me. But with time, I managed to smile more as I remembered the many happy moments and the pain faded to just a dull ache. My heart goes out to you, the first few months, when you still listen automatically when you come home and wonder at first why there is no sound of paws rapidly approaching, are the worst.
  3. Looks like Tim and Banshee were indeed successful in their quest for some emergency bandwidth allocation, hooray!
  4. Quick update (sort of), Tim is aware of the problem, still trying to resolve it.
  5. Hi Laura, I edited your email address in again, but as you can see I modified it a bit so you don't get spammed to high heaven. There are spiders crawling the web looking for the @ to harvest addresses, so you generally shouldn't post your email on openly accessible pages. Best of luck with your sale, the set looks gorgeous!
  6. Press "Quote" under the post in question, that'll cause the quote to appear in the window below. Then click on the window and press CTRL + A , then CTRL + C (or mark all, then right-click and choose copy). Go to the thread you want to post the quote in, click the posting box, then press CTRL + V (or right-click and choose paste). Voila!
  7. Nope, but we're still on it. Sorry for the delay.
  8. Weird. Let me try: Yeah, that one's shrunk too. I'll let Tim know, thanks for pointing it out!
  9. I am happy to say that your mind is perfectly fine, Hikari. Carol kindly volunteered to split the thread into a discussion thread and a picture thread, since in its current form it was becoming rather unwieldy.
  10. This speaks to me (although in our household, there'd be more dog hair on the couch).
  11. I honestly didn't know whether to pick "haha" or "sad" as the reaction gif. We need something like this, maybe, for the political thread?
  12. Well then, cat party is a go! Happy birthday!
  13. Hi GodNort, I may be slow today but assist with what? I'll be happy to help.
  14. Can't say about the umbrella, but the 84 years are in reference to that Titanic meme.
  15. Oh damn, poor you and poor doggo. Keeping fingers crossed that all turns out well and he just sprained something, poor boy.
  16. If it works for you, I'm happy for you. Guess we're really quite different, personality-wise, I'm more with John Green there.
  17. Yep, that one. I do understand the rationale of Sherlock trying to make light of what he couldn't face head-on, but still, when I saw it I had a serious "wut" moment. It seemed like so much wasted potential. Compare and contrast, to, say, how Plaidder (you saw that one coming, I guess ) handles the Return in Empty Houses. Sincere, yet in character, and in a private moment, without bringing bloody Mary into the mix (so not sorry for the pun ).
  18. *gg* Creators' rights is one area where I think the two of us really have to disagree, since we're been through this before a couple times. I know that's rather easy to say for an armchair artist who's never published anything but fanfic, but I still maintain that art is a collaboration between creator and audience. Maybe because I'm also coming at this from a gamer's perspective, where you are allowed to shape the story (to a lesser or greater degree) the way you like per default. That's where it gets highly theoretical in my argument above, admittedly, since I believe that without the kind of disdain Moftiss showed some of their fanbase like the Johnlockers, that kind of rabid faction would never have formed in the first place. Takes two to tango and all that. But alternate universes, alas, are the stuff of fanfic and so we'll never know.
  19. Oooof, that's gonna be a longish post, so apologies in advance, but it's tricky to talk about Lt. Pierce (the other char in that example) without massive spoilers. What could Moftiss have done differently to make shippers happy? At that point (S3/4-ish), it would've been kinda tricky, because they handled it so diffently right from the beginning. For starters, that other show's protagonist, Lucifer, is openly bisexual (well considering that angels, humans and demons are different species, more like pansexual) and nobody bats an eyelash about that (with him also openly stating that he's the former Prince of Hell, most eyelashes are kept quite busy otherwise ) or questions it. Most importantly, it's never treated as a joke the way John "I'm not gay" Watson's frequent clarifications of his orientation are, or his string of failed relationships before Mary for that matter. Fwiw, I think they did a much better job with Sherlock's "not interested, but feel free to speculate, like I would care" attitude. I don't think that whole TJLC business would've become quite that clusterF*** if they'd treated John's sexuality with a bit more respect from the beginning - if you want to bring across that your char is straight and confident in his sexuality, don't have him utter angry denials in almost every episode, and make him at least a bit competent at having a non-psycho girlfriend. Which brings me to the second char in the above example, Pierce. Who is just that, quietly and unquestioned straight, yet he and Lucifer have a quite different kind of biblical relationship (it's that kind of show). So there is a strong connection between the two of them, never shown as sexual (but leaving room for shippers to interpret it as turning into such if they so choose). The show presents a reasonably logical (hey, it's about the literal Devil taking a vacation in Los Angeles, which puts logic under a bit of strain from the get-go ) explanation for why it's the two of them who have to play that couple, and the chars themselves are at a point in the storyline where an, er, project of theirs that's rather important to Pierce looks like a massive failure. They squabble about this at their "housewarming party", leaving the assembled neighbours to think it's a lover's spat, then when Lucifer returns and presents a heartfelt apology to Pierce, complete with the offer to keep trying to solve this together, this elicits a chorus of "Awww"s from their audience, at which point Lucifer realizes that they still have a role to play and passionately locks lips with the lieutenant, to the latter's surprise. tl;dr: that scene is not treated like an off-hand joke, but carefully set up and fitting into the general storyline. So, to come back to your question, how could Moftiss have made Johnlockers happy? (and yes, I do realize that hindsight is 20/20) At the danger of repeating myself, but respect plays a big part in that answer, I think. Respecting both their chars and their fans, in this particular instance. Even assuming that S1/2 (which didn't draw nearly that amount of fire) had already happened, they could have started by, say, taking Sherlock's return (and the emotional impact it has on John) a bit more seriously - they never fully explained what happened, dropped the "is Sherlock a fraud or isn't he?" storyline like a hot potato, and that dinner scene felt so jarring to me at least. Compare and contrast to the way Sherlock and John relate to each other in the marriage episode, of all places. Again, Lucifer never showed the two characters mentioned in any kind of canonical sexual relationship (without getting into spoiler territory, but quite the opposite actually). And they didn't have to - grain-of-salt-time again as I'm not in that fandom, but I didn't get the impression that there was any kind of backlash about how things went down between them at the end of the third season. Fans are generally quite happy with AU fics if (!) given a reasonable frame to place them in. So, to answer the question at the long last: play out the Return differently, to give the connection between Sherlock and John a chance to reestablish in S3, don't close the door on Johnlock so vehemently both in-show and in interviews. I don't think anyone (well, there's always the odd one out, but you know what I mean) would have minded John marrying Mary then, and shipper fans probably would've loved a scene of, say, Sherlock pulling John into a kiss to hide both their faces from someone they were currently shadowing who'd unexpectedly turned around.
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