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  1. True, that, and I actually liked the character even before the first movie came out, but then they cast him with Alan Rickman and that sealed the deal . Fan, hm, that sounds a little to generic to my ears; I mean, sure, I'm a John fan, but I'm also a Sherlock fan, and a Lestrade fan and well, pretty much all of them, maybe except for Donovan. What I'd like to express is an equivalent of OTP except for a single character.
  2. Not at all - I'm a John fangirl (aside: is there another term for this? sounds a bit stupid at my age) myself, in case you didn't guess that from my avatar . Doesn't mean I can't appreciate tall, dark and snarky . And if I had to pick a favourite from the Hogwarts crew, it'd probably be Remus - doesn't stop me from swooning over Snape's voice (I have such a thing for English accents, especially delivered by a deep, mellow voice; if Alan Rickman, Patrick Stewart and Benedict Cumberbatch ever work together on a project, any project, I think I'll melt ).
  3. You mean beside the fact that they're both tall, dark, intelligent, have a tenuous grasp of common courtesy, don't suffer fools gladly and are played by an actor with a melodious baritone voice? Seriously, though, fandoms seem to follow certain paths in my experience; many Snape/Hermione shippers, just to pick an example, used to be Willow/Giles shippers. Snape-Sherlock correlation seemed a natural guess to me.
  4. Hello Autumn Winters and welcome to the forum ! Maybe we could do one of these google map thingies where everybody (who chooses to, of course) puts down a pin at their location so you can see if there are fellow Sherlockians near you ... not that I'm expecting a ton of fellow Austrians, but while there's life, there's hope .
  5. Oooh, HP? Given that you followed the lure of Sherlock fandom, may I venture a guess that I'm speaking to a fellow Snape fan ? Must admit I really don't know anything about Twilight, though, never been my cuppa.
  6. Hi Shapupa and . If you're in need of a new home, you've definitely come to the right place, this is truly The Last Homely House on the www frontier . And few of us were actively looking for another fandom, I think - it snuck up on us, said, "Afghanistan or Iraq?" and we were hopelessly hooked . What was that other fandom of yours that didn't go that well, if I may ask?
  7. I guess it could, given Vulcan ear size, but somehow Vulcan ears sagging with age seems a bit, don't know, undignified . Btw, there's a fairly hilarious take on the whole Pale Khan thing on ao3: Sure, My Name Is Khan,
  8. Oh, yes, and she's not barefoot, she's wearing a dark shoe that blends in with the blood. Shouldn't post before my first cup of tea .
  9. Yeah, I don't think anyone here actually took that seriously. Was more akin to discussing how come that Spock Prime's ears changed their shape ever so slightly over the years .
  10. Good point - that looks a bit like a naked foot, but who would step into a blood puddle barefoot?
  11. You should actually get one of those home theater systems then. Ours has a setting where you can just turn the speech part of the sound louder and clearer (as opposed to everything), and that is one perfect feature with all those blu-rays that have speech-deafening orchestral scores as their default sound setting.
  12. Got up early and have to leave in a couple of minutes (6:28AM here). Your difficulty scale matches my experiences pretty accurately, although listening is not quite that hard when there's some visual context - a film versus a radio play, for instance. Reading and writing is easy, because you can take as much time as you need to (thanks for the compliment, though ), That Ali G commentary does sound hilarious, temptingly so, but seeing as I had difficulty understanding Ali G as is, I think I'll pass .
  13. That was a woman, I'm afraid (just combed Aithine's screencaps for it) but wow, you had my pulse going there for a while . That's certainly a most memorable way to introduce yourself to this forum, so , Cipher!
  14. Seriously, though, I hear ya. I usually don't even watch commentaries unless they are subtitled or I *really* dig the film (and that's why I love Ariane DeVere so much) because having to concentrate on rapidly spoken English without matching visuals gives me a headache after a while.
  15. Hi Matthew and welcome ! Glad to have you around!
  16. Ha! Found the interview! Stephen Moffat says, Since he wrote the episode, I guess it wasn't a dream sequence. Doesn't make it any less weird, though.
  17. An old friend brought me this shirt from Disneyworld once: In case that's not readable, that's the grumpy dwarf saying, "I'm right, you're wrong, any questions?" I should explain that I was working as a tutor then, and it fit perfectly .
  18. Seconded. This is such a warm, welcoming, yet interesting place. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful little corner of the www.
  19. Back to Sherlock, sharing tips with his colleague ...
  20. Glad you liked it (parts of it, anyway) ! I must admit I had no idea that Jonathan Aris was in it, it's been a while since I saw it.
  21. I don't know about Britain, but here in Austria it's not really common to specify the time zone in everyday use, seeing as we only have one (therefore TV programmes start at the same time for everybody, and so on). I know the term CET (Central European Time) and that it's GMT+1, but that's mostly from setting it when I register at some international site etc.. It's really only Sommerzeit (summer time) and Winterzeit (winter time) otherwise, and I guess it's not that different in the UK.
  22. Here's a delightful interview with Martin Freeman: He's really, to quote tvtropes, the master of the Precision F-Strike .
  23. Now, now, in the endless multiverse of fiction, there are plenty of parallel personae of our favourite detective for everybody. Can I interest you in a Little Favour while tonnaree enjoys her shower?
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