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  1. Why, yes, the Vulcan salute is what the Nerdfighter sign is based upon. Done with both hands, however, and arms crossed in that particular fashion, it's usually the Nerdfighter sign, see tumblr for some examples. He sure knows the Vulcan salute, but doing it with arms crossed like that is unlikely to be chance.
  2. Oh, the Nerdfighter photo? That's a funny one , though I wonder what that was about (probably just messing with our heads again). Martin Freeman's West Staines Massif sign, well, he was in that film after all, but Benedict Cumberbatch, a Nerdfighter? Weird, though there's no doubt he is awesome, so who knows .
  3. Ah, I was just worried I'd missed some detail - maybe being a Game Of Thrones fan has made me a bit paranoid . This article in the Daily Mail has some pictures from last day's filming, too, and no spoilers as far as I could see.
  4. May I ask why? Am I missing something completely here?
  5. And this one's just adorable (no spoiler, ooc): Said to have taken place after their last scene together (till August, anyway). eta: And here's Mark and Martin.
  6. Last day of filming for S3 E2 (and some pick up for E1, it seems). Lots and lots of photos reblogged at Geny's site (spoilers, obviously). That one looked particularly interesting imho: eta: There's a handy round-up now.
  7. Hi Jeff and welcome . Glad you found your way here, we all understand adoring this show all too well .
  8. Stumbled upon this old, but sweet interview on Radio Times; if it's been posted already please delete this thread! Couldn't find anything but that'd be par for the course for me. Meet the women who love Sherlock Holmes Bonus link, from the "recent news" tab: Classic Cumberbatch! Two dozen (no, really) YouTube video links for the (quote) "terminally Cumberbatched" .
  9. Another pinterest find, click to enlarge at your own risk (of Reichenflashbacks): If I ever watch that fiendish episode again it will only be after season 3 has aired and all is well again (hopefully), and I shall need both my husband to hug me and a large comfy shock blanket .
  10. Idly wandering the web this morning, I discovered that there apparently is a Sherlockian community on pinterest as well (shouldn't come as a surprise, really). Haven't really dug in yet but already found this picture, and whoever created it (it leads to a dead tumblr link) made an excellent point, imho: (No, I don't have a flickr account yet. Yes, I will make one soon, promise)
  11. I found it too dark at times but otherwise well done. Gives you a real spatial feeling for the Enterprise that I don't think the 2D version would (haven't seen it in 2D, though). Haven't seen the IMAX 3D version (yet) either but I've heard good things about it.
  12. So *this* is where Sherrinford came from! You see, there's a pen&paper RPG called Call Of Chtulhu, and while this game is set in the prohibition-era US, there was a supplement called Chtulhu By Gaslight that looked at the horrors lurking behind the facade of the 1890s in London (I ran a group in this setting many years ago, and we had a blast). The scenario in this rulebook, The Yorkshire Horror, had your group try and help Mycroft and Sherlock clear the name of their elder brother Sherrinford, who managed the family manor and had been accused of murder. I remember liking the concept of Sherrinford a lot back then, but until now had no idea that this was part of Holmesian literature in general (as I said, not a scholar ). But then, this Sherrinford can't well have been Moriarty, he'd be busy with the manor and such. So the scenario you proposed, with an instable sibling being quietly sent away to some facility, seems more likely. Still not sure I like the idea that every brilliant person in Britain comes from the same family but it's certainly an interesting take on the Sherlock-Moriarty similarities. And yes, the Moffat-Gatiss library must be awesome .
  13. Wow, looks like you're having an amazing trip (I'm simultaneously awed and jealous ). Thanks for the great photos and tales!
  14. Not an expert either, but The handless maiden comes to mind as having an angel in a supporting role. H.C. Andersen has more of them iirc.
  15. Please do! I must admit I'm not a Holmes scholar so I've never heard of that theory. Gives off some Star Wars - everyone is related - vibes but it would make a certain amount of sense for classical Holmes; less so for BBC Sherlock, imho - Sherlock would have recognized Jim from IT, and Moriarty would not have needed Mycroft for the biography details.
  16. True. Plus, Sherlock has John. Who knows where he might have ended up without John's friendship and guiding influence. On the flip side of that coin, who knows the kind of person Moriarty might have become with a friend like John (if Sebastian exists in this incarnation, he can't have helped much). Andrew Scott remarked in the Casebook, iirc, that, while he was careful not to play up that side too much, Moriarty was a desperately lonely and unhappy person. Also, kudos to both actors for this kind of subtle mirror-play, that's an amazing achievement in and of itself.
  17. Regarding Sherlock and Moriarty, Geny reblogged this gem today: That gif-set is ... almost eerie.
  18. Incidentally, if you didn't know what that was video above was about, you should definitely watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVBjS22ppdw It's got Neil Patrick Harris at his most adorkable and vulnerable, and also Nathan Fillion gleefully hamming it up -
  19. Ha! Found a funny Sherlock non-picture (a video) that would therefore not (literally) fit into the other ("Funny Sherlock Pictures") thread and thus vindicates me starting this one . I'm not a Johnlock shipper but that was really funny, and well made, imho.
  20. I knew it, I just knew that there would be a thread somewhere - thanks, Carol (in my defense, forum search failed me, too). Ah well, off to see the funny, thanks for the link! And yes, those otters seem to be everywhere .
  21. Please excuse me if there's already a thread for this, but I couldn't find any so I started this one, because I just stumbled over this: and it was too hilarious not to share (source). Do you know any other funny pics etc. (other than the ubiquitous otters)?
  22. Hello and welcome Webley Bullpup! Maybe your old friends will find their way here, too, as season 3 draws closer (keeping fingers crossed for you).
  23. True dat. Still, breaking contract is not unheard of (and might have even made sense from a strictly financial point of view), and not every actor would have held true to his obligation when faced with such a tempting alternative. I'm glad, to put it mildly , that Mr. Freeman remained loyal to Sherlock, whatever his reason(s) - had he been less principled, it might've been over after season 1.
  24. Given that Martin Freeman is on record for having been ready (reluctantly, but determinedly) to forego The Hobbit because of Sherlock's season 2, it's probably safe to say they're pretty dedicated to the series, bless them .
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