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  1. I see what you did there (not sure how I'd feel about a Rocky Horror remake, though, even with your casting suggestion). But still, "anticipation" puzzles me a bit ... all the episodes have been broadcast already, haven't they?
  2. If you're a Gaiman fan, I suppose you're aware of Benedict Cumberbatch as the Angel Islington in the radio play (link to the thread, just in case).
  3. You and me both . I saw a "500 days since the Reichenfall" blogpost somewhere the other day - I can't imagine the pain in that kind of waiting (though I guess we'll both learn how that feels between season 3 and 4 ).
  4. Yep, calling him better than Nero is probably damning him with faint praise . And while I concur that he is a villain, he's definitely a complex one, and whether and how much of an excuse he has for what he does is a knotty question - that's why I said upthread that I would have preferred for him to end up in front of a panel of judges instead of on the rocks, again. But that kind of contemplation of thorny moral questions, while very much in the spirit of Star Trek imho, doesn't translate well to the big action screen so we're never going to see it, I guess . What I loved about this Khan is that, while he never strikes unless provoked somehow (hubby and me wondered how the scene on the bridge of the Vengeance would have played out if Kirk had not told Scotty to stun Khan as soon as they reached it), when he responds it's with such gleeful excess that you get the impression that, while he can and does control his violent nature, he just loves it when the gloves finally come off. And that's why I think that Julia Mae's and Fox's idea of having the remaining Vulcans help with the Augments' redemption (and this being Star Trek, they should get a chance at it) is so brilliant. The Vulcans know all about having an overabundance of strength and aggression and the brains to use them to devastating effect, and how to control them instead.
  5. Here you go (second-to-last post on the first page), but be warned, that forum can be a rough place (my "I disagree with what you said" further upthread, for instance, is code-speak for the kind of phrase I wouldn't even think, let alone post, anywhere else). Hey, I already told you I've only seen it once! Good point . Still, what were your first impressions?
  6. There is no such thing as a silly fangirl question . Anyhow, this should answer it:
  7. Hello Tonnaree and . Glad you found us! And don't worry, several of us are (supposed to be) way too old to go all-out fangirl over a series, and none of us let that pesky fact stop us .
  8. Speaking of genetic modifications and Trekkers, I stopped by at the gaming forum I mentioned, and re-reading the STID thread found a post I just have to share with you; it's bloody brilliant. The author posts under the handle "Dan Lawrence". And Carol, you still didn't tell us who you ended up rooting for .
  9. STID has done pretty well at the box office so far, though. Second best opening ever, even adjusted by inflation (and the fact that the first reboot grossed more can be partly chalked up to curiosity and the novelty factor, imho), and from the total grosses it looks poised to easily reach the top in time, partly due to the strong worldwide revenues. About the general public's taste, that's one depressing topic, yes, but it has always been so. I'll let Garak take it from here: And don't get me started on Trekkers/ies. There's a gaming forum where I used to be a regular for some time, and one post there about STID that stands out in my memory was the poster first proclaiming that he "wasn't a fan of this reboot", then stating that he disliked it because "a reboot was backwards-looking" while "previously Star Trek had progressed". I declined to comment on that, because really, what kind of discourse can you have with such folks? And thanks for your elaborating on genetics , I knew I could count on you. They're really working on artificial wombs right now? Mind-boggling.
  10. I don't think even three times 20 are enough for all our favourite detectives. Just for starters, I'm missing C. Auguste Dupin and Decius Metellus.
  11. Was there a similar episode on TOS? My memory is shamefully sketchy when it comes to the original series . The one I meant is apparently called The Chase - ! And I'm not sure if and when they'll actually manage flawless designer babies. Julia Mae can probably tell you a lot more about this than I, but iirc a lot of genes are linked (like white cats often being deaf) and, especially if they do use Vulcan genes, to get the strength but not the intense emotion might be a daunting task.
  12. Okay, okay, I'm retracting my statement - I'm sure the good doctor is as erudite as our own Julia Mae about bison taxonomy and just called it an antique antelope because that's such a nice alliteration .
  13. Well maybe Watson is as clueless about the finer points of ungulate anatomy as I am . The post-it that calls it an antelope was his, iirc.
  14. Gotta dash off to school now and so can't give your monograph the attention it deserves, but wow - you must have been sorry when Sherlock took down that analysis of tobacco ash . Seriously, I admire people who can pay that much attention to detail. I'm much too scatterbrained for something like that. eta: Read it now - oh my, you and Sherlock would get along fabulously . You have to write fanfiction; I want to read your having Sherlock do his analysis sooo bad right now.
  15. . And I think there was some attempt to explain all this "from different planets but can (and will) interbreed" business in TNG - a lonely progenitor race seeding the galaxy or somesuch *pleading eyes towards Carol, again*.
  16. The things you can learn on this forum - comparative bovine anatomy *g*. Thanks Mary and Julia Mae, I could have sworn I'd read somewhere that was an antelope.
  17. Hello and , Mister Owl! Glad you're here - from what I've seen of your posts so far you seem like a veritable Holmes scholar.
  18. Hello and , just_tea_thanks! Glad you found your way here.
  19. Ooooh, Horta - and thanks so much for the infos, Carol! I was hoping you'd show up here - have you seen the film by now? So indeed we know very little of who this Khan was before cryo or why they went into cryo in the first place? Intriguing, though I guess it would take a television series to ever get answers *sigh*. About the Augments (?) being human, wasn't there an Enterprise episode where some Vulcans crashed on Earth in the mid-20th century (?) and one decided to stay (my knowledge of the Enterprise series is spotty at best, I must admit)? Given what we saw of Khan fighting, that clandestine project might well have got their hands on and added some Vulcan genes to the mix.
  20. I thought that one was an antelope (don't have the casebook to check atm, though).
  21. When exactly did these two universes branch off exactly? (I'm not playing dumb, btw, I'm really not sure) As in, did history develop differently even before Nero showed up (wasn't there something about the change rippling forwards and backwards in time or am I imagining that)? There were Eugenic Wars in the 1990s in this universe, I think, but were they the same as in TOS? So you make an excellent point: we don't know that much about this Khan if these Eugenic wars were different. Something must have happened that put them into cryo, but as to what, who knows? There's also the matter of Khan's notoriety or lack thereof that was raised on another forum I frequent: as in, if he was a tyrant three centuries ago, why can he just walk down the street and nobody notices him? His photo should be in any history book and someone should recognize his likeness, even more so since he and his followers just vanished from history. As for what Spock was thinking, good question. If he thinks Khan's just defending himself, it was unnecessarily cruel to make him believe his family's dead - if he thinks Khan's a vicious bastard, it was incredibly stupid to provoke him so. PS: Your mentioning the Vulcans has given me a small but nagging urge for a fanfic, something that hasn't happened in a dozen years. I hope the two of you are happy .
  22. Hello Mary and ! Glad you found your way here, and don't worry about your German - I'm from Vienna, and everybody here has been incredibly nice about my mauling their language . Besides, wow, your English is impressive - I wish I'd even been half as good at it when I was 16. But I must admit I'm curious - why a bison skull? Is there a story behind that choice?
  23. I must admit I'm not much of a Trekker (paging Dr. Carol! ) but my understanding is that they don't have sufficient control over genetic engineering to do that, even as late as during the DS9 timeline - that's why genetic engineering was still very strictly regulated even then, forbidden except for repairing the most serious of birth defects. There was an episode about Dr. Julian Bashir, who was augmented as a kid, and iirc it ended with some admiral stating that his parents' meddling could well have produced another Khan instead of mild-mannered Julian. So while that would be an ideal solution, it seems beyond Trek-biotech capabilities.
  24. Can I nominate Kitty Riley? Seriously. All others have motives I can at least partly sympathise with (yes, even Moriarty with his lonely insanity) but she's the one villain I love to hate, which makes her a good one in my book. If she doesn't face a comeuppance of epic proportions in season 3, at least off-screen, I shall be sorely disappointed .
  25. Well, they could (and if you ask me, should) have put him on trial for the terrorist attacks - yes, he had a motive for them, but still, deciding if that justified them (and how far) should have been a proper court of law's job. But I guess since he could have told all kinds of inconvenient truths about the Federation and Section 31 and Admiral Marcus, the higher-ups decided to literally put the matter on ice. No doubt a cowardly move, for what did they gain but a postponement of the matter - all of the Augments will have to be thawed someday or it's just a different form of execution, really; but then, what to do with them? My husband and I actually debated this after leaving the theatre, and we found no real answer. Dumping them on some convenient M-class planet sounded like a good idea, but seeing how well that worked out in TOS, then again maybe not. Redeeming them sounds great, but how? Khan may have some redeemable qualities, but he's a vicious killer as well, and while he was "the best of tyrants" iirc, that still leaves him a former tyrant. Your idea of letting the Vulcans handle them might be the best solution - maybe the teachings of Surak could help the Augments control their darker impulses?
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