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  1. Ooh, I love Babylon 5 ... though the less said about Byron, the better . Watched the show religiously back then, and have them all on DVD (there was a sweet deal on local amazon for the 37-dvd collection that I just had to have, even if I rarely watch it anymore). Wonderful series, gone but most certainly not forgotten.
  2. Wow, thanks :blush2: . I thought it's kinda bland, and I've seen much better ones on the web, but I wanted to make mine own for this. And I actually do have one well-not-really-secret web identity, which I use whenever I try out something stupid and/or embarassing, like the afternoon I was bored enough to take a look at Second Life (was an interesting experience, to put it in neutral terms). But of course I proudly enlisted in Watson's War using my standard user name .
  3. Well, there are photos (spoilers, obviously) of their attire, but they aren't wearing these yet, sadly. eta: If you scroll down here(yet more spoilers) you can at least see them holding them .
  4. Ooooh, good point! That's gonna be epic.
  5. You really think he could behave himself? I don't think it's a question of if he'll start acting up but of how .
  6. Caya was the name of a pen&paper rpg char of mine, a fighter I rolled up in my late teens and kept playing all through my twenties (our group has since moved on to other worlds, but I don't think she's hung up her sword just cause I'm not around to watch her wield it anymore ). So whenever I started an RPG or MMO on the computer, her name became my default char name. Caya's raised her sword (and the odd lightsaber) against injustice in many, many worlds by now, and I figured she would hold her own among Watson's Warriors . No, seriously, it's just become my to-go name on forums because online friends tend to know me by that name. About the avatar, I tried to make a suitable one by now, but it's likely to change again - I'm not really satisfied with it, but my photo-editing skills are close to nonexistent.
  7. At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, but isn't it a bit ... early for a biography? I mean, the man's in his thirties, and, depending on how the chips fall, could well have quite the career ahead. I find the concept of a biography where so many chapters are likely to be unwritten yet a bit weird.
  8. Whoa, what a compilation ... thanks for the video, Julia Mae! Yes, that does give off definite Khan-vibes: vengeance for matters both personal and political, a leader ... Still, I'm glad they seem to have gone with a re-imagining rather then a retelling. For starters, we'll be spared those Ceti eels .
  9. Harrison does some amazing leaps and such, however, so the idea that he's an Augment isn't all that far-fetched imho. And we know (from Bashir's experiences) that Section 31 (and no one else in Star fleet has "operatives", I think) has no problems and in fact some motivation to hire those. eta: What I meant to say is that while it seems he's not Khan, he might be a spiritual successor of sorts. Or, to put it in-universe, an echo of the original timeline in this one.
  10. When the reboot came out, I was mostly glad that they didn't mess up Spock ... I was never much into Star Trek apart from DS9, but I did watch the old series as a teen and I adored Spock (but really, who didn't?). And if we all sulk enough when John Harrison isn't in ST3 maybe they'll bring him back as a clone or hologram in ST4, who knows .
  11. I'm an avid *ahem* Trekker too, so I'll be rooting for both teams myself! Oh, pardon me for the ie then , I gather some Trekkers don't like it but he never minded so I tend to forget (since it's the only one used round here). And you are certainly going to have a most interesting premiere experience .
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone . I'll try that with the signature, but Caya's fine too, really. That t-shirt idea sounds great ... but I'm not sure I'm up for it. My husband is an avid Trekkie and so at the premiere we already have the situation that we're going to root for different teams. Throw a Sherlock t-shirt into the mix and he might want to try whether they let him in with his Bat'leth .
  13. I just realized that I was supposed to introduce myself here before posting, so hello everyone! Name's Martina, I'm from Vienna, and I only recently stumbled over Sherlock (in fact, my husband pointed the series out to me, a move he no doubt regrets by now ). I am way too old to go all-fangirl on a show, not that it stops me. This place looks super interesting and friendly and I'm really glad I found you.
  14. If you listen very, very closely during that scene, there's what sounds suspiciously like a mobile being used. Or it could be my overactive imagination, of course .
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