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  1. They seem to have rather dominant genes when it comes to body shape, but not color.
  2. This video has the IMDB ratings of every GOT episode mapped to a piano keyboard, which gives you a handy overview (well, over-sound) of how the show went in just 16 seconds:
  3. Alternate suggestion: maybe consider casting actors not of the "Hollywood Type A" variant? I know, horribile dictu, but I never seem to have that kind of confusion with British productions, for instance.
  4. I showed it to a friend (who only got 14/24 but only was into the films so it makes sense) and I noticed that decucing something is *not* Tolkien is a lot easier than the other way round. Some names just didn't sound Tolkien-ish. Any of the Tolkien names could conceivably have been medications, though (I mean there was one tricyclic antidepressant called Elronon). Sidenote: The two-names situation is the same here. There's the substance name (say, Diclofenac) and the brand name (Voltaren, Deflamat and a couple generics too, I think). Advertising medications is only allowed if they're over the counter though, afaik, and far fewer are such than in the US. So you can see ads for Voltaren gel but not for the pills (but they can put ads for prescription stuff in magazines aimed at doctors, I think).
  5. You're making me feel better about my 19 already. The question is, though, why they sound so much alike. Generally medications used to be named with Latin or Greek words behind it in my experience, but apparently antidepressants follow a different pattern - maybe someone found Tolkien soothing and it developed from there?
  6. https://antidepressantsortolkien.vercel.app/ This is tougher than it looks - got only 19/24, which is a bit embarrassing considering I was really into the Silmarillion as a teen.
  7. Yeah, I'd rather put Amy as Molly too, and Bernadette as Mrs. Hudson. Either way, welcome, Bert!
  8. I'm with Dilbert there: I have three basic settings I for laundry, shirts/pants/etc., underwear/towels/etc., and kitchen towels/other stuff that needs extra heat (mind you, my washing machine has plenty more, but I generally don't bother). Every item that doesn't survive the category it falls under wasn't meant to be a part of our household anyway.
  9. Austria is one country (Hungary) removed from the Ukraine, so unless Putin really decides to go to war with the EU, we're safe here. Worried about coworkers with family closer to that horror, though. Incredibly impressed by the Ukrainians' bravery and how quickly and well their neighbors, Poland especially, reacted to the refugees streaming in. And I'm with J.P. here in that I could definitely have done without those 80s flashbacks.
  10. That's a very serious accusation, Carol, and sorry but I'd take it a lot more serious if there were, like, any evidence at all, but so far nobody seemed able to produce any. And no, just like with the alleged Antifa involvement in the Capitol attack, absence of evidence is definitely not evidence of absence.
  11. You're not whining, VBS. Have a distance hug, I'm sorry I can't drop by and give you a real one. To answer your question (as someone who's in her sixth decade now), I've made peace with the fact that I'm an introvert at some point, can't really remember when but it's been a while. Doing so is not easy, because life (and very much the media) tries to sell you that the extrovert way is the only one and that you should have tons of social connections and activities. But that [censored] is exhausting and not fun for me and most of the time, I'd much rather curl up with my dog and a book or spend an evening on the computer, occasionally grousing about the game I'm playing to my (thankfully likewise introverted) husband, who typically is so drawn into his own game he merely mumbles some words of comfort. I do have two close friends, who have been in my life for decades now and who understand that me dropping off the radar for weeks doesn't mean I don't love them any less, and I love hanging out with them every now and then (unfortunately, both are guys and while I'd love a female friend to have tea with, all those connections petered out at some point). But otherwise, it's entirely possible for a week or two to pass during which I'm not interacting with anyone face to face save my husband and what shopping and such I haven't managed to do online, and I'm fine with that. Last year, I finally landed a job I can do remotely, so I phone and vchat a lot but I don't have to go out and be social at the water cooler or whatever, and that's honestly a relief. Admittedly, it helps that I live in a rather close-knit neighborhood, by suburban standards. If I feel like chit-chatting (even I do that, once in a blue moon), all I need to do is grab Lilly and step outside. Still, I'm a loner by any measure, and my funeral likely will be a tiny affair, but so what? I've stopped being interested in popularity contests long ago and while I wish extroverts the best, I'm happy if they just leave me be and have their after work get-togethers and group shopping trips and dinner parties and all those other too-many-people-with-too-little-to-say affairs without me; it'll be more fun for everyone involved that way, trust me. Okay, I'm rambling here. tl;dr: it's your life. Live it the way that makes sense to you and not the way you feel you should. It gets less stressful once you do.
  12. Indeed, and it's rarely used as the food term, we tend to call that simply Burger. The German loan word that puzzled me most, personally, was angst, because in German Angst simply means fear, and we don't really have a proper word to translate angst, oddly enough. Stuff like schadenfreude at least means roughly the same in both languages.
  13. Not quite - the German cellphone is pronounced [ˈhɛndi] while the English adjective is pronounced [ˈhændi].
  14. Yes, of course that happens here too. Take cellphones for example - German speakers call them a "Handy" . Then regularly get confused when English speakers don't know what they're talking about.
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