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  1. It is set during Holmes's death/hiatus iirc (read that many years ago) and set in Paris (yes, think Phantom of the Opera).
  2. The Sherlock game very much relies on audio, first because there are video clips in between the puzzles and second because there are *audio* puzzles among the mix. So yeah, not for situations where you can't un-mute or use headphones. Switchcraft, uh, how to explain a match-3? There's a site for this one but it only shows up in German for me, sorry: https://wooga.helpshift.com/hc/de/35-switchcraft/faq/2910-what-is-switchcraft/ . Scroll to the second pic, that's what the game levels look like - you keep swapping two neighboring pieces to get three or more of the same color in a row or block, which makes them vanish and/or spawn a special piece. You only have a limited number of these swaps, which is where the difficulty comes into play. Mahjong is a classic tile-based game from China. Lots of versions of that one.
  3. Merged this into the general Religion thread (and in doing so messed up the title, again), just fyi. Can't add much to the topic, I'm afraid, as I'm fairly agnostic (gonna find out if there's life after death anway once my time comes, unless there isn't, in which case I won't be around anymore to notice so, why worry ).
  4. Finding a game that you like and that doesn't overdo it with ads can be a daunting task, partially due because the Play Store is so bad for sorting (I'd love something like Steam only for Android but so far came up short, alas). I'm glad that Arcadia knows more about Word Trip because I really don't. But if you're looking for time wasters (in the positive sense, as in something to play while sitting in a doc's waiting room) then here are my past and present ones: Switchcraft: This is a match-3 (colorful pieces you have to rearrange to, well, match three or more of the same color) but what kept me with this one so far is the story, about a student at a magical college (and, for once, no anime graphics to go with it). Female team behind it and I really dig their ourput, but wow is that game hard. Then again, that could admittedly be me, because this is my first ever match-3 while everybody else probably is two million levels into Candy Crush or something. Almost no ads - you can volunteer to watch up to five a day for in-game prizes but that's completely optional, and they never show up unprompted. Happy Color: That's a paint-by-numbers and rather pesky when it comes to ads, I'm afraid. Only reason I still have it on my phone is that you can play it anytime you like ... free-to-download games have a tendency to offer limited turns, games or whatever until time has passed (or, naturally, you paid for more). This one doesn't run out and you can color pics to your heart's delight (or waiting time). Sherlock: The Network: It's been a couple years, but I had lots of fun with that one. Not ideal for winding down when John Watson is talking to you as the new member of the team. Puzzles can be quite hard though (or, detecting a running theme here, I might just suck at them). First two cases were free, then you had to pay once to unlock the rest afaik and I don't remember any ads. Catan Classic: The boardgame, only against AI players and on the cellphone. No ads, pay once iirc. Had a bit of fun with it but it does not have a lot of long-term appeal, or at least not for me. Assorted Mahjongs: Haven't found one yet that doesn't annoy me so much with ads that it gets uninstalled pronto. Recommendations gratefully welcomed. Plague Inc.: That one might be a bit too dark these days, I played it pre-Covid. Basically, you need to wipe out humanity with your killer microbe. Surprisingly fun and makes you consider moving to Madagascar. Can't remember any ads, you can pay for new levels/skills or unlock them through play iirc.
  5. Question: when you say Google Play, do you mean the Play Store or the Play Pass? Those are two different beasts. Play Store is already installed on your cellphone if it's an Android (otherwise, you have its equivalent, the App Store of Apple). Looks like a multicolor Play button (mostly blue). That store is how you generally download new apps, including games, on your phone - you may or may not be able to download them elsewhere (some phones have this disabled by default). There is a f*ckton of games there to be had, a few genuinely free, most "free" (as in, they "offer" in-app purchases), some ask for money upfront. The Play Store itself doesn't run ads as such, it does however recommend games to you, which seems to be more based on who pays for that recommendation and less on your preferences (like, I'd rather put my phone through a blender than install Homescapes and yet it's a so-called personal recommendation occasionally). Many games have in-game ads, even a few of those that cost money. With some, it's part of the mechanics (as in, watch an ad, get free turns or whatever), some just swamp you with ads because they can. Are they any good? Yes of course, there are great games (it'd be sad if there weren't any among the millions out there). Right now I'm having lots of fun with one called Switchcraft, which is a match-3 with an excellent storyline (written by a female team and wow does that show), and I'm playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on and off. Finding a good game, however, can be a truly daunting task, and the Play Store is rather unhelpful there (you can't even put games or categories of games on ignore). As for installing, the Play Store is already there and you just pick and install the games you want from it. Tracking, they already do that - the setting for ad personalization is "on" by default (even though it looks like it isn't). Here are instructions how to turn that off: https://www.groovypost.com/howto/reset-your-ad-tracking-id-on-your-android-or-ios-device/ . Play Pass, which I mentioned earlier, is sort of like Netflix, just for cellphone games. You pay five bucks a month, I think, and get access to a cache of games that you would otherwise have to pay for. Never used it (I'm more of a PC gamer and the three or so games I paid for on Android, it was easier to just buy upfront) and you don't strike me as the kind of intense gamer that would get their money's worth out of it. Might use the free month to check out their games, then stop the subscription and buy those you liked, though. eta: To get you started when it comes to games: https://www.mysterytribune.com/top-6-apps-ultimate-sherlock-holmes-fan/ . I've only played the first one, which was helluva tough at times but great fun - it is set ca. S2 just before Reichenbach, and has video scenes which were filmed for the game's storyline.
  6. Hello, chongjasmine, nice to meet you! Make yourself right at home, I see you already jumped into one thread, that's the spirit.
  7. Finally, someone to gush about Vienna Blood with. We have a thread for it actually and I took the liberty of moving your post there. Anyway, yes, it's brilliant. And like half of the actors are Austrian (from "oh, that guy" to "wow, she's in that?" levels of fame) including the inspector so it's little wonder you haven't seen them before. 3rd series is confirmed btw and set to be filmed this year.
  8. Both, I guess. Used a clothesline back then, yeah, but now we have a dryer and still use softener. Not sure how many people here use dryer sheets, they are fairly unknown. First encountered them in The Sims to be honest.
  9. So I'm the only one round here who uses fabric softener? Unscented, hypoallergenic one mind you, because, yeah, don't like that clingy smell either. Back when I started doing my own laundry, I didn't use any because my boyfriend's mom advised us (which should've given me pause, really) that we could just as easily do without. Yeah, no; I found that it made t-shirts stiff and uncomfortable to wear in comparison after a while, so I started using it and have ever since.
  10. The rest of Tyrol would probably be glad to have them back (and people in South Tyrol can get Austrian passports if they so choose) but as there were unrests in the past it's a bit of a touchy topic. The EU and its open borders have helped making this less of an issue, anyway, fortunately.
  11. (no, that's not CGI, that's a nudibranch aka sea slug)
  12. Strictly Xmas, in the same way Jingle Bells is I guess. And both firs and spruces are traditional Christmas trees, it's just that firs are more sought after because they're less prickly and therefore easier to decorate.
  13. Merry Christmas to all you lovely people!
  14. Hi Antoine and welcome to the forum! As for your question, I'd honestly be surprised if baseball was even played in England during Sherlock Holmes's times (cricket, on the other hand ...). Regardless, I doubt he'd be a fan - however, he was known for his disguises, and observing a target for a case during a baseball game might have occurred to him. Can one of our British board members give an estimation of how popular baseball is there nowadays, maybe? Here in Austria, if it helps any, well let me put it like that, I was once at the finals of the Austrian softball league - which took place in a field outside of a sports complex, and besides the teams there were maybe a dozen spectators (and most for similar reasons to mine - I'd driven the umpire there since his car had broken down).
  15. I don't know how it is in Belgium (European social systems tend to be similar though), but here in Austria, the company only has to keep paying you for three days' worth of sick leave and then the health insurance takes over (same wages, just from elsewhere). So if you're sick for more than three days you always need a doctor's note because the insurance requires one. Less than that, it's left to the employer - my current place doesn't ask for one if you're sick for three days max, but I also worked at companies that asked for one when you were missing more than one day, or even for single-day absences. On the plus side, the max length of being sick is a full year (you might get sent to a health resort or similar because of a lengthy sick leave if the insurance thinks it'll help, though - then again, that's covered by said insurance as well). Also, your doctor is weird. Pissing off your patients doesn't sound like a winning strategy to me.
  16. (yes, it's real: https://petallianceorlando.org/pawgwarts/ )
  17. Stumbled over this and found it interesting: (source and links to studies and such is here: https://www.quietrev.com/6-illustrations-that-show-what-its-like-in-an-introverts-head/ )
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