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  1. Stumbled over this and found it interesting: (source and links to studies and such is here: https://www.quietrev.com/6-illustrations-that-show-what-its-like-in-an-introverts-head/ )
  2. Watched the second season over the Halloween weekend and I'm still in love with the show. They even know what to do with their female chars now. I'm still not sure if the fact that so many scenes were shot in present-day Vienna (most in the city centre, but not all - like, I pass one on the way to the dog park, here's a list if you're interested: https://www.visitingvienna.com/songsfilms/vienna-blood-locations/ ) without the need for doing much in the way of alteration except for moving the cars out of sight and covering the subway signs makes me more proud to live in a city with such a rich historical heritage or depressed that nothing ever changes round here. Ah well, a bit of both I guess. Season 3 is scheduled to be filmed in 2022.
  3. Hi BillWolf. Not sure why you're asking this here as we're not exactly a tech help site. That being said, smart TVs are basically computers and like with all computers, programs and apps can sometimes crash. Unplug your TV (not just turn it off, physically unplug it) and when you plug it back in, Netflix should work again.
  4. Vienna Blood's second season is coming up for Halloween! Really looking forward to this. Here's the link to the ORF (local TV) page: https://tv.orf.at/program/orf2/viennabloo100.html - they generally broadcast movies and series in both German and English so language shouldn't be a barrier but I'm honestly not sure if you can access the TVthek (streaming repository) from outside Austria without resorting to a VPN, you'd have to try. Meanwhile, BBC is repeating series 1 if you want to catch up: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000bhqj/episodes/guide . Was unfortunately unable to find when the second one is scheduled there.
  5. Don't think anyone here has spoken out against artistic freedom. Artists are free to create, just as their audience is free to like or dislike.
  6. To me, the plot looks like, dunno how to put it, cheap in comparison - the better camera quality they had later certainly paid off. And that shot of Sherlock against the moon is a bit tacky. Full agreement with your husband regarding "all that nonsense", though.
  7. (yes, Fat Bear Week is real and you can still vote for this year's champion if you're so inclined: https://explore.org/fat-bear-week )
  8. My Steam app is set to German, so my screenshots wouldn't help you, but fortunately I found this handy guide complete with screenshots: https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-turn-off-steam-notifications . Did that work for you?
  9. Hi Jillian, I'm not sure if anyone here but me even has Steam but I'll try my best to answer regardless. Are these pop-ups appearing during play or when you have the client running in the background? Both can in fact be disabled under Options, just in different tabs.
  10. While we're flattered that you consider switching to new hardware because of us , you might want to consider downloading Chrome on that old machine first and see if that one gives you the same trouble.
  11. Writing this from Firefox as well, so, no, it's not the browser. What plug-ins do you use, DistantView? Maybe one doesn't like TapaTalk or something.
  12. Explosions are dynamic processes, though. Could be a hot chunk of whichever substance exploded flew close by his face, fast enough not to burn skin (which would need a second of exposure iirc) but damaging his eyes. Could have been light too of course, but I have no idea if a brief flash could suffice to do permanent damage.
  13. The heat from the explosion maybe? They had one method in antiquity of blinding that involved passing a hot torch or metal plate close to the eyes, which started a very painful process that left the victim blind, but still in possession of his eyes (unlike, say, gouging).
  14. That's generally called "work spouse" and yeah, agreed. That kind of blind trust in teamwork is both hard to find and all the more cherished. Best friends needn't just be same-sex, imo. My bbf is a guy but since we've known each other since we were 11 and 13, respectively, it's more like siblings than anything else.
  15. Not at all too late, we're happy to discuss every little detail with you. Welcome to the forum! (hey, if we had tired of it we wouldn't be hanging around here anymore now would we )
  16. There, mostly, but again, we're all in agreement anyway, so there.
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