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  1. Merely saying that you don't have to convince us to bring new life into old threads, we're all for it.
  2. Again, we're all for that. We were just wondering why other places were so much against thread necromancy.
  3. In German, Miss (Fräulein) is rarely ever used anymore, and personally I'm fine with it - it's literally the diminuitive form of Frau (Ma'am), so it means "little female", as if a woman weren't a true female without a husband, and that got some ugly undertones. Of course, in Vienna, the standard way to adress pretty much any woman is "Gnä' Frau" (short for Gnädige Frau, which was how servants used to address their mistresses, and as such one of the many holdovers of imperial Vienna) anyway.
  4. Wish that were the case, Carol. Try googling "Amazon mistreating their employees" and examples from lots of places including the US will pop up; quote from this one, for example (and note that this is a business site, too):
  5. Indeed. Though having seen it only gets you so far either when it comes to getting things. https://www.twitter.com/keiidakamya/status/1412813050659414020
  6. In online games (where one would find wizards unless it's sci-fi or such) this generally refers to Team Lead(er), aka the person directing everyone's efforts. Since a cat would feel right home in that role I assumed that it referred to that.
  7. Dunno, I'm not entirely sure Lucifer is still the same show I started watching, but I was down with it overall. I liked that they dedicated episodes to chars other than the main couple to tie up loose ends (the Linda one was lovely, imo) and I absolutely lost it at that scene (not a spoiler because it only makes sense in context): How they're gonna go on now, I have zero idea (other than, hopefully, getting a certain someone out of a certain place ). But I'm still along for the ride, it's only one more season after all.
  8. Might want to install a camera trap at the location you think it's coming from, but otherwise I'm all out of ideas, sorry.
  9. The New York Times has a musical take on science: Embed seems wonky, so here's the link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/emorwee/status/1407298598103101441 and here's the article: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/22/science/moray-eels-eat-land.html .
  10. Congratulations! May it be a place for you to put down roots and feel truly at home.
  11. I'm no expert, but I think that is a Purrmaid.
  12. Good comedy punches up, not down. Playfully making fun of themselves and their creation - okay, go for it. Mocking their fans and their dedication - a bit not good.
  13. Oh dear, with the new Lucifer episodes being released on May 28, I'll barely have finished those when Loki drops. Ah well, there are certainly worse problems to have.
  14. Hi Anna and welcome to the forum! I can't recall a book, just a monography on the types of tobacco ash. Quotes from both the original and the series in this handy tumblr post: https://thenorwoodbuilder.tumblr.com/post/23562703744/the-monograph-upon-243-types-of-tobacco-ash-how . I'm sure, however, that one of our more knowledgeable forum members will be along shortly and help.
  15. It's a joke, a photoshopped one. Jeff Wysaski is the guy behind "obvious plant".
  16. That pic is gorgeous. As for the deeper meaning in artistic works, though, we'll have to agree to disagree (once more ). To say that an artist always is fully aware of anything and everything they put into their work would be attributing a bit too much to their self-awareness, imo. I can't offer such a beautiful example as yours, and I never published much of anything let alone had it reviewed, but I remember one evening at the community college's writing class I took. We had been given the task of writing about an everyday object, and to use second person for the piece (our teacher always had such little challenges). I wrote something (paraphrasing, it's been like 30 years) about blue jeans and how much I loved them, how getting to wear those instead of the skirts of my little-girl time was such a game changer, how much I could do in them now, climbing, riding, sitting without crossing my legs demurely, list goes on, in the style of "when you wore them, you felt that the world was your oyster". When time was up, we read our pieces out loud, and when it was my turn, several of my fellow students stated how this was, behind all that praising blue jeans, a piece about individual freedom and self-expression. I of course protested and told them, no, I really just wanted to say how much I loved blue jeans (I still do, in fact). But on the way home it occurred to me that actually, they had sorta been right about it. When you're in the flow of creativity, you sometimes end up saying more about yourself than you ever intended or even are aware. To come back on topic, my favourite example when it comes to Moftiss is still this: These are all female chars of Mr. Moffat's creation, and mind you I found that little collection even *before* Mary Morstan, who in canon is rather unlike her Sherlock incarnation, was turned into yet another black clad femme fatale. Now it's of course perfectly possible that Mr. Moffat is of the honest opinion that it was intricate to the plot that all these roles are of this archetype, and that any potential penchant of his has nothing at all to do with that artistic decision. It just doesn't seem all that objectively likely to me.
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