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  1. (yes, Fat Bear Week is real and you can still vote for this year's champion if you're so inclined: https://explore.org/fat-bear-week )
  2. My Steam app is set to German, so my screenshots wouldn't help you, but fortunately I found this handy guide complete with screenshots: https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-turn-off-steam-notifications . Did that work for you?
  3. Hi Jillian, I'm not sure if anyone here but me even has Steam but I'll try my best to answer regardless. Are these pop-ups appearing during play or when you have the client running in the background? Both can in fact be disabled under Options, just in different tabs.
  4. While we're flattered that you consider switching to new hardware because of us , you might want to consider downloading Chrome on that old machine first and see if that one gives you the same trouble.
  5. Writing this from Firefox as well, so, no, it's not the browser. What plug-ins do you use, DistantView? Maybe one doesn't like TapaTalk or something.
  6. Explosions are dynamic processes, though. Could be a hot chunk of whichever substance exploded flew close by his face, fast enough not to burn skin (which would need a second of exposure iirc) but damaging his eyes. Could have been light too of course, but I have no idea if a brief flash could suffice to do permanent damage.
  7. The heat from the explosion maybe? They had one method in antiquity of blinding that involved passing a hot torch or metal plate close to the eyes, which started a very painful process that left the victim blind, but still in possession of his eyes (unlike, say, gouging).
  8. That's generally called "work spouse" and yeah, agreed. That kind of blind trust in teamwork is both hard to find and all the more cherished. Best friends needn't just be same-sex, imo. My bbf is a guy but since we've known each other since we were 11 and 13, respectively, it's more like siblings than anything else.
  9. Not at all too late, we're happy to discuss every little detail with you. Welcome to the forum! (hey, if we had tired of it we wouldn't be hanging around here anymore now would we )
  10. There, mostly, but again, we're all in agreement anyway, so there.
  11. Merely saying that you don't have to convince us to bring new life into old threads, we're all for it.
  12. Again, we're all for that. We were just wondering why other places were so much against thread necromancy.
  13. In German, Miss (Fräulein) is rarely ever used anymore, and personally I'm fine with it - it's literally the diminuitive form of Frau (Ma'am), so it means "little female", as if a woman weren't a true female without a husband, and that got some ugly undertones. Of course, in Vienna, the standard way to adress pretty much any woman is "Gnä' Frau" (short for Gnädige Frau, which was how servants used to address their mistresses, and as such one of the many holdovers of imperial Vienna) anyway.
  14. Wish that were the case, Carol. Try googling "Amazon mistreating their employees" and examples from lots of places including the US will pop up; quote from this one, for example (and note that this is a business site, too):
  15. Indeed. Though having seen it only gets you so far either when it comes to getting things. https://www.twitter.com/keiidakamya/status/1412813050659414020
  16. In online games (where one would find wizards unless it's sci-fi or such) this generally refers to Team Lead(er), aka the person directing everyone's efforts. Since a cat would feel right home in that role I assumed that it referred to that.
  17. Dunno, I'm not entirely sure Lucifer is still the same show I started watching, but I was down with it overall. I liked that they dedicated episodes to chars other than the main couple to tie up loose ends (the Linda one was lovely, imo) and I absolutely lost it at that scene (not a spoiler because it only makes sense in context): How they're gonna go on now, I have zero idea (other than, hopefully, getting a certain someone out of a certain place ). But I'm still along for the ride, it's only one more season after all.
  18. Might want to install a camera trap at the location you think it's coming from, but otherwise I'm all out of ideas, sorry.
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