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    I write, occasionally. It helps me think.

    To clarify why I registered on these forums is because I've been a Holmes fan since childhood, starting when my hands first took grasp of "The Sign Of The Four" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on my fathers book shelf.

    The BBC "Sherlock" is thus far my second favorite portrayal of the sleuth and the good doctor, first being "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes."
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    A Study In Pink
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    A Scandal In Belgravia
  1. Bruce Wayne. You've forgotten Bruce Wayne. The self proclaimed word's greatest detective. And though not exactly a true detective but someone who has set out on an investigation of his own, I'd have to pick a certain Leonard Shelby from the neo-noir film Memento. His ailment makes his journey all the more memorable. For those who haven't seen Memento, I urge you to do so. Oh, and I would also have to choose FBI Agents Will Graham and Clarice Starling from the Hannibal Lecter series of books. Will Graham in particular with his absolute morbid imagination that can make anyone cringe. I do insist that those who haven't should read Red Dragon if they have nothing else to do.
  2. I'd say it's a mix of both. It tried to balance the complex mysteries while also giving the characters plenty of depth to disect. A Scandal In Belgravia is a prime example of character driven plot, focusing more Holmes. Does he have feelings for Adler? Can a man like him have feelings? Or is he the cold, calculating machine he views himself as? On the contrary, The Reichenbach Fall is an example of a story driven narrative in the BBC series. What with the intrique of Moriarty's deception and plan, but also the prospect of presenting Holmes as a fraud, even to the point that the viewer considers such things. I guess I inadvertently found why I enjoy the BBC show more. It's the perfect brew for my Sherlock elixir.
  3. As for the performences, I believe that Cumberbatch is a much better Holmes than Miller. Then again, Miller is a very different kind of Holmes, so I'm guessing this is based off my personal opinion of what Sherlock Holmes should be like.
  4. Hello, my name doesn't matter, but I go under the internet alias Mister Owl. Like you, I'm a huge Sherlock fan. I'm excited to talk and discuss things with you lot. Occasionally I write things as well. Check out my new Tumblr, if you'd like. I'll leave a link here.
  5. I like them. They aren't great, they aren't even really films that feel like Sherlock Holmes material. In the words of Roger Ebert, "The less I thought about Sherlock Holmes, the more I liked 'Sherlock Holmes.' " The films are wondrously crafted and well shot. Very well shot. Some of the best I've seen. But the film isn't enthralling, mostly because the mysteries are subpar, riddled with holes, and simple. However, Downey's (as usual) brilliant performence carries these films with such influence that they go from typical blockbusters to something more.
  6. Jeremy Brett... to this day he's still my favorite Holmes. You can tell that Cumberbatch borrows heavily from Brett's performence. Their mannerisms, way of speaking, etc... This is probably largely due to the fact that to me and others, Brett was and still is the definitive Holmes.
  7. Sherlock. Though my vote is very predicable, Sherlock is my favorite character of the show, with Watson as a close second. Trying to understand Sherlock Hoklmes is always a treat, and whenever we have a new snippet of his character, personality, or past, it helps us see a larger image of this eccentric individual.
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