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  1. Kiss, he's adorable too ^^ and so BAMF Mycroft Holmes
  2. Kiss, he is too funny to die. Irene Adler.
  3. Oh, Andrew's speech was adorable! And Ben and Matt's speech made me roll on the floor laughing out loud. Seriously, Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor <3 Steven Moffat's speech was... his chuckle at the beginning I was like: MOFFAT! You're doing this again! But hey, he was amazing. And now I need my shockblanket for the loss... No hard feelings against Dominic West, he is excellent too, but Benedict is kind of the Martin Crieff of the BAFTA's.
  4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I can read that a 100 times more. And a dutch book called: De Koning van Katoren - Jan Terlouw (translation: The King of Katoren, written by Jan Terlouw)
  5. My best friend is into an anime fandom and is a mod of a very active forum. She was so enthusiastic about forums, that I googled 'Sherlock forum' and came here
  6. Elvis Presley - Crazy Little Thing Called Love Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes Elvis is awesome. He makes my summer worthwhile.
  7. 'But.... HOW?' I think this is the only think I could manage to ask
  8. Welcome! Is Alice really your name? If so, that's awesomeeeee! I've always wanted my name to be Alice, but my parents decided an other name for me
  9. I totally agree with you. It's the same as in the film business. I don't download movies, because I want to be an actress someday. Downloading movies destroys the industry in which I'd like to work later. AND I think the feeling of the material book/film is much nicer and the quality is much better
  10. Can I just say something happy? I am one of the outsiders in school and I have the luck that I am accepted and not bullied in an extreme way. They think I'm weird because I like theatre and such stuff. I know they call me weird. But tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night I'm going to perform an epic song on beer bottles in the annual musicshow, organised by our school. I am SURE even the people in my class who call me weird will be blown away by our performance! Revenge!! muhahahahaa
  11. You're not the only one I thought that she'd tattoo 'BUT IT'S THE SOLAR SYSTEM!'
  12. Oh, please do watch the BBC version! My mom and I HAVE to see it every 3 months or so . It is really really really good and historically very correct My favs: The Boat that Rocked (HILARIOUS) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (HILARIOUSER) LOTR of course Alice in Wonderland (2010) Finding Neverland Big Fish The King's Speech Harry Potter (especially the first, the third and the last) Pirates of the Caribbean Narnia and a very special one: Komt een vrouw bij de dokter. This is a heartbreaking dutch film, but oh so beautiful. The leading actress is our dutch gem: Carice van Houten. I don't know if it's available in other countries, but I can guarantee that it's worth importing it.
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