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  1. I know people have focused a lot on Sherlock and wether he's in or out of character this episode. So I just wanted to say I absolutely loved John and what Martin Freeman did with the character during the episode. Martin is a brilliant actor and he nailed every scene. It's so touching how John tries to tell both himself and everyone else that nothing will change once he's married and yet he's aware they probably will. There were so many fantastic John-moments; the whole stagnight, Sherlocks speech and that last conversation on the dancefloor. Brilliant writing, brilliant acting. What a show!
  2. I think everybody is out of character when they're drunk... Although I think I see what you mean - it's unlike him to get drunk in the first place, right? Well, he is a human being. And this is "Sherlock versus real life", as the writers announced it would be. I really liked the game of "who am I". It continued the topic of "who and what is Sherlock Holmes, anyway?" that they began in The Empty Hearse. I'm getting the impression that during the first two seasons, we've seen Sherlock more or less through John's eyes, like we do in Doyle's stories. Watson the narrator portrays Holmes in a certain way: cold, distant, reasoning machine, indestructible, habitual winner, enigmatic etc. But Holmes keeps remarking that it's far from the truth. What if the Sherlock we meet in this season is supposed to be what the writers thought might have been the truth? speaking of the game of 'who am I?' I couldn't make out the name on Watson's forhead, it looked like m with scribbles. Maybe it was m with scribbles. Can anyone clue me in?It was Madonna :-)
  3. YES. Everything you said, above, I totally agree. I absolutely loved this episode, every single bit of it! I love how Moftiss let Sherlock evolve and grow as a person. It's so clear to me that Sherlock is trying very hard to be a good man, the good man that John always knew he was. Just brilliant. But the feels though. Oh my. This show will be the end of me. And the worst is yet to come...
  4. Thanks Carol, i'll get back to you if it doesn't work.
  5. I'm not that good with computer stuff and therefore need some help. I tried to add a pic in one of my posts and adjusted the pic to the standard size. The problem is that the pic became ridiculously small and I therefore didn't bother to post it at all. As i've seen other members posting larger pics there has to be some way to get around it. How? Please help!
  6. Well, that is not really a bad thing, is it? After all, the Danish language is much better than the Swedish Selena I'm not sure I agree, but having another Scandinavian around is rather nice tough! Carol, it's skoal in Swedish too, but it's spelled skål
  7. Thanks Caya! Just saw it and now I'm more excited then ever. Get this show on the air already!!
  8. @Carol, out of curiosity what words do you know in Swedish?
  9. Thank you! And yeah, the chemistry is what makes it one of the best shows out there. There's really not much to do besides wait I suppose. And rewatch, and discuss in forums, and obsess about
  10. Watched it again just now and man... wow. Love everything about it. Andrew Scott really does look good in a crown (and he owns Moriarty). Love how he changes his accents and how he uses his body language. He totally deserved that Bafta. And Martin Freeman just, oh my... total crush. Right now I'm happy I'm new to Sherlock. Having to wait longer that a couple of months for series 3 would have made me crazy(/-ier). I'm totally impressed by all you long-term fans, the stamina! Give us series 3 already!!
  11. Hi everyone! Another new fan here =). Was introduced to the BBC series by my sister and now I'm completely hooked. This forum seems so friendly and welcoming which I think all the mods should have cred for. I've understood that the forum gathers fans from all over the world and curious as I am I'd like to know more specifically where people are from. if there already is a thread for this then I'd love to be directed to it. And I'm from Sweden myself =)
  12. Thank you so much @Carol! Have been lurking for a while now but since this forum is very friendly it feels safe to share thoughts with you guys =)
  13. Loved John in this episode (always do), the way he just accepts all the crazy that Sherlock throws at him. Loved how Sherlock ruined Johns and Sarahs date, the shipper in me was more than happy. Agree with everyone above though, not the strongest episode by far. Especially agree with @I-Spy about Sherlock being daft in this ep. He's better than that. What also really bugged me was the scene where Sarahs life was supposed to be at stake, all she had to do was flip the chair over. Ridiculous.
  14. Love Miss Marple and Poirot. Another sleuth you forgot is kick-ass Veronica Mars, she's awesome!
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