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  1. Spoiler Free Review: Frankly I didn't like the Special especially because of story. (You read it right.) Production Design (and VFX) of Victorian Times was awesome. No question in that. Actors did great job as always. Connecting it with present was cool idea. ( but jumping from past to present looked weird a bit. Presents shots simply don't fit. ) But invariant of that The Special was "The poorest episode/Drama" in BBC sherlock + Elementary + RDJ's Movies. (for the record. BBC sherlock is my favourite adaptation) Although it adds stuff to the main story line, it surely surprised us and also amazed us with the visuals but it failed in one basic thing. Sherlock Holmes is not just about mysteries. It's about solving them. Writer are too busy creating mysteries and just simply answering some of them for the sake of it. As a great fan of Sherlock, I want to be fooled not just be in the dark. The special was more of a ploting device for season 4 which is no compliment. It may even work if the next episode in the next week. But when you take 2-3 years to return this simply doesn't work. It's just a poor way to create excitement rather than showing what Sherlock has been for three season. As a stand alone episode, it falls short. Magic it has is only because of what Season 4 can be. Not for what it is. (except the Victorian Visuals) Again Sherlock is about Charm of solving the mystery. Not The Cliff hangers or so many unanswered mysteries that writers won't answer or "don't dare" to answer (because of over hype) in any near future. This is bad storytelling (Even if you are excited about next season). Especially bad for a Stand alone.
  2. not yet. But I would like to buy magnifying glass like he use in the series.....
  3. Yes, I was looking for that. ok I will check episode threads for sure. But are there any unique threads like you suggested (one named"lateral thinking problem")?????
  4. sorry again, I think i have again asked the question in wrong way.... I want to ask "What are the best topics in this forum?"
  5. Holmes didn't forget important things, he would only forget things that were useless to him..... missing entire time period would be suspicious one to him...
  6. There are many topics on this forum. So what are your favorite one that you think everyone must follow(if active) or check out the whole thread(if it is not active). It doesn't matter if it has got 100 reply or 10000 reply....
  7. I think if holmes gets any slightest idea that we are from future, he would learn all about time travel from various books or people available at that time. By the way, Nice Idea caya. what do you think will holmes be able to guess that his memory is erased using man in black technology?... And thank you carol for tips....
  8. sorry for late reply.... I was not at home for a few days.....Anyway #b(1) It is right that wooden hen can't lay egg. So there is no question whose egg it is? That is the answer. #b(2) It is already given that there is a hen and there is a egg but "only" hen is read. So obviously egg is made of wood. So there is no question whose egg it is? I know it isn't the perfect one....But it is how it is... Try #c it is perfectly logical one.....
  9. sorry both answers are incorrect....... try reading again carefully or these are the answers.. #b(2) #c let's wait a bit..... #d Hint: Answer:
  10. discussion is different than i thought..... My idea was to travel back in time to meet Sherlock of 1900(original sherlock). Will sherlock hokmes be able to guess that we have traveled back time just my looking at us??? We have knowledge of his every case that he had solved and he would solve in his future. perhaps we don't have power like Sherlock but we have knowledge of what would happen next because we have came from future. I guess we would have even opportunity to surprise Sherlock...!!! We could pretend we are describing him just by looking at him....
  11. ohhhh.... I didn't know I got so many reply(post) in the thread. This is my first thread. I checked it 5-6 times a day for 2-3 days when i first joined sherlock forum. But there were i guess 5 posts. I thought nobody liked it (entirely). So I stopped visiting this forum. No entirely my fault. I had to wait 24 hours for approval of my every post. I was disappointed. Anyway I returned again after 2-3 month or so...
  12. (note : In the puzzle also challenge is to give answer after reading it only once. You can use pan and paper. keep it near you.) #d It is a hypothetical question. First consider a bus. Suppose this bus is going from New York to Washington DC. The Bus is Red colored. Suppose you are driving this bus and there are 10 main stop in the route. In the beginning there are 20 travelers in the bus. In the first stop, 10 leave the bus and 15 get in the bus. In the second stop, only 5 leave and noone get in. in the third one 15 leave and 6 got in. In 4,5,6,7,8,9 stop only 2 traveler get in the bus.(in each one). But between the 9 and 10 stop, Bus stops suddenly so mechanic came to repair it and get in the bus. In the 10 stop everybody get down from the bus because police have stopped them. ok now the question... What should be the name of the driver of the bus????!!! try without reading the puzzle again. Of course you can see your paper or calculation if needed.
  13. (note : this is a maths puzzle but it requires only common calculation. Challenge is to read the puzzle only once and give the answer. So read very carefully. Neglect any grammatical mistake because my English is not very good.) #c: Three friends went to have a breakfast in the restaurant. After the breakfast, waiter came and gave them the bill of $25. All the friends have only $10 note. so they gave $30 to the waiter(each gave $10). Waiter took that $30. after a moment he gave back $5 (5 coins of $1). The problem was that how to distribute these $5 in 3. So they gave $2 tip to the waiter and each one took $1. now read carefully... each friend paid $10 in the beginning but they got $1 back so they paid $9 in the end. so total $27. plus waiter had $2 as a tip. so total $29. where is $1 ???!!!
  14. awesome..... carol and janie.... your both answers are correct. Ok now additional question to #b(2) whose egg will be if the only hen in the boat is living thing(real)..............??
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