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  1. This is hard. Can't figure out one word... So... I?
  2. Well, "na zdravie" is a very important word so I would say you don't need to know more.
  3. Wow, I envy you Schlauer Fuchs. Except for Czech and Slovak (which doesn't even count as a foreign language) I can write and read and watch films in English (I'm terrified of speaking in English), know a few basic words and phrases in German and understand Polish a little and that's just because I grew up near borders with Poland.
  4. Well, since English is now the international language number one, it's quite logical that it's, as Bubu said, a must know thing. Though not all people here can speak or at least understand English, especially the old generation that had to learn Russian at school. Now we usually have two compulsory foreign languages at school, mostly English and German. So actually yes, most people here know more than one language but if we didn't we wouldn't be able to communicate with foreigners at all because very little foreigners have the patiance and time to learn our language. And I totally understand it. Why bother when there are only ten million people speaking the language.
  5. Sadly, I haven't met any Czech or Slovak people here so far, it's just the two of us now
  6. Hello Bubu and Detektive! Welcome to the forum! Yay, we have a member from Slovakia here! We're neighbours!
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