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    All things supernatural, fantasy and vampires. I'm a self confessed geek and fangirl, Read a lot, write sometimes, watch a lot of TV, aside from Sherlock (obviously) I also watch Doctor Who, Merlin, Game Of Thrones, Buffy and The Vampire Diaries amongst others. I'm a shy, yet very sociable person, love socialising and meeting new people, and I'm always open to trying new things and enjoy experiencing different places and cultures, and I hope to travel a lot during my life. I like dining out at different restaurants and when I get the chance going to the theatre and concerts, especially rock bands, and in particular Finnish rock bands. I also managed to attend a comic con for the first time recently, it was amazing and I have now developed a slight obsession and hopefully will be attending more in the near future.
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  1. I was just trying to envision what Sherlock would be like with a baby (if we get that far) and had a really bizarre thought of Sherlock as a Godfather. I really don't want anything bad to happen to Mary
  2. yes I am British and have access to iplayer. Thank you I'll give it a go
  3. I don't suppose anybody knows if these episodes are repeated at all anywhere do you? Or if you can somehow retrieve shows you delete on a sky box? I accidently deleted the episode from the TV after I had finished watching it, and I'm in a bit of trouble with my mum because she hadn't watched it yet and she refuses to watch stuff on a computer screen for some reason
  4. I'm slightly torn between absolutely loving the episode, for all the reasons mentioned in the above post, but at the same time I'm a bit disappointed by the almost lack of case work, I did really enjoy the case and the way they entwined it into the wedding was brilliant, but I just feel as though the detective work and action has taken a bit of a backseat in the last two episodes. I sort of feel like they were good episodes but they have been leading us up to a bigger, better picture, and if it were a slightly longer series I wouldn't be bothered at all, but of course there is only one episode left now, and I feel like now the reunion and wedding have been dealt with, I am finally going to get the action I've been waiting for next week only for it to end before we get the full story and then have to wait ageeeeees for the next series :/ Also for those who mention they didn't enjoy the scenes so much where Sherlock was drunk, and thought it was very OOC for him to do, did nobody notice John pouring a shot of something into Sherlock's beer in the scene before that? Sherlock had it all worked out, so that they wouldn't get drunk, but he didn't account for John spiking his drink so to speak, so therefore it was John's fault really!! Although I'm surprised Sherlock didn't taste the difference in his drink?
  5. Yes I too shall be unable to watch it tonight but I shall catch up in the morning, besides it will give me something to do and keep me busy on my day off, watch Sherlock, then spend the rest of the day and possibly best part of next week thinking about it!
  6. That is a very good question and one that has been bugging me too, and if you think about it, even before yesterdays revelations Sherlock would have had to have known Moriarty's plan in order to pre-ordain his "death" in the first place. I guess we were all so fixated on the 'How' , we never really considered the 'Why'
  7. T.o.b.y. To be honest it probably was a bible reference,but Who fans read to much into it. Or perhaps that particular name was chosen because of both references to bible and Marks Doctor Who character, and that particular episode of Doctor Who makes a lot more sense now, it was called The Lazarus Experiment and from what I remember the character of Lazarus was an old man who conducted an experiment that made him young again, and I suppose that was preventing death in a way but naturally the Experiment went wrong Is anyone else finding that last nights episode instead of answering our questions has just gave us a 1000 more and finding it slightly frustrating. I am currently at work but all I can think about is Sherlock and all the what ifs. I fear I am turning into Anderson!!
  8. Sorry T.o.b.y. I'm not sure how to quote on my phone, Mark Gatiss played a character called Lazarus in Doctor Who
  9. There was so much going on in that episode I wasn't entirely sure what to think at first. like most of you overall I loved it but there was one or two bits that disappointed myself, mainly for me not getting the proper explanation for 'the fall' and I really hope that we will get one at some point and the part on the train when Sherlock played a joke on John, irked me a bit. I was intially disappointed by how Sherlock was going about his reunion with John, but then I realised the insensitive nature of it all with Sherlock thinking he could just waltz back into John's life was just so "Sherlock" and I thought John's reactions were fantastic, he reacted exactly as I had hoped they would do it, but then on the train I knew that Sherlock would have a way out in the end, he always does but I really genuinely thought that there was a "moment" between him and John and this was almost like the real reunion and Sherlock could finally show a bit of emotion and humanity now it was just the two of them, and then he burst into laughter and completely killed the "moment" however even though it was a bit cruel of Sherlock a part of me still believes or hopes that despite once again Sherlock's insensitive nature he was being genuine and sincere in his apology to John and asking for forgiveness, I think John's friendship and support means more to him than anyone else and he needed to hear John say he it by any means. I really like Mary as a character, or did I was intially wondering if and how she would fit into the Holmes and Watson dynamic (I haven't read the books) and I felt that she did and Mary worked well as a character and that she got on and worked well with Sherlock and I just really warmed to her but now I've seen the "Liar" part on the picture I'm slightly suspicious, and I really hope that Mary won't turn out to be a villain or anything bad happens with her character. I loved the moment with Sherlock and Molly, about time he appreciated that girl. I loved that we got to see quite a lot of Mycroft and the 'deduction off' with Sherlock, one of my favourite parts of the episode. The whole Anderson "We believe in Sherlock" club and the various theories probably was poking fun a bit, but I found it very tongue in cheek and quite amusing although I agree there was a large proportion of the episode taken up by this which could have been lessened and maybe more important parts elaborated a bit more. Mrs Hudson's reaction to Sherlock has got to be my favourite though, she is brilliant! Thank you for the trailer, I totally managed to miss that! Seems like poor John can't even get married in peace, at least we don't have to wait so long for this episode.
  10. Finally got around to watching it very late last night after a busy day with the family!! basically ditto everything that sherlockandjohn said, I love it, as usual for Sherlock it was cleverly done but with humour and emotion too. The perfect little treat for Christmas day that sets you up nicely for the start of the new series. Roll on New Year
  11. Merry Christmas to one and all!! hope you are all having a great time whatever it is you may be doing. Santa brought me a Sherlock calendar by the way, he knows me so well
  12. I don't have a link sorry, but apparently the BBC have confirmed those two Sunday dates as the air dates for episodes 2 and 3. So series 3, two years of waiting and It'll be over in less than two weeks from series start to finish, as much as I really want to watch it, I kind of wish with it being such a short series they would drag it out a bit more :/
  13. https://twitter.com/Markgatiss/status/406357930083360768 I saw the air date on twitter from none other than Mark Gatiss himself and if Mycroft says its happening on New Years Day then it's officially official
  14. We're looking at some time within the next 4 weeks then basically? the TV schedules for the Christmas period in the UK should start being released once we get into December so we shouldn't have to wait much longer for an official air date. I've been looking forward to the third series so much, not long now #sherlocklives
  15. One of my favourite voices is also Christopher Lee, I found a recitation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven by him on youtube at Halloween, it was perfect! I also find John Hurt and Vincent Price's voices pretty iconic too. As for voices that make me go weak at the knees I also am a huge fan of Anthony Head both as an actor, a singer and a person, he is a great and lovely man My favourite male voice though has got to be Ville Valo who as Liselle mentioned is a singer. I adore both his speaking and singing voice but when he sings really low and growly, it makes me want to melt, and he has a great laugh too, then again so does Anthony Head
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