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  1. But what if she then goes and gets me another one? I read an article a while ago that said "faux" fur is actually often real because that's cheaper than synthetic material. Since then, I boycott all fur no matter what the label says. I also don't like the look of it. Like, not at all.
  2. So... I just got back from a work trip, was gone all weekend. And what do I find when I come home? That a family member who shall remain nameless has, unasked and unprompted, bought me a hideous coat with hideous (hopefully faux!) fur. Or rather bought it on my behalf, because she expects me to pay her back for this... thing... That I wouldn't even want as a gift. And it can't be returned because it was on sale. Which is why she got it, it was "such a great bargain". I am speechless. All I can hope for is that global warming will give me enough excuses to never wear it.
  3. That's the simple and sane way of explaining it... The Carol way!
  4. That's true. It's hard to explain. Usually, I have a very low tolerance for violence, on and off screen alike. Shows like Game of Thrones are way outside my comfort zone for example. I even have to look away during some superhero movie fights. What I couldn't stand on Sherlock was the beginning of The Empty Hearse. Ugh, I always skip that torture scene when I'm rewatching. And I cannot forgive Mycroft for his smug enjoyment of it either. That. to me, was way worse than John lashing out, because John just lost it while Mycroft was totally in control of both the situation and his own emotions (or rather lack thereof). What I do enjoy however, in fiction and fiction only, are complicated, messed up and often unhealthy relationships. Harely and Joker, like I said, for example. Or Jamie and Cercei Lannister, to list another extreme. Irene Adler and Sherlock. But not just in a romantic sense. It also applies to fictional friendships and families. Half my movie collection is "dysfunctional family drama" or "disturbed teenagers doing disturbing shit". Don't ask me why. It just seems to be the way my brain is wired.
  5. Yes, I think he does / did look up to John that way. Which made it even harder for John when he found himself thinking, feeling and behaving differently. Imho, series 4 has many faults but what I love it for is the message that a person's worth and worthiness of love (in whatever form) doesn't / shouldn't all come from their abilities or achievements. Sherlock isn't only lovable because he's brilliant and John isn't only lovable because he's honorable. They have intrinsic value just as people and they learn to like each other just as people even if they're sometimes stupid or mean, as people are wont to be sometimes. I'm not saying there aren't limits and we should IRL forgive anything and everything all the time and stay friends with people who hurt us. If for you what John did crosses a line, even in fiction, that's really fine and understandable. For me, Sherlock's suicide charade, the two year absence and completely inappropriate behavior upon returning was already so appalling that I believe if they were real people, John shouldn't ever have let him into his life again. However, I can tolerate a lot more unhealthy shit on TV than IRL (and really like it there too to be quite honest), so in this case, I think it makes sense that John would have an extreme reaction sooner or later. And I'm not surprised it took the form of violence. Or that he was about to cut ties completely, even if it meant leaving Sherlock to die. It's unrealistic that their friendship can mend from all this incredible mess but what else is fiction for if not to make the impossible possible? I got the impression that Sherlock kind of knew that John needed to get a lot of anger and resentment out of his system and he kind of volunteered to be the punching bag. Maybe that was even his way of dealing with his own guilt. It's not exactly a strategy that I would recommend to actual living people but in this case - yeah, ok. Pass me the popcorn and the tissues. (Just for perspective, I am a person who enjoys the relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker too so... I'm clearly a bit messed up. But I swear I have wayyyy different standards for people IRL and I do think I can see real abuse and don't romanticise it. I had the good luck to grow up in a pretty happy home, have pretty decent friends and marry a very decent man, so I guess I can afford to enjoy F***ed up fiction. I'm aware that not everyone can or wants to and that's very understandable and ok!)
  6. A God...? Seriously, I think what he means is that he was raised to believe that he, as a Holmes, was inherently special and above us "ordinary mortals". Considering the frankly superhuman abilities of his siblings, that's understandable to a degree. But it led to him isolating himself and trying to adhere to unattainable standards that didn't allow for typical "human" mistakes and weaknesses. And because he liked John so much, he put him on a pedestal as well, not for his mental abilities obviously but for his character. Because a Holmes can't have "ordinary" friends of course. If he lets someone in like that, the person has to be part of the special club as well. And then John got trapped by expectations too (not just Sherlock's, also his own and Mary's), and when he did stuff that wasn't so great and good and upright or felt resentful, selfish, whatever, he fell into an existential crisis. I think what Sherlock is saying with that "even you" statement is, John, I have come to realize that it's actually ok to mess up like a normal human being once in a while and you know what, I still like you, just for yourself. And it's ok to not be ok and I'm not ok either. Something like that. I love that scene at the end of The Lying Detective.
  7. There was lots of uncertainty concerning face masks here in Germany as well, but I must say I think it was communicated better to the general public because neither politicians nor experts claimed to have any certainty that didn't (and, tbh, doesn't) exist. Instead, they went from "based on current information, face masks are probably not useful for the general public" to "based on newer information and experiences in other countries, we have changed our minds and are now recommending the use of face masks on public transportation and inside closed spaces". It seems to me that there's more transparency over here. Other Germans would probably disagree, there have been protests against masks and other restrictions and a portion of the population definitely believes there's some kind of conspiracy going on, but they're a minority and overall, I don't get the impression that the pandemic is quite as politicized over here as in the US, for example.
  8. It seems to me though that DT is unfortunately way worse than just a run of the mill "rubbish politician". Extreme individuals and parties like that cause great harm to our democratic systems imho because they're so polarizing that most of the nuance gets lost. It's no longer "hm, which of these options best represents my interests?" but "F***, must avoid getting THIS government (again) at all costs!" The danger is, to me, that all moderate positions from left to right get lumped together as one big "not extreme" block.
  9. T.o.b.y

    Hi !

    Welcome! It's so cool to see new people still coming to join the madness.
  10. Perhaps the person writing that article didn't know the gender of the unconscious person?
  11. I can't explain why but some people just seem to have more trouble with the concept of left and right than others. Until well into my teens (and even as an adult if I was super tired), I relied on a little scar on my left hand to be sure about which side is which. I still hear my mother saying to me as a little girl: "left is where you had the burn, dear."
  12. Who wouldn't be? Molly is incredibly lovable.
  13. Well, Irene is the official love interest from the original Sherlock Holmes stories so in that sense it's true. In BBC Sherlock I think it makes sense that Irene is the closest thing to a love interest that Sherlock will ever have because I just can't picture him settling down into a regular relationship with anyone. It just seems so out of character for me. I can't quite imagine him sleeping with Irene either when they meet, my head canon is they just play some insanely dangerous cat and mouse game with vaguely sexual elements and then each go their own way until the next year or so. He's clearly very attracted to her but I can't imagine Sherlock Holmes making time for a basic shag in some hotel room. That would be way too ordinary for either of them. As for Molly, I love Molly and I love her friendship with Sherlock but when it comes to romantic relationships, I think she deserves more than what I think he could give. The only person I emotially "ship" Sherlock with is John but I don't give a damn if they go to bed (personally don't believe they do or want to but still understand why other fans see this differently...). I am probably the rare person who is perfectly happy with the way things are at the end of the series! 😄
  14. I hadn't watched any Sherlock episodes in months and then I recently saw this one and my god. I had forgotten just how much I love it. Even Ghost Mary bothered me less than I had remembered. Still am convinced that Eurus was being honest when she had "Faith" say Sherlock was nicer than she had expected. Eurus seems to have a soft spot for Sherlock, doesn't she. I wonder whether she initially took along the gun with the idea of maybe shooting him on the spot or actually killing herself or both but then she decided no, little brother is fun to play with, I'll go through with the Sherrinford plan. Sherlock undulating between completely messed up and brilliant is so wonderful to watch. Also, I really really do not mind badass Mrs Hudson. It suits her imho.
  15. Carol, I suspect you tend to assume that most people are reasonable and sane like you. I would like to think the same and I usually try to stick to this approach as well but over the last few years, I have had to learn (reluctantly) that there comes a point where I have to draw the line. And what to do about those who try to replace knowledge with belief? Like "but I believe the earth is flat and I have a right to that belief". Um, yeah, sure you do, go right ahead, but don't expect me to dignify this belief with a serious discussion. I'm perfectly willing to discuss evidence and data and sources and probabilities, but just "I believe" - what am I supposed to do with that?
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