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  1. T.o.b.y

    The Johnlock Conspiracy

    Like me finding their show really funny. I think my sense of humor is developmentally challenged in a similar way...
  2. T.o.b.y

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Awwww, that is so sweet! Poor little Carol, I am glad your mother realized what was up.
  3. T.o.b.y

    The Johnlock Conspiracy

    I am having trouble managing quotes with the new forum software, which is whymy replies are in the quote box above and there's an empty one below. In all, I wonder why, if people have such an active imagination, time and talent for writing, they don't just go and write fix-it fanfics to suit their preferred ending. But I guess they have their reasons. I am not hoping for a S5 and if they make one, I am not even sure if I would watch it. I like Sherlock as a finished product and I am not as disappointed by S4 as many other people seem to be.
  4. T.o.b.y

    Introverts, how is your day?

    You need to celebrate Dec 6th as St Nicholas Day. Which is what we do in Germany. Santa comes during the night of Dec 5th/6th in this country and if you were good and cleaned your shoes, he fills them with the kind of little gifties and / or treats that you would put in an American Christmas stocking. On the 24th, he either comes again, now called "Weihnachtsmann" (literally "Christmas Man" and most people don't realize that it's the same person as St Nicholas), or the "Christkind" visits your home while the kids are outside or at church (I think it's sort of a manifestation of baby Jesus so most families don't do a physical representation like with Santa), or you just get gifts from your friends and relatives. This was my first year being St Nicholas ("der Nikolaus" in German) for my kid and it felt like a great honor. But my mom visited us yesterday and on her way out must have done her own thing because when I went to fill the little shoes before my offspring woke up, I found that my boots were stuffed already. Or St N. is real. You decide what you want to believe.
  5. T.o.b.y

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Whassup? My glasses broke, getting new ones will break the bank right before Christmas, I have a permanent headache because my spare pair is horrible, my winter coat is at the tailor's and he doesn't know if he can fix it. But I have a new job that I am loving so far and my shoes were full of chocolate this morning. So all in all, I can't complain.
  6. T.o.b.y

    The Johnlock Conspiracy

    Welcome back! Thanks for giving this thread a bit of CPR. There is plenty here that I would love to discuss further. Just wait until I am home and have access to a real computer, quoting on my phone is a bother... Btw, if you want to rant about S4, go ahead. I doubt anybody would mind. I like the final season just fine personally but would have a hard time defending it to critics.
  7. T.o.b.y

    The Johnlock Conspiracy

    This is my experience exactly. I scoffed at the idea until S3 aired and then, watching it, I went "Oooooh. I think I get it now." I am not sure whether the creators got it, though. They seemed even more bemused than ever about the ship and the intensity with which some fans pursued it. I sometimes feel like I am the only person left who just really likes the show and the relationship as it is. I appreciate what I perceive as romance but feel no desire to see it go anywhere it hasn't been yet. And for me, S4 brought a lovely resolution and a satisfying ending. I have a few bones to pick with the plot and with Eurus, but am perfectly happy with Sherlock's character development and how the relationship between him and John turned out. Those were the things that mattered the most to me. Oh gosh, I so wish I had the time to go and do a Sherlock marathon. I miss him so much. But these days, I am lucky if I can watch a ten minute YouTube video.
  8. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I don't have siblings but I do see a lot of my parents in myself. Mostly my father, although when I was in school, the teachers would comment on how many similarities they saw between me and my mom, whom they had way more contact with. I remember that when I was a kid and I had problems, it seemed like my father would just intuitively understand them even though we never spoke much about serious topics and he is not emotionally expressive (to put it mildly), whereas with my mother, if often seemed like I was talking to a wall. I would become so frustrated because she just would not get it. My dad and I are definitely from the same planet. But diplomatic relations between me and my mother are excellent these days; we resolved most of our conflict after I moved out and now I think we celebrate our differences.
  9. Yes, that's my problem with the idea of karma as well, that I see plenty of people who suffer despite never having done anything to deserve it (and there is some suffering that nobody deserves, imo, no matter their actions). I think it would be awful if I had to assume, because of a belief that I have, that they must have done something wrong whereas they're just really unlucky.
  10. Where do I sign the petition?
  11. T.o.b.y

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Where I live, this is considered polite. I am sure that I have offended countless strangers by not acknowledging their presence in passing. But I am such a daydreamer, most of the time, I am not really aware of my surroundings.
  12. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    And I like it way too much. That's why I I stay away from it all. I am happy for people who can drink responsibly but not willing to try and see if I am one of them.
  13. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I like the taste of wine and beer but I don't drink any alcohol either because there's a strong tendency towards alcoholism on both sides of my family and I would rather not take any risks. (How do I know about the taste? My dad let me try his drinks when I was a teenager)
  14. T.o.b.y

    Funny Non-Sherlock Pictures


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