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  1. I'd say yes, definitely. In almost all European countries. What do the other Europeans around here think?
  2. As far as I understood, the idea is to prevent him from running for office again. As for the majority, it seems unlikely to me too but who knows. We'll see... Even if the whole thing goes through, I am far from optimistic though. First of all, like Arcadia pointed out earlier, there's still nothing stopping him from influencing public opinion and future political movements through social and other media, and besides, even if he disappeared completely, the people who gave him power in the first place wouldn't. As for the loss of compromise and nuanced discussion, imho that became next to impossible when people stopped agreeing on basic facts and began to live in at least two completely separate realities. You need some kind of common ground after all. Also, the extreme ends of the spectrum seem to be getting louder and louder and I think we all have a point beyond which we aren't willing to go.
  3. My personal unqualified impression is that Trump and his presidency are mostly symptoms of much greater and deeper-rooted problems than causes of such. So unfortunately, even if he retired from politics and the public life completely, the people who gave him power will simply find the next leader to follow and the next movement to join.
  4. Oh Lord... I'm late to the, um, can you even call this a party? But whatever. I just read that article and it seemed to me as if the author never really watched Sherlock. First of all, BBC Sherlock certainly does not let the main character's attitude go "unchallenged", in fact, a massive point is made of him being a huge dick and as the story progresses, the disadvantages of that and the effects on himself as well as literally everyone else he cares for become more and more apparent until in the end, it's the stereotypically "feminine" values that Sherlock learns to embrace like love and compassion and making room for feelings in general that win the day, not Mycroft's "iceman" brain-cult. Secondly, "masculinity" is about the last word I would associate with this particular portrayal. I always feel as if the show would work just as well if the main character was female. This Sherlock comes across as very androgynous to me, that's one reason why I find him appealing I guess.
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/WDR8gkHpZsLrPJuk6 Too bad that the forum won't show the gif directly, but that's exactly my mood right now... 😅
  6. After months of no movies at all, I finally saw "The Nightmare before Christmas". For the first time. Can't believe I missed that one until now, it has everything I love - melancholy, musical, weirdness, animation, Christmas, freaks and outcasts, humor and the Tim Burton aesthetic. 10/10 for me. Seriously. Especially right now.
  7. Sure - trecking / outdoor pants and polo shirts. Tucked in. With hiking boots. I'd look as if I was about to explore the wilderness, redo my garden - or go to work! It just wouldn't be the same thing... Wouldn't have the same effect. I've tried actually to buy more pants and skirts with a natural to high waistline and tuck tops in but the result was awkward, I looked as if I thought I was 50 years older than I am. It's probably not the clothes anyway but me. I'm a different person at work and she's just a lot more calm and secure... And I think I feel like there's a constant expectation for me to be pretty, (that I'm constantly disappointing) just because I'm female, unless I'm at work where suddenly nobody cares about my looks at all, myself included. (I do wish fashion had a solution for women's clothing that allowed for more pockets though... I love, love, love all the pockets on my work pants, they hold all my stuff and keep it just where my hands fall naturally. It's so convenient!)
  8. I'm working today... And you know what, I really don't mind. I like my job, I'm glad I have a job, and I was just thinking as I passed a mirror that no other clothes make me feel as comfortable and just plain "right" as my work uniform. In my private life I have a bagillion body image issues and constantly tug and pull at my clothes but at work, everything fits, functions and makes me look like a responsible adult. It's just like Molly Hooper always looking a little frumpy and awkward in her outfits (which I nonetheless love and would for the most part wear), but competent and put together in her lab coat. Sometimes, I wish Molly had her own show. It would have to revolve around pathology of course. I would binge watch it!
  9. I do think the fact that sex or sexual desire is not part of a relationship should not lessen the value of that connection or make anyone take it less seriously. But the opposite is true as well, imho. I don't consider anyone's love less beautiful just because they also want to bang the person they're in love with. With Sherlock and Irene, my personal impression is that they do have a lot of sexual tension but I can't really imagine them meeting up just to have sex, I think they'd both find that way too boring. My headcanon is that they have a standing affair where they play intricate, dangerous games with more or less overt sexual undertones but hardly ever touch each other. As for John, there's zero evidence on screen for me that he's into Sherlock sexually and I take his word for it that he's not gay. And I still see his and Sherlock's as a love story and one of my favorite love stories too. If some fans think it would be a better story if the boys went to bed with each other, that's fine with me, and I feel sorry for them that they were perhaps disappointed. But just for myself, I'm perfectly happy with the way things turned out.
  10. I think it's really rude to ask people why they do or don't want / have kids, a partner, etc. The if questions are ok imho, that's just smalltalk, but why is no one's business. In my experience, there's no pleasing certain people either. If you have a partner, then why aren't you married. If you're married, then why don't you have kids. If you have kids then why don't you have more kids and if you have more kids then why do you have so many kids. Etc etc etc. As for heteronormativity, since heterosexual relationships are statistically the majority, I personally think it's acceptable to assume that as the default but when dealing with strangers, I usually try to stick to neutral phrasing like "are you in a relationship or are you single?" etc so that people don't assume I would respond badly to any answer outside the statistical "norm". Funnily enough, the one time I wasn't careful last month and just spouted something about "your wife" to a guy, I got a sour smile and "my husband!" back, so... 😅
  11. This is the book I read: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darkly_Dreaming_Dexter According to the article, the first season of the TV series was based on it. I got it from the library while I was at university, mainly because it was one of the few English books available there that I didn't know yet and weren't trite romance novels.
  12. I read the first book (are those based on the series or is the series an adaptation of the books Btw?), and while I found the premise interesting, it soon got too gory for me. Wouldn't read it again and wouldn't continue the series but I also don't regret those reading hours.
  13. I see a lot of of faux fur (well, supposedly faux) but the only real fur on clothes I've ever seen was in museums or my grandparents' closets from like the fifties or older. With very few exceptions, I dislike the look of it. Even if I can be 100% sure it's fake, I refuse to wear it. It's just not my style. I used to think that there was some kind of moral consensus that wearing real fur is wrong these days but so many things seem to be acceptable again (see: politics...) that it's no surprise to me that I was wrong there as well.
  14. So... How's everybody doing during this madness?
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