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  1. Thanks! Actually, they do show it. What I hear most often is "aren't you afraid?" No, tbh, I am not. Concerned, worried, tense, yes. But not scared. If I catch the virus, it's very very likely that I won't become severely ill. The same for my husband and son and we're keeping everyone else at a distance. My greatest fear is passing it on to a friend patient unknowingly. But right now, we still have plenty of disinfectant and masks, gloves etc and medical staff are always eligible for testing so I hope that can be prevented. We'll be alright.
  2. Those places are funny... Not. Imagine people not daring to go get care because they don't have a mask! Where I work, we try to provide those simple face masks for patients with symptoms as best we can. We have a minimum of protective gear for ourselves and are re-using as much as we possibly can without being totally unsanitary. If you don't have anything to cover your nose and mouth, just go wherever you absolutely need to go and keep your distance from unprotected people. Cough into your arm and avoid touching things. If possible, call the practice etc in advance, maybe they can arrange something like meet you at your car or refer you to an infection center. Stay safe everyone. P.S.: sorry I haven't been posting, I work in healthcare and things have been crazy what with flexible working hours, rules and regulations changing daily and having to improvise child care because obviously daycare is closed. Hip hip hurray. Not complaining though, I am honestly greatful that at least I get to keep my job.
  3. Well, she's obviously not too keen on the Palpatine legacy and she probably sees herself more as Luke and / or Leia's spiritual daughter and Kylo's Force sister. (I liked the Force Dyad idea but they seemed more like twins to me than potential lovers which is one reason why I found the kiss jarring and weird, almost inappropriate). I don't quite understand your second question, are you referring to the yellow lightsaber?
  4. 😅 When I entered the Sherlock fandom (my first fandom ever and so far the only one I have actively participated in), I had no clue what shipping meant and when I found out, I thought it was the silliest thing I ever heard of. Until I realized that I had been doing it all my life to the characters in my favorite books. I think I began to begrudgingly ship Sherlock and John after / during series 3. I didn't want to but there was just so much romance in there that I finally gave up and gave in and by now, I have made my peace with that. It's a pretty platonic ship in my case though that was perfectly satisfied with the way the show ended. I like to think of Sherlock Holmes as married to his work and while maybe not exactly asexual, little interested in sex beyond perhaps an annual meeting with Irene Adler that's probably more about the thrill of danger than anything else. But I have come to see the series as a love story nonetheless and greatly enjoy it as such - all the more that I know for sure now that everything will be right in the end. I think blowing up 221b was cheesy and over the top but totally worth it just to see John actively helping to restore it to just the way it was before, thus finally admitting and accepting that he goes there not because he has no better alternative but because he likes it and he likes crazy old Sherlock too with his fridge full of body parts and his skull and his moods and everything. I thought John and Mary's relationship was interesting too. It made John look pretty bad at times though imho. The way the show exalted Mary got on my nerves big time but she was a cool character.
  5. I agree. It took two more seasons to repair that damage and it's only just barely believable that it could be repaired at all. I think that's why I love The Lying Detective so much, because it finally gave The Reichenbach Fall the resolution it needed.
  6. This make me mad. How thoughtless can you be. Yeah, I know, it's "only" a fish but it's still a living creature, for heaven's sake. Good for you, taking care of it. Poor little guy. I hope the aquarium at home has an automatic food dispenser so it won't depend on a four-year-old remembering to feed it. Yesterday, one of the cleaners at the place where I work complained that I "never say hello and goodbye" to her. She asked if I didn't like her. Excuse me? We see each other for two seconds per week when she comes to work and I leave. How am I supposed to have any kind of feelings toward her, good or bad? And I always say goodbye before I go, I just don't address every individual in the room. Usually, I am in a huge hurry because I worked overtime and am late picking my son up from daycare, so I run out the door yelling "bye, see you tomorrow!" Nobody else minds. What does she expect, a personal handshake and five minutes of smalltalk? I wonder what my boss would say if I started doing that with him. I think he would fire me. The man is even more anti-social than I am.
  7. Oh, do go on though. I wish I could like this twice. Dracula is a Vampire anyway, for crying out loud. Do those even still have a sexual orientation? Wouldn't they be like, blood, bloooood, BLOOOOODDDD!!!! no matter what genitalia the body they draw it from has or hasn't? That's how I write em anyway. All my vamps are bi / pan / whatever / it's not really relevant. (Yes, I like vampires. I definitely want to see this Dracula too. Some day.)
  8. I definitely think that the private fireworks on New Years Eve in Germany should be banned. Whoever thought it was a good idea to let a bunch of drunk people throw around explosives? To say nothing of all the trash... Imho it would be fine to have public fireworks once a year in appropriate places that get cleaned up the next day. But I wouldn't mind if they disappeared altogether.
  9. What's unpopular about a crush on Han Solo? Welcome to the club!
  10. As far as I can tell, because she's female and not conventionally attractive enough.
  11. I think he's supposed to be the "new Han Solo" and just for that, I resent him. He can't hold a candle to Han. My favorite of the new main chars used to be Finn. Now after the last movie, it is Rey, to my great surprise.
  12. OK, since the last update I can apparently no longer make sense of the forum. Why is my reply inside the quote box...?
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