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  1. T.o.b.y

    Introverts, how is your day?

    My experience is nothing compared to yours, Artemis, but I do remember getting really frustrated in high school because it seemed like my parents didn't acknowledge my accomplishments at all either. One night, my father actually took my homework away from me and sent me to bed, saying "enough, you need your beauty sleep". I got so angry. I remember yelling at him: "You would never say that if I were a boy!" Only much later did I realize that they were simply worried about me working too hard. And, probably based on experiences of their own, they were terrified of being "pushy" parents, so they overcompensated and became the opposite. It's probably for the best in the end. I do not perform well under pressure and I learned very early to do things for myself and seek little outside validation. Of course we all need some kind of positive feedback from our parents. And we need to feel loved by them. If that is lacking, things just suck no matter how mature or self-sufficient you are. I feel for you, Artemis, it sounds like you had a really hard time.
  2. T.o.b.y

    Recently watched movies

    I hated PE with a vengeance. Mostly because of the other kids, who made fun of me being clumsy and chubby. Also, because our school was so small, boys and girls had PE classes together until we were about 16. And I am the opposite of competitive, so most games would have stressed me out even if I could have caught a ball. I didn't discover that I actually love to exercise until after I graduated high school.
  3. T.o.b.y

    Episode 4.1 "The Six Thatchers"

    What they did with Mrs Hudson in series 4 was certainly over the top, but I've got to admit that I enjoyed it. And the car was the only real surprise for me. The music - why not. Holding Sherlock at gunpoint - sure, makes sense, like she says, he isn't her first drug addict and she had to learn how to protect herself. But where has she been hiding that damn car all this time?
  4. I think they are quite common. I get them too and so does my mom.
  5. T.o.b.y

    Recently watched movies

    Oh, don't feel sorry for me! I have been very busy with work and family and that's all good. I was just listening to a song the other day that included the line, roughly translated from German: "I've lost a few things but found others instead so don't worry about me". That really resonated. I am fine!
  6. T.o.b.y

    Recently watched movies

    Maybe I was just over-enthusiastic to be able to watch any movie at all. It was the first time in... A long time. I miss movies.
  7. T.o.b.y

    Recently watched movies

    What took me by surprise was how well the female characters worked. It's the first pop culture movie in ages that I have seen where I felt like the "strong women" were really well portrayed and didn't seem forced. They weren't treated any differently by the writers than regular male characters, imo, and they were given great meaty dialog about ideals, values, politics, loyalty, etc. It's certainly not a new idea, I just thought it was well executed. My favorite scene was between Nakia and Okoye, when it became clear that Okoye was going to stay in Wakanda and serve the new king. What bothered me was how this allegedly super modern advanced country is ruled by a patrilineal monarchy where physical strength determines who is deemed qualified to sit on the throne. I mean, really?
  8. T.o.b.y

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Maybe he was just trying to steal your phone?
  9. T.o.b.y

    Recently watched movies

    Yeah, Deadpool is in a category of his own. My husband watched Deadpool 2 last night and laughed his head off, but said it would have been way too violent for me, which I readily believe. You're right, I haven't seen many of the recent Marvel movies, or any movies at all, really. No time... Anyway, I loved Guardians of the Galaxy part one and still do, and you are right, it's not very gritty, but the humor is, how shall I say, sarcastic? It's about anti-heroes, after all. Black Panther was different, imo, very traditionally heroic and didn't shy away from a little pathos. And pulled that off well, I think.
  10. T.o.b.y

    Recently watched movies

    I finally saw Black Panther! And I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I didn't expect much, thought it had probably been over-hyped, but now I think I get why people were excited when it came out. It was very uplifting, imo. I don't mind the darker, grittier trend in superhero movies at all but this was a nice change. There were some great lines, overall very good acting and humor but not so much humor that the emotional impact was compromised. I thought that Lupita Nyong'o's character was the true hero of the story and liked her very much. The villain was interesting. But say, is it just me being so used to his voice on Sherlock and The Office, or was Martin Freeman's American accent a little off?
  11. I wish I could find a good gif of John Clease's character from Fawlty Towers beating his car with a branch... Mentally insert that here.
  12. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I love pumpkin pie! But then, I like squash in general so I guess that doesn't really answer your question...
  13. My experience was very similar to yours. I also attended a small, fairly new private school that was run by lower middle class people in a poor area and chronically under-funded. But the teachers really cared - about us, about education, about the school, about the subjects they taught. And my parents were very involved with the school, my mother was on all kinds of boards and committees and my father worked overtime to pay my tuition and buy my books and all the other stuff we needed. When I got to university, I joined a group that volunteered to help out with sex education at public schools (yup, I got an actual license to be an assistant sex-educator, lol) and once I saw the schools, I understood why my parents had put up with the chaos and cost and personal involvement at mine...
  14. What does PSA mean?
  15. T.o.b.y

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Oh dear, I was like that all through uni. Fortunately, I found a study partner who pulled me through. She forced me to take one particular exam by just signing me up because I would have put it off forever myself. I never actually failed any of my classes though. I was so unsure of myself that I overcompensated by studying obsessively. I almost miss my driven teenage and young adult self. Nowadays I am terribly lazy and my motivation got lost somewhere along the way...

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