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  1. T.o.b.y

    The Political Thread

    Isn't it difficult to ignore your own president though?
  2. T.o.b.y

    Where is everybody from?

    It's probably because I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere and have stuck to rural areas all my life, but to me, the whole me too movement seems a bit theoretical. Neither can I recall much unwanted attention (or wanted attention either, for that matter), nor do any of the men I have real life contact with seem very worried about getting into trouble. So I am not sure what to believe - is the big bad world out there full of predators or full of overreacting vindictive attention seekers? Or both? In any case, it seems like a good idea to continue to stay away from it.
  3. T.o.b.y

    The Political Thread

    It seems all too probable from over here, unfortunately.
  4. T.o.b.y

    The WTF Thread

    I think that it's partially a result of us having so much access to so much more information than we can even process that it seems incredibly hard to determine what is actually true and what isn't. People filter. And because it's absolutely impossible to verify everything for yourself, you always have to rely on trust at some point. And there seems to be growing distrust in established authorities and experts, be they political, scientific, media, etc. Once a person has settled down inside their own little bubble where life makes sense, it's incredibly hard to reach them there. They are quite literally in another reality. That's why, for example, I think it doesn't matter one bit what investigations do or do not find out about Trump; those people who would believe it would never vote for him anyway and his supporters wouldn't believe any evidence, no matter how sound. I am not saying that the above mentioned distrust is unwarranted, btw. I went to university long enough to catch more than a glimpse at the ugly side of the scientific community. I am far from happy with the work of most politicians and whenever I have read a media report about something I witnessed first hand I have always been shocked at the inaccuracy of the information. What I don't understand, however, is why people who won't believe, say, BBC news, think that something they read on Facebook is more credible. Where does this idea come from that because one source is wrong another must be right? It's all a muddle. Which Dickens character says that? Darn, I have to get back to reading my classics, it's escaped my mind.
  5. T.o.b.y

    Loss of a Beloved Pet

    I adopted a cat when I was twelve (or rather it adopted me) and it got run over by a snow plow only a year later. That was terrible. I couldn't accept that he was dead, I kept thinking it was him whenever I saw a similar looking animal. I am not a cat person in general, but he was special. My mom had a horse for a while. He was chronically ill, which she knew when she took him, but when he eventually had to be put down, she was still devastated. It must be really awful to loose a dog. Dogs can be real friends to people in my opinion.
  6. That depends on the minds of the self proclaimed natives more than on your personal appearance, imo. Around here, anybody who does not look Caucasian is usually perceived as foreign no matter how long their families have lived here or what their passport says.
  7. The other day I was talking to my toddler in English and this stranger turned to my husband and asked: "does she do that on purpose?" No, I speak English by mistake. What kind of a question is that? He was completely taken aback when I explained to him myself, in fluent German, that we have family in the the US whom we can't very well expect to learn German, so it's important for our kid to know both languages. Sigh... I usually like living in a small town but it does have its disadvantages. I do not envy the people here who also look "foreign" in any way.
  8. T.o.b.y

    Episode 1.2, "The Blind Banker"

    It sounds a bit strange to me to complain about asking her to do an accent when the role was specifically that of an immigrant for whom English was a second language. As for the clichés, yeah, duh, this is a Doyle adaptation. Have the people complaining read Doyle? Like, at all? The original stories are rife with this kind of thing. When I first saw the episode, I thought they were doing it that way on purpose to recreate the original Sherlock Holmes vibe. I really like Soo Lin. And I think the actress did a great job so I am happy to learn how successfull she ist today.
  9. The only joke I didn't get was the one with the T-Rex because I never watched Jurassic Park.
  10. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I think it would be perfect. He would give it to Mycroft. For Christmas.
  11. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Thanks for your sympathy! Mine did actually show up too! Whew, what a relief.
  12. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I am sad. My wedding ring is gone. Actually, "sad" is a massive understatement.
  13. It looks very promising. I am definitely planning on watching it.
  14. ... When the audiobook series you're currently listening to is the first thing in a long while to hit a nerve and then it turns out it's heavily inspired by Sherlock Holmes and full of references. Towards the end of the first volume I began to suspect as much but at first I thought it was just in me seeing Sherlock everywhere - then it was revealed that the villain's name (or maybe pseudonym) is "J. Moriarty".
  15. Actually, a surprising number of people. I remember an elderly (but not senile) relative telling 15-year-old me that what really mattered was attracting a rich man and I would have to do a lot of work on my appearance for that. Weight loss was explicitly mentioned as well. I was f....ing 15. Not even seriously thinking about romantic relationships yet. The same lovely lady kept trying to get me to "admit" I thought this or that slimy male celebrity was cute. It really weirded me out.

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