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  1. No, they definitely don't. Unless they happen to have an upper airway infection at the same time but that would have nothing to do with the vaccine. I can't compare my post vaccination symptoms to Covid because to my knowledge, I fortunately haven't had the latter, but my experience was headache, nausea, fever, shivers, muscle and joint pain and extreme fatigue 8 to 48 hours after the shot. According to my knowledge, a strong reaction does not necessarily mean you've been exposed to the virus, it's simply an expression of your immune system doing its job and young people with strong immune systems are more likely to have these symptoms. What does seem to be true however is that people who had Covid have a higher risk, if you will, of developing strong reactions to the vaccine. Doesn't mean that that's a reliable sign of previous infection though.
  2. That last sentence is something I used to tell myself every day then eventually stopped... Now I think it's totally fine to think about fictional people 24/7. I relate to the bit about being as morose or rude or clueless as Sherlock without being able to claim his intelligence or charm (or looks, in this incarnation). That's definitely one reason I adore season 1 Sherlock because he says so many things that I think but would never, ever get away with saying out loud (plus I think he's just plain entertaining that way). Now, of course I don't know you but I'm willing to bet you have some of Sherlock's positive attributes and strengths as well. At least one. And since we got to know him better and better over the course of the series, there's a lot more to chose from than smarts and capability and physical advantages. One good side of Sherlock I think I can see in myself is his lack of resentfulness. I know people got upset that he didn't hate Mary for shooting him but I "get" that. If someone harms me, I'm generally more interested in why they did it than how I could get back at them too.
  3. I feel you... I've been working the whole time and while I'm of course extremely glad to have work and love my job, whenever I heard or read something about the "boredom of staying at home" or similar, all I could muster was a tired laugh. You don't sound whiny to me at all. Just because I don't mind wearing a mask doesn't mean you can't have legitimate reasons for finding it horrible. There are other things atm that are hard for me which might be no big deal for you... My biggest problem is childcare. I cannot work from home, my three-year-old cannot stay by himself, his babysitter from last March isn't available to the extent that she was then and my husband neither, so I had to jump through all kinds of hoops and fill out lots of forms to get him into one of the emergency groups at daycare and that was pretty tiresome to be honest.
  4. Funny, the masks bother me the least, by far. I would even consider continuing to wear them indefinitely in some situations to protect myself and others from the common cold etc. Maybe it's because I'm used to them? From working in the OR and such. Before N95/FFP masks became widely available, I was routinely wearing two masks in stores, on public transportation etc, a surgical mask underneath a home made cotton cloth mask. I found that combination very comfortable and the cloth mask, which I had made to fit my specific face, prevented air from coming through the top of the standard size surgical mask and fogging up my glasses. Now that you can get FFP2 masks at the drugstore though, I've switched to those in my private life as well. I'm used to them from work I like how they're stiff and don't get sucked onto the face when I inhale. Masks are no sacrifice for me at all! 😄
  5. I like your solution-focused attitude! Unfortunately, until very recently when the government made it mandatory, nursing homes here for the most part didn't even manage to provide N95 masks for their staff. Those suits are very expensive. During the first wave of the pandemic last year, the nursing homes weren't allowing any visitors for months. Then there were regulations like only one person, in a special room, with masks and physical distance etc. I had one lady complain to me that she had to have a nurse in the room now when her husband came to visit to make sure they didn't touch. ("It was like back when we were dating!") Now most places have access to antigen tests that they can do at the door so people are let in who test negative, basically, with some additional restrictions. I wasn't talking so much about this concrete situation though than the fact that the pandemic is forcing us as a society to agree on one level of risk that we're comfortable with and how that goes against the spirit of individual freedom that I at least was raised in.
  6. Tell that to the person in question! Imagine that was the only way you could meet your loved ones. And you don't know if you'll live long enough to see the end of the pandemic. Imagine you aren't allowed to hug your own husband / wife / children etc. Possibly for the rest of your existence. Consider also how many old people are vision and hearing impaired. I'm not saying my hypothetical person B is in the right Btw, just that I don't believe it's that simple.
  7. It seems to me that it's this which makes the pandemic so hard to deal with. Well, part of it, anyway. I don't know about any of you but I was very much raised in a culture of "live and let live". Each to their own, including risk assessment and management. You want to drink? Fine, as long as you're aware of addiction and liver failure, go ahead. You want to smoke? Sure, we'll print pictures of lung cancer on the packages and if that doesn't stop you, your problem. You refuse to get vaccinated? OK, whatever, you're an adult, it's your choice. Etc etc etc. I mean, I live in a country where we can't have speed limits on all highways because the free people of car land have the right to risk their own necks. But now, say you have a nursing home and one resident says he'd rather have his family visit him even if he could potentially die in the case that one of his relatives passes on The Virus. But another resident says I am not ok with that risk and I live here too and if you get sick you can infect me. And we need to decide, whose right is more important? Person A's right to see their family or person B's right to protect their health? And we aren't used to that. We also aren't used to making individual choices based on community benefits (or losses). Not my generation where I live anyway. We were all going to follow our dreams and go our own way, tolerating and not bothering each other. It wasn't discussed what happens when all our wants and dreams are incompatible.
  8. 😅 Not so much scary as, um, how do I say this politely... I didn't get the impression that any of them were very competent, if you get my drift. Also, I noticed that they talked an awful lot about spending money they didn't really seem to have a plan for acquiring. I don't think Germany knows what to do about the people who try to use our democracy to end democracy either. It's a bit of a lose / lose situation I guess.
  9. What about people who don't want it to be a democracy at all though? And I don't mean that as a rhetorical question, it's something I honestly can't completely wrap my head around, how a system based on equality and a voice for everyone is supposed to handle those who want to use their rights to take away others' rights. Haven't the voter fraud claims been investigated though? Pardon my ignorance but I thought the Trump team filed over 80 lawsuits, are you telling me that the judges who handled them just dismissed them all out of hand? As for the beliefs of the far left, here's a funny little story about my political coming of age: Here in Germany, we have an online tool that you can use before elections to check how much overlap your own positions on various issues have with those of the several political parties that you can vote for. It's mostly for fun imho but I do find it interesting and useful, especially since we have five big parties to chose from instead of just two and a myriad of obscure little ones. Anyway, I always came out of that questionnaire as far left. But I ended up on a bus once with the majority of the members of the far left party in my state and let me just say that I never voted for any of them and don't intend to in the foreseeable future either. 😅
  10. "Combination pragmatist and populist" - that's a very good description, Carol, as far as I can see from over here. So what do the "true believers" on the other side believe in?
  11. Imagine Sherlock being presented with a "complaint" like that! 😂
  12. Sorry for laughing Carol, I see your point and it would annoy me as well but that bicycle story is pretty funny!
  13. I wasn't talking about slavery in the US, that was a whole other can of worms, but Nazi Germany. Neo-Nazis who proudly display swastikas etc are in my opinion condoning and promoting the genocide in 1930s / 1940s Germany under the Nazi regime. And that's simply abhorrent and inexcusable to me. Of course I hope they're just trying to be edgy and taboo and get attention but I have my doubts. It happened here once, it can happen again. Human nature stays the same.
  14. Oh gosh, I so hope and want to believe that it's all talk and trolling! Let's all hope so. I totally l get your worries concerning the house, Carol. We've certainly had our share of well-intentioned but impractical and inefficient regulations around here...
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