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  1. It looks very promising. I am definitely planning on watching it.
  2. ... When the audiobook series you're currently listening to is the first thing in a long while to hit a nerve and then it turns out it's heavily inspired by Sherlock Holmes and full of references. Towards the end of the first volume I began to suspect as much but at first I thought it was just in me seeing Sherlock everywhere - then it was revealed that the villain's name (or maybe pseudonym) is "J. Moriarty".
  3. Actually, a surprising number of people. I remember an elderly (but not senile) relative telling 15-year-old me that what really mattered was attracting a rich man and I would have to do a lot of work on my appearance for that. Weight loss was explicitly mentioned as well. I was f....ing 15. Not even seriously thinking about romantic relationships yet. The same lovely lady kept trying to get me to "admit" I thought this or that slimy male celebrity was cute. It really weirded me out.
  4. T.o.b.y

    The Political Thread

    Sorry that I laughed at that one but I couldn't help it. It is very, VERY difficult to understand from over here why people continue to support him.
  5. T.o.b.y

    Episode 4.3 "The Final Problem"

    Yeah, attempts... I appreciate the sentiment but would have preferred a different approach. Oh well. At least they tried.
  6. T.o.b.y

    Episode 4.3 "The Final Problem"

    Well, I think it would have definitely helped if the Moriarty / Eurus connection had been hinted at a bit more early on in the series. Personally, I would have preferred no Eurus at all and Moriarty to just remain Big Bad until the end, but... oh well.
  7. T.o.b.y

    Episode 4.3 "The Final Problem"

    That would almost be funny, in a creepy sort of way.
  8. Happy birthday, greatest detective ever!
  9. T.o.b.y

    Episode 4.3 "The Final Problem"

    I don't mind the retcon either, I think it works surprisingly well. I am not thrilled about Eurus, but then, I never wanted a third Holmes sibling in the first place. It's OK, I still love the series.
  10. T.o.b.y

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Having a pet certainly helps in lots of ways, doesn't it. I had a near-perfect day. After a really crazy week at work (all hell broke loose once we reopened after the holidays), my two oldest friends came to visit and we went to a place where you can paint crockery, then have it glazed and hardened there and pick it up a few days later. We had a blast, it was like being kids again, sitting around a table with paint brushes and chatting. They even serve hot beverages in there. Old friends are the best. I love not having to explain myself all the time. They just know.
  11. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Today, in somebody else's bathroom, I saw a bottle of dishwashing liquid lined up on the edge of the tub with the shampoos and shower gels. I can't get this anomaly out of my head and keep wondering what Sherlock would make of it. Didn't know the people well enough to ask without being awkward.
  12. "Fear is wisdom in the face of danger. It is nothing to be ashamed of." But I also love the quote "be brave" from the novels. Bravery imo is hope and action in spite of fear. If religion helps some people to be brave, then it's serving a good purpose, I think.
  13. Thanks for sharing that. Funny, Christmas is usually the one time a year I accompany my husband to church and this time, the sermon had a very similar message.
  14. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
  15. Hermes. I don't know if they operate in the US.

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