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  1. I've checked on Amazon and they are available to buy. They're $11.00 on US Amazon
  2. I know he's excellent as Holmes. I finished watching all the episodes early this year and am still rewatching them. He's just like what I thought Holmes would be like and I'm so glad they didn't make Watson and bumbling bafoon like Nigel Bruce's Watson. You'll love The Blue Carbuncle, there's some great episode in that first series. That person who uploded them onto YouTube is a star!
  3. Well I watched it with my parents. Loved it <3 The scene where Stoke-Moran bursts into the room was perfect! "You scoundrel, sir. I've heard of you before! You are Holmes the meddler, Holmes the busybody, Holmes the Scotland Yard Jack-in-office!"
  4. I'm sure I will. He is indeed. When I thought they hadn't made an adaption of this story I was really disappointed as it's one of favourites.
  5. Not yet...but maybe sometime soon, if I see some cheaper alternatives!
  6. I only just realised that I accidentally missed out 'The Speckled Band'. I did a little jig around the room when I knew there was still an episode I hadn't watched I plan on watching it tonight.
  7. Just saw this on Facebook. Apparently David Tennant is also on it. I'm defintely going to listen to this!
  8. I understand that this is not a novel for younger readers, but it is it just the subject matter that's not suitable or does it have graphic descriptions? Because I wouldn't really feel too comfortable with that.
  9. That's great! I've heard that it's quite hard to get and usually quite expensive. I've not listened to any before but when I get the chance I might just tune into the radio
  10. It's a Wikipedian typo Here's the link to the Radio4 Extra site with the correct title: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007k1jp
  11. I love how he's wagging his tail as though in agreement
  12. Yes, that's probably the reason and maybe something to do with copyright?
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