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  1. Firefox isn't a search engine, it's a web browser [/nitpick]
  2. When pasting, instead of pressing [CTRL] + [V] (paste), press [CTRL] + [sHIFT] + [V] (paste as plain text) Thank you, Escribblings! I have occasionally needed to repair those all-white posts, but had no idea how they had happened in the first place. If that ever happens to you again, Karie, just edit the post, select the entire text, click on Text Color (just to the left of the smiley face) and click on Automatic at the top of the dropdown. That'll turn the text black. It is caused by the reply box being in WYSIWYG mode. I took that shortcut from the right click menu in Google Chrome. If your browser doesn't allow that, copy into Notepad first then reselect and copy again as Notepad will remove all the formatting. Forum software is trying to be too clever.
  3. Oh I don't know, I think there are many times that John would have liked to have shot Sherlock, but no way he could do it himself. So maybe he see is at some sort of just desserts. Admittedly, if she had actually killed him I think he would have killed her.
  4. I refer the honourable gentleman to my post on the previous page: Haven't got a clue myself, but some Googling found this: http://www.sherlockian.net/world/mycroft.html
  5. Possibly because he was "always at work" - remember Watson hadn't seen him for a month.
  6. Not happy about Moriarty coming back, not because of the way TRF ended. I'm probably alone, but I just don't like the casting. I never like Moriarty, I know we are not supposed to like the villain, but thats not what I mean. I didn't like the way he was played. Magnusson - much better casting. Would have preferred someone else to shoot him though. The mind palace vault was genius - I should have saw it coming. I too thought information was being sent to his glasses - but that is because of the way it was shown to use (he takes glasses off, cleans them, puts glasses back on, information changes) Mary - assassin, it fits. Not actually too fussed that she shot Sherlock, because she did it surgically. And as for the kiss and make up - actually that makes perfect sense. Because, despite the deceits - it is clear that the characters do really love each other, and the sign of true love is being able to accept things that others would not (I have personal experience of this, so I know what I am talking about - an no, I'm not sharing)
  7. Haven't got a clue myself, but some Googling found this: http://www.sherlockian.net/world/mycroft.html
  8. When pasting, instead of pressing [CTRL] + [V] (paste), press [CTRL] + [sHIFT] + [V] (paste as plain text) With that out of the way, I have a suggestion. (I have only read spoilers on here so far)
  9. Poppets are related to witchcraft and are similar to voodoo dolls, possibly used to control someone.
  10. Amanda was just on Steve Wright's show on Radio 2 which will be up on the iPlayer later (for those coming back to this post it is Wednesday 8-1-14 and it starts about 16:20). http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006wr4r There isn't much devoted to Sherlock, but I don't know if anything can be inferred from this:
  11. Yes! And no. No, I don't think they are meant to be gay or want to have sex with each other. John needs Mary for that and Sherlock has naked Irene running around in his mind palace - not exactly the fantasy I'd expect from a gay man... But I do feel that these lovely women are being used to keep sex out of what is otherwise a big fat love story. And that's what I think Doyle did, deliberate or not. The sad thing is, I like it, and feminism be damned. Actually a lot of programme's focus on physical relationships. It's nice to have one where the focus is on the platonic relationship despite all the actual and would be physical relationships happening or being hinted at in the background. [Ninja edit] I also like the fact they are focusing on a make relationship that is more like female relationships in every other program - making it OK for men to have feelings - even men as inhuman as Sherlock.
  12. Are you suggesting we saw John and Sherlocks "wedding?"
  13. What does "faffing about" mean? Yes, Mrs Husdon showed Tessa in. And she was probably so impressed with the idea of a "famous detective", who I am sure she had also heard described as very eccentric, that it took her a while to realize he was drunk, I guess. Lestrade wasn't taken along because Sherlock organized the night out - that's my best guess. Mycroft's baby? Mycroft's? What would he have to do to a woman so she would get into bed with him? This is not a serious theory of yours, is it? Working backwards Mycroft's baby was purely in references to Sherlocks comments on the phone about him being out of breath - I seriously doubt it as well (but we cannot throw away everything, after all the man himself has said that once you rule out the impossible, what remains, however improbable, must be the truth ) Re Lestrade, possibly - although stag do's are generally more than just the stag and the best man, and Lestrade is the one "Friend" that Sherlock could have trusted. Mrs. Hudson - thanks for refreshing my memory - and I agree about the eccentricity. Faffing about - when he was flustered, trying to work things out and just flitting round the room babbling. http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/faff-about-around'>Faff-about-around - Cambridge Dictionary Quote from further down that page - "You are looking at an entry to do with Behaving in a silly way, "
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