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  1. Demand for tickets outstripped demand for Beyoncé and Jay Z's tour. Over 30,000 people queuing online this morning... V glad to have got some! :-)
  2. Tickets to see Benedict in Hamlet booked. Boom. I'm a happy girl :-D
  3. I'm stopping work for the day and settling down with a nice dinner, a glass of wine and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Perfect :-)
  4. So how is everyone? I haven't been around much lately, super busy with work (as always) but thought I'd just pop in and make sure you're all (mis)behaving ;-)
  5. I think they just either come to you straight away or you really struggle with them for ages!
  6. Ah, got this one straight away without any clues but I'm going to be pretty busy for a few days and won't have time to do a new one so I'll let someone else have a go :-)
  7. The sun shining on a bank holiday weekend - heaven! Hope you're all having a good weekend!
  8. Yeah... I suppose technically it's a quote. :-)
  9. That's a good idea. I guess mine would be categorised as a phrase? Like the last one I did, 'gigantic hound', it's words from the show but not a place, person or episode. This one isn't even an item, it's more a description... Bit tricky to describe!
  10. Thanks for the extra clue! Okay, next one: CATWALK RUG SOBS Clue #1 Clue #2 Clue #3
  11. I've tried and tried but I can't get this one! Can we have another clue? Pretty please? :-)
  12. Yep, I was right! "You're Jessica Fletcher. You're the retired-teacher-turned-novelist who always seems to turn up when there's been a murder. That's a bit suspicious..." Well, I am a teacher and a wannabe novelist, so it makes sense!
  13. Ooh I might have to do that one. Not sure who Sarah Lund is though so hope I don't get her! I'm probably most like Jessica Fletcher... Just not quite as old ;-)
  14. Okay, next one. I think it's quite easy but then it always is when you know the answer! COAT HIDING GUN Clue #1 Clue #2 Clue #3
  15. Yay, it works! Thanks Carol! Okay, so I think the last one is
  16. George Clooney is engaged, and not to me. I always knew this terrible day would come *sigh* Benedict, it really is all down to you now...
  17. Yeah, you're right! Make me a cup of tea. And get me some morphine ;-)
  18. I love the idea of this game! But I can't do spoiler boxes on my phone so can't play right now :-( Enjoying trying to solve some of the previous ones though, I love anagrams :-)
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