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    Books, books, books... oh yeah, and some really good televison shows (f.e SHERLOCK, DOCTOR WHO, BIG BANG THEORY, SLEEPY HOLLOW)
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  1. Yes, poor Arthur! He'll always be remembered for the part of his work he liked the less! Well, history is a b***h ^_^
  2. I've already read all Sherlock books years ago but I will recommence this week-end: only this time, it will be the first time I'll read them in english btw: what do you think about the other books of Sir Athur Conan Doyle (like the Professor Challenger Stories or his historical novels)? I've never read them and so I would like to know if you think I should give them a try? ^_^
  3. I agree!! I certainly should check my supply of handkerchiefs... I really have a bad feeling for poor Mary...
  4. Thank you, I didn't know that Thats means: someone is going to die! Given his history of killing characters in another well-known TV show...
  5. Yeah... They always say that about stuff that sounds like fun
  6. Just! WOW This was not only good telly, this was perfect!! emotions, fun, mysteries, story arcs to think about (mary, CAM... ) I liked how they put the different little mysteries togeether at the end:: although:I would really like to know more about the "elephants in the room"-case
  7. That's it!! I give in to all the "bad" influence here ^_^ So, instead of correcting my student's papers, preparing my next lessons or doing some completly annoying administration stuff, I'll just watch (*finally* ) last night's episode
  8. Ooh yes!! He was litterally moaning during 2 years cause he had to wait such a long time And during this time, we have watched "TRF" very, very, veeeeery often trying to find out how Sherlock survived So for "TEH" he even accepted watching it in english with french subtitles (thank you internet) although normally he hates subtitles!
  9. And after all, I'm quite lucky cause I "only" have to wait until tomorrow! My boyfriend doesn't understand english and if he'd wait until the french version is transmitted in France, he'd have to wait until september!! Just enjoy your Sherlock tonight and tomorrow (after my 90-minute-pause from my afternoon work someone -who might that be... - suggested earlier), I'll join the "TSoT" thread to play with you
  10. Oh, I'm not cross with you or anyone else who can watch it tonight! But I'm sooooooooooo impatient All the same: Have fun with "TSoT"
  11. Well, in general, I listen to different music styles but there's one band that is really overrepresented on my MP3: MUSE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN-QdD31fs4
  12. I have the same problem, I will have to wait until tomorrow night to see Sherlock. But I will be at work until 6 pm so I hope the time will pass quickly. As if mondays weren't already annoying enough without the waiting As only part of my work consists of being present at my work place, I'll be at home during the afternoon... How can I resist wtaching the new episode instead of doing the work I should do? But at least we have a goal tomorrow
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