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Found 64 results

  1. This is an open discussion and debate about the best Sherlock ships, including Sherlolly and Johnlock. I myself am a big sherlolly (Sherlock x molly) fan, but of course other opinions and new ships will be very interesting for everyone. 😀
  2. Hello everyone! I want to tell you about new android app "The world of Sherlock: tests and games". You can see and download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skysurfer.sherlocksworld Uncover all secrets with Sherlock and his friends using deduction! List of games: 1. Find Sherlock The task of deduction. Try with the first time to guess where Sherlock gone. Analyze the facts and make conclusions. If you can't guess from the first attempt, then you will be given hints. I wonder how many attempts you will need to find the answer? List of tests: 1. Who are you from the world of Sherlock? 2. How well do you know the series? (BBC's Sherlock quiz) 3. Your boyfriend in the world of Sherlock In the 1st test, you will know which of the Sherlock BBC series characters you most like. In the 2nd test you find 20 difficult questions about the content of the series. Only true fans, attentive and observantcan people can pass this difficult Sherlock quiz. The third test about love. This test is for girls who want to know which of the Sherlock heroes might be their boyfriend. Lists of tests and games will be replenished.
  3. Dear all, I want to share with you my youtube channel where i've made a lot a fanmade trailer Hope you like it ! And share with your Sherlocked friends i'm also on instagram for my photo editing of Sherlock to ! Michael Price followed to ! -> www.instagram.com/sherlockmusic Thank You all !
  4. Hi, I need to ask some questions for a piece of work that I am doing, would be much appreciated with any replies I get. If the cast had to be replaced, which actors would you choose to play Sherlock & John? Many thanks, Tom
  5. Hi everyone I started watching the show sometime last year and wow, just wow. i only had to wait a couple of months for season 4, I don't know how fans from the beginning lasted between each season haha. Anyways, obviously i love Moriarty haha. But what I don't like is the writers messing the character about and the fandom. Yeah, they've confirmed him dead, but honestly from watching the show, i don't trust them :'). Maybe thats just me holding out hope that he's still alive because if Sherlock can fake his death than surely Moriarty can. mmmmmmmmmnotfair :') I'm 18 and from the UK, probably should have started with that haha. Sherlock is one of my maannnnnyyyy fandoms and if i could make a living out of being a fangirl i would haha. Sooo here's a link to my tumblr blog if yous wanna get to know me and see what fandoms i'm in http://crazydude1407.tumblr.com/ Oooo, I've also made two Sherlock fanvids if anyone wants to check them out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xJMnGLUhvc&t=1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wli_0paRikE
  6. What is your opinion on Sherlock fanfiction / different adaptations that change characters dramatically? How much do you think people should stay true to the original canon? I'm thinking of modern adaptations like Elementary with John as a woman, as well as previous rumors that BBC Sherlock's John and Sherlock would be romantically involved. Is there a line that people can cross that will ruin the story, and if so what is it?
  7. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share something I helped build. It's Sherlock Holmes' CV. I'd love to get your feedback on it. Check it out at https://www.lucidpress.com/blog/solving-case-perfect-resume
  8. I’m involved in a Sherlock-themed project and I want to know from fans: how has Sherlock impacted your life? Has it helped in a pivotal moment? Has it changed the way you see things? How was your experience as a Sherlock fan?
  10. Radio Times is doing their TV champion. The Drama category started today. From Sherlock (not necessarily representing it) are Benedict, Mark, Amanda, Martin, and Louise (all winning so far). Voting for this round is open for about 48 hours total. If you want to vote go here. They have several TV categories for voting with the winners in each category going against each other for the ultimate champion. In Drama David Tennant and Aidan Turner have the most votes by far 20k+ and 19k+ respectively for this first round. Whoever wins in Drama will go up against the winners of Factual, Soap Opera, Comedy, Reality, etc. The pictures are about the size of an actual finger nail so to help you find our cast by pairings (counting down the left side then the right): Benedict #7, Mark #8, Amanda #9, Martin #11, and Louise #27
  11. Hi everybody! At first, sorry for my english, is very bad... I just checked in this forum and it's great! I'm a fan of Sherlock since it started. But I like Moriarty, so much Do you think that will come in series 4? I've seen pictures that are supposed to be shooting and Andrew Scott also went ouy, but I don't know if it's true or false.
  12. Check out my Remix I did of the Sherlock 2009 Film starring Robert Downy Jr. I hope that you enjoy and share if you like it...The Music in the video is entirely my own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOxbjKYnsco
  13. Hello all! I was pottering about on Pinterest and came across this which I found pretty amusing, does anyone know any more?
  14. So... I came across this interview on what Cumberbatch imagines sex with Sherlock would be like. Any thoughts?
  15. Hello, I'm a German girl that really loves Sherlock. I have to do an essay on a topic I like and so I chose comparing the work of Doyle with the tv show "Sherlock". Now I need a heading for the whole thing, which motivates the reader to read it. It can be a question or a thesis or whatever it just has to sound interesting to the reader!
  16. For me it was The blind banker The great game The rechinback fall Comment, I'm interested!!!
  17. Hi my name is Ben and i'm creating this topic based on the idea that; Sherlock, Mycroft and Moriarty are either brothers or are just working together aid in the defection of Mariorty from the life of crime to "the side of the angels" Or ofcourse any and all ideas against this idea. So yeah any ideas?? Ben.maxwell221B
  18. Hello, I am an English Student who lives in Spain and is working with the topic of Sherlock Holmes. Please can you answer a very short test related to my topic, thank you. I need to do a comparison between the knowledge of Spanish people about Sherlock and your knowledge. Thanks to you all. http://goo.gl/forms/Pnlv4xF9pL Moderator Comment: Danivi73 requests that you take this test only if you are a native speaker of English. This will make it possible to compare the answers of native English-speakers against those of native Spaniards. Thank you. I should probably also point out that the quiz questions pertain to Sherlock Holmes in general, rather than to the BBC program Sherlock.
  19. Yep, it's own channel right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkp_CAX1eIc5k5SavzbhN5w
  20. I'm just going through Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston, and the double episodes of The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances are written by Moffat. In The Doctor Dances are the following two lines that the Doctor says: "Funny little human brains. How do you get around in those things?" "I am on fire!" Hmmm... paraphrased/repeated later in Sherlock ASIP and TGG.
  21. I think we've discussed this in various ways, in different places, but maybe it deserves its own thread? Below I've quoted/adapted some statements about Sherlock: Premise #1. Sherlock is transforming into a better person throughout the series due to John's influence. Premise #2. Sherlock is already a better person than anyone (including himself) thinks he is, but it is being revealed through his relationship with John. Premise #3. Sherlock is not a good man and never will be, with or without John. Premise #4. "Good and bad" are concepts that do not apply to Sherlock. Take it in any direction you like, and discuss!
  22. Greetings fellow sherlockians I am currently conducting a research on the phenomena of Sherlock for my school. It would be tremendously helpful if you could give me your honest opinions on these 3 questions Q) Do you personally think that Sherlock is a new social phenomenon in this generation? (comparing its popularity in the past) Q) Do the people around you support the fact that you are a fan of Sherlock? Please explain why they are supporting/against this matter. Q) Which country are you from and where are you currently living in? (If you are living in your own country, One answer will do) All answers are accepted and deeply appreciated Thank you so much in advance, You guys are truly awesome
  23. I've thought about this for awhile and decided we needed a story that is told in sections as can happen at camp or sleepovers where 1 person starts then another continues where the 1st left off. I'll start the story then the next person will continue where I left off and so on and so forth. There are no specific character roles that a person will play (hence not being in the RPG area). We cover all of them as we write the story together. You can contribute a little or a lot. (And with the occasional 2+ people posting at the same time, the story could be very interesting rather quickly. Also there is no need to apologize if that happens. The story will just be more interesting even if it does seem confusing at times. We will make it work and have fun doing so. Because having fun is mandatory :D) Starter summary: Story: This comes from the If John and Sherlock parented Baby Watson at 221B thread. The story will start right after Mary leaves and before John moves back into 221B. Sherlock and John will have cases both from NSY as well as private clients & John will have his medical practice. Cast of Characters= Everyone that has been in an Episode of Sherlock and is alive is fair game (Sorry to anyone who liked CAM, he's dead and gone & so is Jeff the Cabby. However, Moriarty is an option because he's in limbo [all debate on how he survived/not survived can be found in the Series 4 threads elsewhere on here] & I kind of want him back in some way, shape, or form on the actual show.) as well as Baby Watson (who will be named Sheralyn in this story as I like that middle name from sfmpco's fanfic The Blackbird series) and obviously they will have clients like old times. So yes Mary can somehow be an option even though she left for some yet to be known reason. So on to the start of the story in the next post.
  24. I thought of another meta discussion topic to help us get through the hiatus to the Christmas Special and hopefully soon after to Season 4. I will assume that, for most of us, we consider the BBC version of Sherlock to be the best on many levels. That is, we probably mostly consider Benedict Cumberbatch to be the best Sherlock Holmes. (Or maybe you don't! Maybe it's Jeremy Brett for you.) This is the place to discuss your favorites of characters, scenes, etc., assuming that you can't name a BBC version as your answer. I suggest that everyone feel free to use their own criteria for judging; so, one person may pick his or her favorite non-BBC Watson based on ACD canon compliance, and the other may pick his or her Watson based on nose shape! It's all fine! ***** I'll start. My nominees for the "Best Non-BBC..." Watson: I'll pick James Wilson from House. There was something delightful about making Holmes and Watson both be physicians and both be department heads that really showed that Wilson was an expert in his own right, in his own field (oncology). And, although there were times at the beginning of the series that I really wanted Wilson to do a better job standing up to House, by the end I was completely sold on the idea that Wilson was 1) a completely irresistible babe magnet (hello, Robert Sean Leonard!), and 2) completely and platonically soul-bonded to House. Irene Adler: Irene Adler from Elementary. Although she benefits from the "twist" regarding her background (which I'll spoiler tag below), Natalie Dormer plays Irene with a smoldering sexuality and absolutely modern confidence in her own abilities that makes me truly believe that she is what Irene would be in the current era. She continually conveys a sense of being in control of her relationship with Sherlock, and, thanks also to Jonny Lee Miller's acting, it is heart-rendingly believable that this women nearly destroyed Sherlock emotionally. Lestrade: Kind of going with a risky choice here, but I'm picking Lisa Cuddy from House. As the Dean of Medicine, she's in charge of keeping House in line, which she does by imposing a series of "time outs" in the form of extra clinic duty. She also deftly uses House's skills for the betterment of the hospital, making sure that House gets the really juicy cases that he wants while handing him those that no other department could solve on their own. "Shoot the Wall" Scene: Robert Downey Jr. wins this one for me in Sherlock Holmes. Sitting on the floor, surrounded by papers and experiments, with a haze of smoke hanging in the air from gunfire and probably not a small bit of smoking tobacco and God-knows-what-else, this Sherlock, has transcended frustrated and moved right along into abject despair. Next stop is clearly lighting the curtains on fire to see what happens when they burn. "Holmes and Watson First Meeting" Scene: The Russian Sherlock Holmes (2013) for the most off-handed meeting ever. If the BBC Sherlock treats the meeting with a combination of humor and gravity at this historic moment, the Russian version clearly could care less about how the men meet, which I find profoundly amusing. Sherlock hands a piece of paper with "221B Baker Street" written on it to Watson, who he has just met, and suggests if Watson is looking for cheap lodgings he can rent a room there for half price. When Watson finally moves in, it's clear that about half the town is also living there, so what's one more?
  25. Okay, I'm starting this thread to continue on with some fun musings regarding what would happen IF Sherlock and John had to rear Baby Watson by themselves. Madness would ensue! Mrs. Hudson would take on a grandmotherly role and end up babysitting A LOT. Sherlock being completely inept and changing diapers while wearing full safety gear - even picking up the soil diapers with kitchen tongs to transfer them to the garbage Sherlock visiting Lestrade over a murder and Sherlock having a bit of baby vomit on his shoulder that he forgot to clean off. John pacing all night with a crying baby and Sherlock yelling "shut up!" and the baby shutting up. Sherlock trying to calm the crying baby in all sorts of unusual ways that no normal parent would ever consider. John coming back from an errand to find Sherlock asleep on the sofa with the baby on his chest Sherlock sitting at his computer looking at the same types of crime scene pictures he showed Archie but with Baby Watson in his lap Sherlock reading bedtime stories to baby Watson that are murder mysteries Baby Watson's first word is "murder" Okay.... keep going
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