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  1. When Sherlock says this, John nor Mary even bats an eye. If a man said this here in the US, he would most likely regret it, unless he was in Morman or Amish country. Is this how the English role?
  2. Recently I've been like I want to be excited about the parallels in the books & BBC Sherlock. Then I tried to read them, and knew, this is just not going to happen. & then I was shown a great light. There was a voice that bellowed from the light. It sang in G, vibrato… AUDIO! Listen along fellow old english illiterates, listen along: http://www.audiobooktreasury.com/adventures-of-sherlock-holmes/
  3. Okay, really, I don't know how much of the "extra curricular" stuff is canon. I do know that BBC set up websites to mimic John's blog and Sherlock's science of deduction. And Molly Hooper has a blog that ended when she broke up with Moriarty/Jim Brooks. Buuuuuuut..... there are Twitter accounts for the characters that seem like that also come from BBC... and on Molly's account there is a link to ask her questions. And she makes illusions that she is with a holistic detective named Dirk Gently and that they are expecting a baby. http://ask.fm/EmbraceChaos So seriously, I don't know if this is extended Sherlock canon or some other red herring. Opinions?
  4. I have to confess to having had a mixed reaction when it surfaced that Sherlock was to be in a contemporary setting. I did find myself wondering whether it would still feel like the same characters. What are your views on this, Do you like the contemporary feel or are you more of a traditionalist? My own personal feeling now is that it worked incredibly well, because the stories were never meant to be dusty old period relics, but contemporary tales set in the times in which they were created. Your thoughts?
  5. Hi there I am a final year student at Leeds Trinity University. I was wondering If it would be possible to include you to an online focus group that I am conducting. It is for my dissertation on the subject of character portrayal within crime drama. I have chosen to write about the character Sherlock, Dexter and Fitz [Cracker]. Due to this, I have decided to find specific fans of these specific shows to gather information on their perspective of these characters. Of course I am not expecting you to have watched all three shows but you being a fan of the Sherlock series will be a great addition to this online focus group. During the conduction of this focus group, I will be asking general questions such as your age and what country you are from and then will be moving to the more practical questions. You will be online with 7 to 9 other members and all will be asked the same question.Your answers will solely be used within my Dissertation and will not be published anywhere else. Please message me as soon as possible for I'd like to begin this online focus group sometime this week. I am flexible in regards to timezones so whether your from Colorado or England, Im sure we can all find a suitable time where everyone will be able to be involved in this Focus group Kind Regards Aysha Ali
  6. Wellingtongoose on livejournal has done some pieces of meta about Mary Morstan and what might or might not have been her reasoning behind her actions in His Last Vow. For those of you who have seen the ep and have found themselves really not fond of Mary because of what was revealed in that ep, this meta might offer you a different viewpoint that makes it easier to reconcile yourself with those revelations. If you haven't seen the ep and don't want to be spoilered, please avoid this meta as there are HUGE HONKING SPOILERS for His Last Vow contained therein. There's also some meta about Sherlock and what could have been going on physiologically in the episode. What Mary did - and why - part 1 How Sherlock did what he did What Mary did - and why - part 2
  7. Hi, I'm Lauren I am new to the forum and want to say a hearty hello!!! To my fellow sherlockians. It seems like an amazing place to come and discuss sherlock and would love it if you could follow my tumblr account : benedictislife.tumblr.com and my twitter account: @lauren_goldson for more exciting tweets and pictures about sherlock!! Love to hear from you Lauren Goldson
  8. As you may have noticed, I've been posting links to meta that wellingtongoose has done on livejournal for a while. She has most of them conveniently linked from a masterpost on her LJ which makes finding them a lot easier! So, if you have an interest in discovering what a trainee doctor has to say about John, Sherlock et al, their previous lives, mental health and current jobs it's worth checking out and reading your way through. Sherlock Meta Masterlist
  9. Hey guys, This is a pretty good fan made trailer to get us all pumped for series 4 (even though we might have to wait another 2 years) - Liam.
  10. Hello, i have recently came into the Sherlock fandom and have become instantly obsessed I have being quoting Sherlock a lot in college I would love to chat with others that are also obsessed I have also started a YouTube channel, and I plan to include Sherlock in it - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE7mZTvBbvQoXtrWFBdLV0g
  11. All right. Now, in the episode The Great Game, we find out when Sherlock first started. He said he was a kid in 1989. And on the commentary for The Hounds of Baskerville (I'm pretty sure), Steven Moffat says Sherlock's in his 30's. Said 30 before on the commentary for A Study In Pink. So I did the math. Our Sherlock would have been nine years old when he first started doing what he does. And just a neat little point, at the time of the H.O.U.N.D experiments; 1986; he would have been 6. Also they said the best year for Sherlock Holmes was 1895, but our Sherlock wouldn't have even been born yet! So, on top of all of this, he was 32 when he "left" us. These calculations may vary since we don't know when his actual birthday is. But...we at least know he was born in 1980.
  12. My favourite source of interesting British meta from a Sherlock pov is at it again! This time wellingtongoose looks at why Lestrade is taking his professional life in his hands and why Sherlock *isn't* the world's only consulting detective. All very interesting stuff! Nuclear Meltdown at the Met, Part 1
  13. So, I keep seeing this series of images on tumblr of Sherlock super excited and John looking nonplussed with his computer link here I have tried and tried to find when it happened but am utterly failing like whoa Help?
  14. The person who wrote meta about BAMF!John and the way his medical qualifications would fit in with his military service has been at it again (and if you haven't read them yet, I advise you to as they are very well thought out, see this post for links). This time she's put both Sherlock and Mycroft on the psychoanalysts 'couch' and discusses why Sherlock doesn't have autism, despite John's aspergers comment in Hounds, and whether it is actually Mycroft who is the sociopath of the family. Sherlock: why he doesn't have autism and never did Mycroft: on the examination couch - sociopath or not? Both make fascinating reading and you can't argue that she hasn't done her research. Very useful resource for fanfic writers as well as being an interesting read in their own right.
  15. In an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live Steven Moffat has confirmed that writing has begun on series 3 of Sherlock. [Thanks to Sherlockology]
  16. So who would you love to see in future episodes of Sherlock? Who would they play, who would make a fantastic foil for Benedict, who would gel with Martin? They can be as realistic or as improbable as you like! A few of mine: Christopher Eccleston Patrick Stewart (I'd love to see him in any of my favourite shows) Leonard Nimoy (Yeah dreaming I know) Zachary Quinto (Ditto) Maggie Smith Judi Dench David Tennant Carey Mulligan Who would you pick?
  17. Like the actors wishlist who would you have write for Sherlock in the future? Again be as realistic or as outlandish as you like. A couple to get the ball rolling: Neil Gaiman JJ Abrams Who would you add?
  18. Full Story Here. Via Sherlockology. Looks like we're in for a longer wait than anticipated.
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