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  1. Hi, I need to ask some questions for a piece of work that I am doing, would be much appreciated with any replies I get. If the cast had to be replaced, which actors would you choose to play Sherlock & John? Many thanks, Tom
  2. Easy really, who do you think would make a cracking Holmes, dead or alive it doesn't matter. I think Alan Rickman would be great. No idea if he's ever played Holmes...
  3. Well, we've had the Sherlock Holmes version, so we can't let the good doctor feel left out! Same rules apply - alive or dead, and at any point in their personal time line. For some reason I can't get the thought of Edward Fox (when he was younger) out of my head. Mind you, my head is also insisting that Christopher Lee would make a brilliant Moriarty.
  4. So who would you love to see in future episodes of Sherlock? Who would they play, who would make a fantastic foil for Benedict, who would gel with Martin? They can be as realistic or as improbable as you like! A few of mine: Christopher Eccleston Patrick Stewart (I'd love to see him in any of my favourite shows) Leonard Nimoy (Yeah dreaming I know) Zachary Quinto (Ditto) Maggie Smith Judi Dench David Tennant Carey Mulligan Who would you pick?
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