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  1. Just saw Alice Through the Looking Glass with my sister & johnspec. Andrew Scott has a minor role in it and does it brilliantly like a certain villain he plays while being nothing like that villain. Also Lindsay Duncan (Lady Smallwood) is in there and it was Alan Rickman's last film to be released (his role more minor than Alice in Wonderland). I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and would recommend it definitely. We saw it in 3D and had a blast.
  2. (Dunno if there's a thread for this already. If there is, it's dead and buried somewhere on this forum, and I guess I'm resurrecting it. :P)) I think I'll just jump right in. Intros were never really my thing, actually... We don't really know much about Moriarty's past. But I figure we can at least garner some possibilities as to his life pre-Sherlock timeline, right? Because in TGG, during the pool scene, Sherlock says "People have died," to which Moriarty responds, "That's what people DO!" And maybe Moriarty was only trying to be intimidating, but maybe Sherlock inadvertently touched on a pressure point -- the death of somebody close to Moriarty. Any ideas?
  3. I just watched Scapegoat on Netflix. It came out in 2012. It was a most interesting film. It is about a guy who finds his doppleganger and swaps places for a few days. Andrew plays the brother of that guy. There were a few bits where Andrew's character Paul had similar mannerisms to his Moriarty which I realize is most likely do to Andrew's acting style. I enjoyed it and it's one that, although my son probably wouldn't find it interesting, he could walk in on without issues.
  4. I found this on BBC America's site earlier today. Round 1 voting happens until Friday at 11am EST. I found some of the match ups hard to decide who to pick because of the talent pool. We are lucky so far in that none of our beloved Sherlock cast are against each other yet. To vote go to http://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/fan-favorites/men-2014/round-1/
  5. Get your questions in early. http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2014-10-23/mark-gatiss-is-going-to-put-your-questions-to-peter-capaldi-andrew-scott-and-amanda-abbington
  6. Honestly could you think of a better way to spend a day? This would just be heaven! It WOULD be worth the cost of an airfare for me to the UK (and it's a LONG way away) http://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/support-us/individual-memberships/young-patron-membership/win-the-chance-for-you-and-a-friend-to
  7. http://www.llgs.org.uk/mark-and-friends.html I so envy you London (and UK based) folk, you can go see this! 16th November join Mark Gatiss and friends with an afternoon of conversation with questions from the audience all to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard. Peter Capaldi!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Just reposting the link that Sherlockology posted on FB in case you didn't see it. Andrew Scott stars in Slipping, a new drama on BBC Radio 4 in 2 hours time at 14:15BST. Listen live worldwide later at the link below. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04fyz5b
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