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  1. Hi everyone, There's a free online game at www.unknownfiles.co.uk/freegame which involves solving puzzles and codes spanning over different websites, thought I'd share it with you as some people might be able to solve it! It's only short and there's no download needed to play but you may have to get some friends to help you along the way. Enjoy
  2. I thought we could use a place to zero in on possible clues to the future that may or may not have been dropped in TAB. What do some of these scenes mean? Are they clues, red herrings, or mistakes? Or just us fans over-analyzing things? For instance, right at the beginning, we have "So far on SHERLOCK" and then a rapid sequence of scenes from the previous 3 series. But why did they use those particular scenes? And why are some of them out of sequence? (Adapted from Ariane DeVere:) From Series 1: These sequences seem to be a fairly straightforward reintroduction to the characters ... then suddenly there's the imaginary scene from TEH of Parliament exploding! Is this a hint? Red herring? Mistake? From series 2: These sequences are mostly Irene, and the ending of TRF. Okay, that makes sense if you're trying to remind people of the overall plot. But why include this from HOB? SHERLOCK: But there never was any monster. (The hound howls.) JOHN: Sherlock? From Series 3: These sequences are all over the place at first: From TEH: SHERLOCK: Those things will kill you. LESTRADE: Ooh, you bastard! ... SHERLOCK: The thrill of the chase, the blood pumping through your veins ... (Brief flashback to John outside Angelo’s restaurant in “ASIP,” jumping over the bonnet of the car.) SHERLOCK: ... just the two of us against the rest of the world. (John head-butts him.) OUT OF SEQUENCE: TRF Sherlock, handcuffed to John, jumps over the fence. JOHN: Wait! We’re going to need to co-ordinate. Then a brief shot of Sherlock’s grave. ... JOHN: I asked you for one more miracle. I asked you to stop being dead. SHERLOCK: I heard you. From TSOT: JOHN: Shut up. You are not a puzzle solver; you never have been. You’re a drama queen. Now there is a man in there about to die. The game is on. Solve it! The it settles down and they close with the most significant scenes from HLV (but NOT Mary's reveal!) Why is "we're going to need to coordinate" in that spot; to call extra attention to it? If so, what is significant about that scene in the overall scheme of things, anyway? Maybe just to point out that Sherlock always goes his own way? On reading this list none of these seem particularly important, but they jumped out at me like wolf spiders the first time I saw them, so I'm wondering. Anyone else?
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