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  1. *Not for sensitive readers* Human history has been filled with myths and legends of monsters and the hero's that go out and fight them. I believe that the existence of these 'monsters' was founded on the misunderstanding of the criminal mind. Werewolves, vampires and ghouls all show traits of mental issues that psychopaths exhibit. Examples of the top of my head. Dismemberment and cannabilism - Werewolves Haematophilia - Vampires Necrophilia - Ghouls. Countess Elizabeth Bathory, 1560 - 1614 AD, is one of the first documented serial killer in the late 1500's. She makes Jack the Ripper look like a church mouse. It was her that started doctors to try understand the criminal mind. It would be 400 years later that the term 'Psychopath' was first penned down as a mental condition. What do you all think? Can you match a mental condition to a monster or mythological entity. Kleptomania to a goblin? 🤔
  2. So we know we all like Mr Sherlock Holmes, but which other sleuths do you also admire? (As there's no way I could possibly think of all fictional detectives, any that you can think of that aren't in the poll, add them below and I'll add them to the poll) You may vote for as many as you wish. (We have now reached 20 choices, any further additions require another question in the poll. We can have 3 questions per poll, each with up to 20 choices.)
  3. Endeavour is a new programme which is meant to depict the enigmatic Inspector Morse in his early days of detective work. I have been a fan of Morse since such a young age that it probably wasn't healthy, and I was wondering if anyone else is as delighted about Endeavour as I am. (Also, one point of delight for me was John Thaw's (Thaw was the original Morse) daughter, Abigail, being cast as a main character in the pilot and a recurring character throughout the new series.) Let's see if anyone watches this, or if I'm just a complete geek!
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