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  1. I am currently starting a illustration project for university and one of my major characters is Sherlock Holmes. I was currently wondering in all versions of Sherlock, what would he use to look under a locked door of a well lit room, that he could not open. He can not remove the door, unlock or open the door, or look through any other windows, cracks or holes. Simply what kind of equipment would he use to look under the door and into a room? This can be from the original literature or any of the alternative versions. Thank you
  2. Martin Freeman is in another film starring Simon Pegg (with apparently a bigger role than in the first two). The World's End is due in theaters later this year (August in the UK and October in the US -- edited in June: now they're saying July 19 in the UK and August 23 in the US), and Sherlockology has the first trailer. (If you can figure out how to post the video itself here, please do, but meanwhile that link will take you to it.) And from Empire: (Click on Empire link above for more.)
  3. Who are your all time favourite TV/Movie characters, and why? A few of mine: The Doctor (Doctor Who) Spock (Star Trek) Leonard "Bones" McCoy (Star Trek) Han Solo (Star Wars) Data (Star Trek TNG) Odo (Star Trek DS9) Severus Snape (Harry Potter) Ripley (Alien & Aliens in particular) Rick Deckard (Blade Runner) Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter) Sawyer (Lost) John Locke (Lost) Sayid Jarrah (Lost) Gregory House (House) I suppose I have a tendency to gravitate to characters who are outsiders; who don't quite fit in. I also like characters with murky pasts and prickly character traits. I am also fond of characters who aren't shy about showing their intellect/brilliance. Who are your favourites?
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