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  1. No, not ships as in boats, but ships as in 'relationships' which is a piece of terminology with which you'll be familiar if you've spent any time reading fan fiction, or if you are a follower of the cult of celebrity. There are probably quite a few people who aren't avid fanfic readers on this forum, which is why I'm posting this topic out here instead of in the The Mind Palace so it is more visible. If you aren't a fanfic reader or writer, you might not be aware that the quality of fanfic in general can vary greatly and some of it is absolutely dreadful, riddled with clichés and terribly out of character. Happily, I would say that the majority of fanfic based around Sherlock and related works (ACD universe, RDJ universe and others) seems to have escaped from the clutches of the rabid-in-a-bad-way element of fans and writers and on the whole is pretty darned good. Another thing of which a non-fanfic reading person would not be aware, is the relatively recent preponderance of 'ship' names. I say relatively recent as it's a phenomena that developed well after I first started reading and writing fanfic in the mid to late 90s and certainly didn't feature in any of my fandoms at that time. If you don't know, a ship name is a portmanteau name of 2 character names that are perceived to be in a relationship, usually romantic (though it doesn't have to be). There are loads (remember Brangelina? That sort of thing). The commonest in Sherlock are: Johnlock - John and Sherlock Mystrade - Mycroft and Lestrade Sherlstrade - Sherlock and Lestrade Johnstrade - John and Lestrade Mormor - Moriarty and Moran Molstrade - Molly Hooper and Lestrade So, and this is where I get to the whole point of the post, what do you lovely people think of the use of these names? I know there are many people who don't like the idea of male/male romantic pairings when it is something that is not in the original source material. That's fine (it's all fine), I am just interested in what you think of the use of the names, never mind what it might imply. Do you think it's cute, a way to feel like you're a member of a somewhat exclusive group or even just a handy shorthand reference? Are you really not bothered about the whole thing and wonder what the fuss is about? Do you not like it because you don't feel it is in keeping with the source material/characters? Do you think it's a horrible thing to impose on a bunch of characters with distinct and individual personalities, whether you believe they are in a relationship or not, because every person has a right to be known by their own individual name? Answers on a postcard, please, to... Well, actually, you could just add your thoughts to the topic or vote in the handy poll instead.
  2. This is a discussion thread for the personal blog of Dr. John H. Watson, which is hilarious, and a great addition to the 'Sherlock' universe. Seriously, when I read it I almost feel as though the people are real Don't worry, though - I'm not delusional. At least, I don't think so... I basically just want to start out with bringing up some of my favorite parts: From The Empty Hearse : "So yes. He's come back from the dead. Of course he has. Of course Sherlock Bloody Holmes could come back from the dead. Turns out he'd faked his death because Moriarty had threatened those close to him. Including me. He'd gone into hiding, happy to leave me and everyone else thinking he was dead. He'd done it to save us but he hadn't trusted us enough to tell us what was really going on. Not sure I'll ever truly forgive him for that but as the saying goes, life goes on." Sums up TEH pretty well, doesn't it? ... "So, yes. It's all good. Better than good. It's bloody brilliant. #sherlocklives means #johnwatsonlives." Awwww! ... And Sherlock's first comment to this thread would of course be: "I see you haven't spent the last two years working on your writing technique." ... Mrs. Hudson is so sweet: "My boys! Back together!" I've just noticed that in the blog posts during the hiatus period, Mrs. Hudson sometimes comments, asking John over for dinner or a drink, but he never replied Already then we got our first clue that he didn't keep in contact with her, but she tried.
  3. Ok there is some confusion about John being legally? Able to carry a hand gun. As well as Major Sholto. The US is under scrutiny per our Losey Goosey gun laws. I thought it was near impossible for a citizen to legally own a gun in England. Could someone clarify?
  4. Hi, I'm Lauren I am new to the forum and want to say a hearty hello!!! To my fellow sherlockians. It seems like an amazing place to come and discuss sherlock and would love it if you could follow my tumblr account : benedictislife.tumblr.com and my twitter account: @lauren_goldson for more exciting tweets and pictures about sherlock!! Love to hear from you Lauren Goldson
  5. I'm posting this in the S3 section as the post to which I'll link further down the page has big honking spoilers for both episodes 1&2 of S3. Basically, this is a meta discussing John Watson's sexuality, his perception of it with regards to himself and society and how that differs from his perception and acceptance of others. It is well worth a read and quite thought provoking and addresses John's constant protestations of "I'm not gay!" in a way you might not have considered. It also touches on Mary and John's relationship both to each other, and with Sherlock. So, go read... The Case of John Watson's Sexuality on livejournal.
  6. I presume everyone here is familiar with Kickstarter or similar crowdfunding sites - if not, they have a rather kitschy page explaining it, or I could try my hand at it. Just want you to be aware of the inherent risks when backing a project ... namely, it's not the same as preordering. That being said, I just stumbled over a game project called Elementary, My Dear Holmes, and once you get past the first sentence (grumble) it sounds like a delightful old-school adventure, set in the Victorian period. Personally, I decided to back the project - don't have an OUYA and don't plan to, but being a BBC Sherlock fan teaches you that 6 months of waiting is nothing, really .
  7. I watched this movie a while ago but it has only recently occurred to me to post it here. The movie is called 'Wild Target' starring Bill Nighy as Victor Maynard, A middle aged hit man with family problems and plastic on his sofa, who is hired to kill a woman after she cons a mobster out of £900,000. When he fails at this (after falling in love with the woman) the mobster hires another hit man to take care of both the woman and Victor. Martin Freeman plays Dixon, the sadistic assassin who is second-fiddle to Victor Maynard. While in awe of Victor, Dixon jumps at the opportunity given to him by the mobster to dispose of the greatest hit-man ever known. The movie in general is pretty funny and also stars Rupert Grint (Ron from Harry Potter) as Victor’s bumbling apprentice he later acquires. I love Martin Freeman in this movie however. He is so good at playing bad. See another side of Dr. John Watson! A must watch for fans of Martin Freeman.
  8. Sorry the rest of you lot if this sounds a bit too much like a poem. But it sort of is. And since a certain someone will not respond to his messages or respond to my direct statements to him, this is what I shall resort to. So, here you are, John. I hope this will provide a valid explanation. Oh, and my apologies if it's a bit long. If I told you I was sorry… If I told you I was sorry, would you believe me? Even though you’re my friend, I don’t think you would. If I told you I was sorry, you wouldn’t even listen. You’d just block it out because you think I wouldn’t mean it. If I told you I was sorry, would you tell me that I’m lying? That I’m making it up just to get you to come back? If I told you I was sorry, there’s no way you’d think I’m serious. It just can’t come in your mind that I am telling the truth. If I told you I was sorry, you’d just keep on walking. Trying to get away because you’d think it isn’t true. If I told you I was sorry, you would never forgive me. Of everything I‘ve done this is the thing that is the worst. If I told you I was sorry, you’d say “Oh, that’s funny.” You cannot even fathom that I really am. If I told you I was sorry, you’d run off and leave me. Never come back because you don’t know how much I need you. If I told you I was sorry, you wouldn’t know how sorry. There are not enough words in the dictionary to tell you the true amount. If I told you I was sorry, I would fail for words. No words can ever convey the full truth of what I want to say. If I told you I was sorry, here‘s what you‘d think. After he says it and I forgive him, he’ll just drop it. It means nothing. I would tell you that I’m sorry, but you’ll see that I just can’t. If I told you I was sorry, then I’d lose my only friend. There. I will take this moment to say that this may be my last post for some time. I am going off for a while. If you were to ask me where, that's what I'm asking myself. But I am leaving none the less. And unlike some people (John Watson. AHEM.), I warn others before I go somewhere. Goodbye. Catch. You. Later.
  9. WHERE IS JOHN WATSON??? He hasn't been on here in a while. I am extremely concerned about him. If anyone knows if something happened or where he is and why he hasn't been here, please reply. I will be very grateful to you. Thank you.
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