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  1. I'm starting this thread for general articles about episodes that are summaries. Like this one: http://www.cultbox.co.uk/features/lists/top-5-sherlock-villains
  2. In many of the adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty becomes a greater fixture in the Holmesian universe. He is a mastermind behind the scenes in many more of the detective's cases than the canon stories suggest. Most even have Irene Adler becoming Moriarty's puppet or pawn at some point. I've never liked that idea. For me, Adler's complete separation from Moriarty in the canon only made her more of an idol for Holmes. How do you feel about the Moriarty the Great Mastermind trope? In your headcannon, did he have a hand in many more of Sherlock's cases than the canon implied or were most of his exploits elsewhere and removed from Holmes's reach?
  3. Hi everyone I started watching the show sometime last year and wow, just wow. i only had to wait a couple of months for season 4, I don't know how fans from the beginning lasted between each season haha. Anyways, obviously i love Moriarty haha. But what I don't like is the writers messing the character about and the fandom. Yeah, they've confirmed him dead, but honestly from watching the show, i don't trust them :'). Maybe thats just me holding out hope that he's still alive because if Sherlock can fake his death than surely Moriarty can. mmmmmmmmmnotfair :') I'm 18 and from the UK, probably should have started with that haha. Sherlock is one of my maannnnnyyyy fandoms and if i could make a living out of being a fangirl i would haha. Sooo here's a link to my tumblr blog if yous wanna get to know me and see what fandoms i'm in http://crazydude1407.tumblr.com/ Oooo, I've also made two Sherlock fanvids if anyone wants to check them out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xJMnGLUhvc&t=1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wli_0paRikE
  4. Hi everybody! At first, sorry for my english, is very bad... I just checked in this forum and it's great! I'm a fan of Sherlock since it started. But I like Moriarty, so much Do you think that will come in series 4? I've seen pictures that are supposed to be shooting and Andrew Scott also went ouy, but I don't know if it's true or false.
  5. (Dunno if there's a thread for this already. If there is, it's dead and buried somewhere on this forum, and I guess I'm resurrecting it. :P)) I think I'll just jump right in. Intros were never really my thing, actually... We don't really know much about Moriarty's past. But I figure we can at least garner some possibilities as to his life pre-Sherlock timeline, right? Because in TGG, during the pool scene, Sherlock says "People have died," to which Moriarty responds, "That's what people DO!" And maybe Moriarty was only trying to be intimidating, but maybe Sherlock inadvertently touched on a pressure point -- the death of somebody close to Moriarty. Any ideas?
  6. Hello Guys, i'm from Malaysia, nice to meet you guys sorry my English is not good,,,but i try my best Moriarty he is dead, i'm sure of it and i think they have give us a clue on what will happened in season 4 the first episode of season three, Sherlock said that he try to shutdown Moriarty crime organization and it "almost" done i think in end of the season 3 is only the members of Moriarty crime organization members try to get revenge on Sherlock The Woman Damn.....i love "The woman" i never see Lara Pulver as beautiful and sexy woman before but seeing her as "The Woman" really make me fall in love No kiss, no sex, no to obvious nudity but still "A Scandal In Belgravia" is the most romantic drama i have ever see i hope they bring back "The Woman" character in season 4.....i love to see her flirting with Sherlock once more time.......ahhhhhhhh!!!
  7. The current discussion in the Subtext thread got me wondering just how many people are dissatisfied with some of the events in S3 - a vocal minority, or are we fans more divided on some issues than Moffat acknowledges? Therefore I put up this poll, to get a feeling of how our community here stands on these issues. I tried to pick the three most controversial points in each episode (and I freely admit I was reaching in Sign, which seems comparatively conflicting-interpretations-free) from a general feeling of what has been discussed round here. If I picked wrong, please tell me so in this thread! A special plea to the many registered forum users here who haven't yet joined us in posting: I made this poll anonymous, so not even us moderators can see who voted what. So please consider sharing your opinion by voting, even if you generally refrain from doing so. The more people vote, the more representative the result will be. Thank you .
  8. Here's an artle to rile up more speculation. http://www.gloucestershireecho.co.uk/Sherlock-star-Benedict-Cumberbatch-knows-secret/story-21942271-detail/story.html
  9. So, we originally thought that Sherlock had to fake his own death because otherwise Moriarty's snipers would kill John and all of Sherlock's friends, correct? If you could give a short explanation how the whole "i'll kill your friends" sceneario, that would be awesome.
  10. Hii! I'm Hannah. I absolutley love the sherlock holmes series, and it saved my life. I do a fabulous cosplay of FEM!Moriarty, too. Hello! I'm Jamie Moriarty, A novice cosplayer and sherlock fanatic.
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