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Found 5 results

  1. Hi my name is Ben and i'm creating this topic based on the idea that; Sherlock, Mycroft and Moriarty are either brothers or are just working together aid in the defection of Mariorty from the life of crime to "the side of the angels" Or ofcourse any and all ideas against this idea. So yeah any ideas?? Ben.maxwell221B
  2. Well everybody knows about the childish feud or rivalry that exists between Sherlock and Mycroft. I am particularly fascinated by it. Although they fight which each other, still they care for each other very much as shown in the episodes. Particularly I find Mycroft character really interesting as there is no clarity about him, his job or anything about what started rivalry between him and his brother. I sure hope S3 throws some light on Mycroft's character and reveals more information about him. I Googled Mycroft and read the Wikipedia article pertaining to the character, alas I could not find much of help there too except finding out that he has greater deduction powers than his brothers but he is lazy to use thim and therefore puts his brother to do all the investigative work. I would sure like to discuss his character as well as Sherlock vs Mycroft with you guys! Looking forward to hearing from you sherlocked people.
  3. As you may have noticed, I've been posting links to meta that wellingtongoose has done on livejournal for a while. She has most of them conveniently linked from a masterpost on her LJ which makes finding them a lot easier! So, if you have an interest in discovering what a trainee doctor has to say about John, Sherlock et al, their previous lives, mental health and current jobs it's worth checking out and reading your way through. Sherlock Meta Masterlist
  4. My favourite source of interesting British meta from a Sherlock pov is at it again! This time wellingtongoose looks at why Lestrade is taking his professional life in his hands and why Sherlock *isn't* the world's only consulting detective. All very interesting stuff! Nuclear Meltdown at the Met, Part 1
  5. The person who wrote meta about BAMF!John and the way his medical qualifications would fit in with his military service has been at it again (and if you haven't read them yet, I advise you to as they are very well thought out, see this post for links). This time she's put both Sherlock and Mycroft on the psychoanalysts 'couch' and discusses why Sherlock doesn't have autism, despite John's aspergers comment in Hounds, and whether it is actually Mycroft who is the sociopath of the family. Sherlock: why he doesn't have autism and never did Mycroft: on the examination couch - sociopath or not? Both make fascinating reading and you can't argue that she hasn't done her research. Very useful resource for fanfic writers as well as being an interesting read in their own right.
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