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Found 2 results

  1. This coordinates with a Tweet I found on Twitter. @BBCGeek said "Well, James Moriarty is dead. Now what about James Moriarty?" Sadly, most everyone has no idea what she meant. So I am not only doing this for Sherlock Forum, but for BBCGeek who actually knew that that was there. It may sound completely confusing, and I must admit this whole dilemma managed to have me nonplussed and baffled as well. What we both mean is that there is the one James Moriarty, Professer James Moriarty. My arch-enemy (even if the modern one wasn't exactly a professer) on all accounts. So both original wise and modern wise, Moriarty is there; he and Sherlock Holmes (me) have their meeting (just at different points in the story; have their conflict; and their final meeting. Now, in the original; The Final Problem; Moriarty and Sherlock have their first and last meeting and the whole huge conflict and the finale all in one story. BBC seperated it into different parts; first meeting The Great Game; conflict throughout the rest; and the massive conflict and conclusion The Reichenbach Fall. Personally, I thought that did go a bit smoother. But the original was still really good. Anyway, so big thing. Sherlock and Moriarty at the final moment. If you don't know what happened, and if you don't want it spoiled; then here. And that is the last mention of the first James Moriarty. BUT at the beginning of The Final Problem, Dr. Watson mentions ANOTHER James Moriarty. Colonel James Moriarty, the brother of Professer James Moriarty. He mentions that Col. Moriarty put in his own version of the story, and that's why Watson goes out and tells the whole true story; not the reason BBC inputs. This is the only point in which I found any reference of Col. James Moriarty. Now, going off of this (this is only my thoughts, not actual fact), I'd say that James Moriarty and James Moriarty were identical twins. Not only looking and being exactly alike, but sharing the same name. So my question as well as BBCGeek's is: Will they introduce or even mention the other James Moriarty in the BBC version? Or will he remain a non-entity? You were right, whoever that was who said "How would they seperate their children?" I think either variations of the first name or their middle names. MY assumption is that the 1st James's full name is James Isaac Moriarty, because he is by all accounts a genius. I'm still pondering the second... And they could call the one either Jim or James and the other Jamie or Jimmy or something... Jim Jim Jimmy Jim Jim Jim Jim...
  2. What did you think of Series 4 episode 3 "The Final Problem"? Use the topic poll to score the episode, and the thread below to discuss. This topic will unlock automatically on Sun 15th January 2017.
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