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  1. I've looked and cannot find (except one mention that doesn't seem to work), so hopefully someone can enlightened me, how does one attach a link to youtube on here?
  2. Yep, it's own channel right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkp_CAX1eIc5k5SavzbhN5w
  3. Hi all. Nice to meet yas. Ok, so the title does not need a private eye to figure out that I am talking about me. Long time SH fan and a personal musical clown. I did a scene with Sherlock in my last music video. In Russian but there are English subtitles. Rated s for silly http://youtu.be/4mTuVVokifw Also, if any of you watch the PGA tour, and not that I do, but they are in Miami playing today, and guess who is leading the board? Dr (Bubba) Watson and Sherlock (JB) Holmes. No joke.
  4. Stumbled upon this old, but sweet interview on Radio Times; if it's been posted already please delete this thread! Couldn't find anything but that'd be par for the course for me. Meet the women who love Sherlock Holmes Bonus link, from the "recent news" tab: Classic Cumberbatch! Two dozen (no, really) YouTube video links for the (quote) "terminally Cumberbatched" .
  5. Hello, i have recently came into the Sherlock fandom and have become instantly obsessed I have being quoting Sherlock a lot in college I would love to chat with others that are also obsessed I have also started a YouTube channel, and I plan to include Sherlock in it - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE7mZTvBbvQoXtrWFBdLV0g
  6. Also made a cool little "Sherlock's Deduction" intro to the video, which I found quite entertaining :> Hope you enjoy!
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