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Found 5 results

  1. What is your opinion on Sherlock fanfiction / different adaptations that change characters dramatically? How much do you think people should stay true to the original canon? I'm thinking of modern adaptations like Elementary with John as a woman, as well as previous rumors that BBC Sherlock's John and Sherlock would be romantically involved. Is there a line that people can cross that will ruin the story, and if so what is it?
  2. Ok, so basically, I do not own the DVD (although I would soooo want to!) but I have aSiP on my iPad. And I want to be able to watch it at school (we're allowed to watch films on the last day of school). But my school is sooo annoying, and we're only allowed U and PG ratings. And that's only SOME PGs. I want to know what the age rating is, because I don't want to take the iPad to school, not use it AND risk it getting damaged/stolen etc. I'm assuming the age rating is on the DVD...
  3. We all already know that there are several "Keep Calm..."'s for Sherlock. I am posting them here as well as a few of my own. For Lestrade: KEEP CALM IT'S NOT OUR DIVISION For John: KEEP CALM AND TEXT SHERLOCK For Me: KEEP CALM AND PUNCH ME IN THE FACE For Ms. Adler: IT'S OKAY I'M ONLY RETURNING YOUR COAT For James Moriarty (who lies beyond the grave): KEEP CALM AND GET SHERLJCK This one is especially for you, John: SCREW BEING CALM IT'S NOT OKAY!!! For Me: JUMP OFF BART'S AND I. O. U For anyone, not just me GET BORED AND SHOOT THE WALL See if you can come up with any. Reply at once, if you can. If you can't, reply anyway. Could be dangerous.
  4. So who would you love to see in future episodes of Sherlock? Who would they play, who would make a fantastic foil for Benedict, who would gel with Martin? They can be as realistic or as improbable as you like! A few of mine: Christopher Eccleston Patrick Stewart (I'd love to see him in any of my favourite shows) Leonard Nimoy (Yeah dreaming I know) Zachary Quinto (Ditto) Maggie Smith Judi Dench David Tennant Carey Mulligan Who would you pick?
  5. Like the actors wishlist who would you have write for Sherlock in the future? Again be as realistic or as outlandish as you like. A couple to get the ball rolling: Neil Gaiman JJ Abrams Who would you add?
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