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Found 4 results

  1. I've read some of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, but I have never owed any, and there are so many versions to buy. I would like to get them all and in the correct order, I've been on Amazon and Book Depository and there seems many different ones out there to buy, my question is, do you own the "complete" novels and short stories and is there one set that you would recommend? Thanks,
  2. Continuing my other thread, 'Favorite scene poll', I have narrowed the selection down to four scenes, based on people's choices: 1. The pool scene (TGG) 2. The rooftop scene with Sherlock and John (TRF) 3. Sherlock's best man speech takes an affectionate turn (TSo3) 4. Sherlock fights his way back to life for John (HLV) All of them great scenes, don't you think? My suggestion, in order to make the final election more interesting, is to score each of these four scenes with numbers 1-4; 4 being given to your favorite scene. I'll start out: The rooftop scene: 4 The best man speech: 3 The pool scene: 2 Sherlock fights his way back to life: 1
  3. What is the most exciting imagination? I personally believe that talking straight to your favorite character is most exciting. Just Imagine that some how sherlock becomes real and you know all about him but world along with sherlock do not know about that. Only you know His tricks, his past, his weakness,his ability and even his future. And now you meet sherlock on morning on coffee table. Think of your favorite case and suppose you are in the middle of that. Just think...... you discuss a topic with him. And as you know almost everything about him and case, discussion will be just exciting to imagine. So i start this topic where you can write your questions and ideas which you-yourself discuss with great sherlock holmes. You try this with other fictional character also. So please.... Just give it a try............ :-)
  4. Hi everyone, Vote for your 5 top moments in Sherlock, and gradually we will narrow it down from 25 to 1. I have picked the scenes by browsing the 'favorite Sherlock moments' thread on this forum and from my general knowledge of which scenes are popular. If you don't like the 25 scenes I've started with, all I can say is that it's hard to pick. These are not all the 25 scenes I would have started out with, but obviously many of them are my favorites too I'll start out. Oooh, this is hard!
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