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Found 3 results

  1. In many of the adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty becomes a greater fixture in the Holmesian universe. He is a mastermind behind the scenes in many more of the detective's cases than the canon stories suggest. Most even have Irene Adler becoming Moriarty's puppet or pawn at some point. I've never liked that idea. For me, Adler's complete separation from Moriarty in the canon only made her more of an idol for Holmes. How do you feel about the Moriarty the Great Mastermind trope? In your headcannon, did he have a hand in many more of Sherlock's cases than the canon implied or were most of his exploits elsewhere and removed from Holmes's reach?
  2. What is your opinion on Sherlock fanfiction / different adaptations that change characters dramatically? How much do you think people should stay true to the original canon? I'm thinking of modern adaptations like Elementary with John as a woman, as well as previous rumors that BBC Sherlock's John and Sherlock would be romantically involved. Is there a line that people can cross that will ruin the story, and if so what is it?
  3. Recently I've been like I want to be excited about the parallels in the books & BBC Sherlock. Then I tried to read them, and knew, this is just not going to happen. & then I was shown a great light. There was a voice that bellowed from the light. It sang in G, vibrato… AUDIO! Listen along fellow old english illiterates, listen along: http://www.audiobooktreasury.com/adventures-of-sherlock-holmes/
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